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The Karmic Wheel
The Antique Table by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju He finds a love letter in a table, written 53 years back by a lady and goes in search of the ... [3,014 words]
Pilgrimage Of A Parasite by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju A criminal sentenced to serve a jail term, escapes and flees in search of God and peac... [2,077 words]
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Going Dancing by Becka Roach A young woman sets her sights on a handsome stranger. Their night of passion is one they will nev... [1,475 words]
E-Love by Rita A. Wheeler A shor-short story about internet love. [1,708 words]
Childhood Dreams by Adagio This is a short piece for those who fondly remember the past and try to relive it as often as ... [288 words]
Back Home by Becka Roach After months of being away, a young husband and wife become re-acquainted with one another. [1,703 words]
A Chance Meeting by Becka Roach What happens when two souls find one another after a life time of searching? Magic.... [1,077 words]

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The Karmic Wheel
Destiny unites two lovers who find each other in every lifetime.
[974 words]
Becka Roach
Becka currently resided in Tampa, FL. She is a 25 year old freelance writer who has a passion for the written word and the emotions that it can create in people. Her main passion in life is her activist work with young men and women in regards to teen pregnancy and making smart decisions.

She is the proud mother of a 9 year girl and and 3 year old little boy.
[May 2001]
A Chance Meeting (Short Stories) What happens when two souls find one another after a life time of searching? Magic.... [1,077 words] [Romance]
Back Home (Short Stories) After months of being away, a young husband and wife become re-acquainted with one another. [1,703 words] [Romance]
Going Dancing (Short Stories) A young woman sets her sights on a handsome stranger. Their night of passion is one they will never forget. [1,475 words] [Romance]
The Karmic Wheel
Becka Roach

In the wee hours of the night, the young girl waited. Her long auburn hair brushed past her shoulders and her green eyes shone with anticipation. "Where is he?” she thought to herself as she gazed out the window. Then suddenly on the ground below she saw a shadow and then out of the darkness, he stood there. His handsome features were outlined under the full moon. He glanced up at her window, his eyes sparkling like the clear blue waters of the lake near her house. A smile formed on her perfect red lips and she quietly opened the shutters on her bedroom window. Slowly she climbed down the trellis and then with bare feet ran into his arms. They embraced tenderly, wrapping their arms around one another and reveling in the warmth of their skin next to each other. Her white cotton nightgown came down to her ankles and slowly began to get wet with the dew from the grass. She was oblivious to the cold creeping up her bare ankles as all she could think of and focus on was the warmth in her heart and her body standing next to him. She laid her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heartbeat beneath her. She noticed that her breathing tuned in with his and somehow just standing their holding each other, their hearts began to beat to the same rhythm. Everything about them was right. Anyone walking by at that very moment would have felt the energy that charged the air around them. So intense, so sweet, so pure. He grabbed her chin and lifted her face so that he could see her eyes. There was no need for them to talk; the understanding that was between them was explicit. She stood on her tiptoes to be level with him and then they embraced in a kiss. Slowly his lips explored hers, tenderly probing her mouth, her tongue with his. The warmth that rushed down their bodies radiated to every inch of them. Vibes went up and down their spines, as their kiss seemed to last for an eternity. What was sweet and soft suddenly began to turn more passionate and aggressive as the heat and intensity built between them. Their kissing became more furious and ferocious. He grabbed her hand and led her impatiently to the clearing in the woods a couple of yards from where they currently stood. He lifted her up like a doll in his arms and carried her towards the goose down blanket that he had laid down for them. Candles formed a circle around the blanket and the area was alive with fire and moonlight. He laid her down on the blanket and removed her nightgown. Her naked skin cast shadows throughout the woods as the firelight danced and flickered around them. She looked up at him with her eyes sparkling as she watched him remove his shirt and his pants. He too wore nothing underneath and his excitement for her was evident. She reached her small arms out towards him and he eagerly accepted her invitation. They lay there naked; their bodies intermingled as one, kissing one another, exploring one another. She tasted of him and he, her both taking their time, in no rush to end their exquisite evening. Once again their passion began to build and their impatience with it. He lay her back down on the blanket and spread her hair all around her face. He entered her slowly not wanting to hurt her, the hot rush of blood as her took her virginity almost made him loose all sense of control. He would be gentle with her and take his time. This was a night to remember for both of them and it had to be perfect for her as well. A moan escaped from her lips as he entered her. The pain and pleasure where almost too much for her to bear. She had waited patiently for so long for this night. Her heart soared as he moved inside her. She wrapped her long supple legs around his waist and ran her fingers down his taut back. She closed her eyes and willed her spirit to soar as high as her body. He was the perfect match for her in every way. It was as if she had been made for him long ago in some unknown place and her entire existence and reason for being had led up to this one sweet, perfect moment. Higher and higher they moved, until they reached the final moment of completion. Their bodies met in the ultimate pinnacle of ecstasy and exaltation. Later they rested, content to be embraced in one another’s arms, they talked. They sat together on the blanket made of down and held one another close. Their hopes and dreams came out like a damn being burst open. Their desires, wants, needs, all seemed to pour out of them from some untapped well that neither knew existed. Before they new it, the sky had begun to lighten and it was time for her to go. He picked up her white cotton gown and placed it back over her head. She watched as he put his clothing back on. When they were dressed, they passionately embraced one another and shared a kiss goodbye. He walked her to the edge of the wood and watched her as she ran through the clearing towards her house. A smile crossed his lips as she turned to wave and smiled at him before climbing up the trellis. She meanwhile climbed through her window and looked down and the man that she had so readily given her heart, and body to that night. A smile came across her lips as she curled up in her bed and peacefully fell asleep.



"I just read the opening lines to this and again it's similar to something Ive written! It's not on here tho. =)" -- C G L Davies.
"Hey there. I've seen you twice on my stories now. Spooky how we could have similar beginnings huh? :-) Well I hope you enjoyed them. It's been quite some time since I've visited this site to check on my stories. I'll have to post some more when I get the chance! Becka" -- becka, Washington, IL, USA.


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May 2001

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