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Specimen by Roald E Peterson Iii Out for a simple walk, Carl encounters two aliens hunting for scientific specimens to study, and they ... [3,882 words]
The Day The Rain Stopped by Jeremy Lee Henderson A story about death and friendship. [802 words]
Image Obsessed by Paula M Shackleford A brief "Bridget Jones" moment. [816 words]
The Stone: Man Or Myth? by Lawrence Peters Continuing story of a legendary childhood friend, which will be updated as time and the... [1,956 words]
The Secret Admirer by Yolanda Sfetsos An admirer from afar? Or is he really a harmful stalker? [1,051 words]
The Island Of Avalon by Sandy Wasson a fictional tale, telling of the origin of avalon, along with a cute romance in it. [6,265 words]
The Battlefield Philosopher by David Gardiner We all had that poster of Che Guevara on our walls. We all wanted to fight for the ... [3,702 words]
Paradise Relived by Adagio This is a short emotional story of the full cycle of love. [1,534 words]
Night Out by Virginia Waters A bitter-sweet tale of unrequited love. [4,358 words]
Deraa by Caitlin Conaway *Short* scene-- WWI hero Lawrence of Arabia meditates on a pivotal event in his life: his capture and tor... [950 words]
Am I Dreaming by Janae D Anthony dream or reality. [777 words]
A Sinner by Paula M Shackleford Janey feels smothered by the man in her life. Will He ever relinquish His hold on her? [1,432 words]
The Short Stories Of Mila Strictzer by Mike Strozier The Short Stories of Mila Strictzer, With a Preface by Tex Strozier: The T... [42,875 words]
The Gangster Prince by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju An innocent girl who was on her way to her village was the victim of a gang rape. The leade... [1,664 words]
The Shadows by Christina L. Voigt Is there such a thing as life after death? [638 words]
Vega's Revenge by Olivia Geraghty It only looked easy... [718 words]
Two Days Of The Beginning Of My Life by Laura Peruzzi A teenage girl finds understanding in her surroundings after 48 hours of d... [1,486 words]
The Stubborn Old Man by Roxanne Kendrick About an old man and his daughter who wants to leave. Wrote it for classwork back in 1994. [761 words]
The Lies Of Sleeping Dogs by David Gardiner History is the attempt that each generation makes to come to terms with its past. Per... [4,992 words]
One Look by Timothy A. Lyzenga A basic view of humanity [1,199 words]
Klaas by Adagio This is a story I 'discovered' after noting the homeless in the city of Cape Town. I would appreciate any... [2,122 words]
Kate by Thomas J A man dies and attends his own funeral. [4,040 words]
Kate & Louis by Roxanne Kendrick I don't know how best to describe this story, except that it's a romance. So I've put the names of... [8,062 words]
Hideaway by Laura Peruzzi After her father is killed by members of the Italian Mafia, Semara Menaratti is placed in the Witness ... [1,173 words]
Dream Park De Mattete by Rachel This is an almost love story between a Chinese ballet student and Japanese skating studen... [2,980 words]
All's Well... by Jan A. Tammen The end of the "Spooks" saga. Published by me alone, due to differences between the authors. For ... [1,173 words]
Thoughts On The Dawn After A Starry Night by Jeremy Lee Henderson A bad breakup, two days with no sleep and a 4 hour cram session for a... [563 words]
Wrath Of The Fallen: Chapter I by Jan A. Tammen In an imperfect future, a greedy corporate creation turns devastating, and human... [3,015 words]
Turning Point by Harriet Nicholas The thoughts of a girl in one afternoon that will change her attitude towards her social life . .... [2,270 words]
The Honest Cheat by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju He could not meet both ends meet and steals money from his benefactor-but rises high later on ... [2,895 words]
The Agonies Of Agnes- First Entry by Hippolito Jaken Don't you ever wonder? I mean, you've read about the Saints, probably written... [327 words]
Stan & Angy by Phoenix Rises When a satan falls in love with an angel. [1,388 words]
Gem 38 by Saaz - [4,108 words]
The Monkey-Trap by David Gardiner An ageing ex-Nazi receives a visit he has been waiting for since the end of the Second World Wa... [4,815 words]
The Karmic Wheel by Becka Roach Destiny unites two lovers who find each other in every lifetime. [974 words]
The Antique Table by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju He finds a love letter in a table, written 53 years back by a lady and goes in search of the ... [3,014 words]
Pilgrimage Of A Parasite by Sreenivasa Murthy Govindaraju A criminal sentenced to serve a jail term, escapes and flees in search of God and peac... [2,077 words]
Joe The Hatter & The Black Pearl by Lawrence Anthony Calabro - [12,748 words]
In The Light Of A Shadow: Showdown In The House Of God by Robert G Hagans This is the second chapter in the seris about a professi... [2,561 words]
Going Dancing by Becka Roach A young woman sets her sights on a handsome stranger. Their night of passion is one they will nev... [1,475 words]
E-Love by Rita A. Wheeler A shor-short story about internet love. [1,708 words]
Childhood Dreams by Adagio This is a short piece for those who fondly remember the past and try to relive it as often as ... [288 words]
Back Home by Becka Roach After months of being away, a young husband and wife become re-acquainted with one another. [1,703 words]
A Chance Meeting by Becka Roach What happens when two souls find one another after a life time of searching? Magic.... [1,077 words]

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Where do writers get their ideas? Sometimes it's best you don't ask...
[597 words]
Jeremy Lee Henderson
Jeremy Lee Henderson is over a quarter of a century old. He was born in South Korea, but speaks no Korean except for a handful of obscene phrases and the first verse of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."
[April 2003]
[email protected]
The Day The Rain Stopped (Short Stories) A story about death and friendship. [802 words] [Drama]
Thoughts On The Dawn After A Starry Night (Short Stories) A bad breakup, two days with no sleep and a 4 hour cram session for an art history exam went into this one. [563 words] [Mind]
Jeremy Lee Henderson

                Once upon a time, on a very dark, very lonely night, the people in my head began speaking to me...

They had probably been speaking to me for years, but only in the heavy stillness between midnight and forever could I hear them. Their voices weren't very loud; such is the nature of ghosts.

That's how I tend to think of them: ghosts, dead voices from other worlds, possibilities that could have been, but were stillborn in the wash of time and destiny. Fate snapped their cords, and instead of existence in the living, breathing world they found themselves relegated to the darker regions of my brain.

I tried to ignore them at first, fearful the din of whispers would drive me mad. But eventually a night came that lasted forever, and try as I might I could not shut the voices out. So I listened, trying to make sense of the chaos of lives being lived within me. Some were frightening: monsters hidden beneath human faces, madmen who built shrines from the bones of murdered birds, or bathed in the blood of infants to give them eternal youth. Others were mundane, people living lives of such numbing ordinariness it hurt to listen to them. Some I hated, others I loved with agonizing fervor.

All of them were slowly driving me mad.

Slowly the voices grew louder as more ghosts joined the mob. I began to think they would soon crack my skull in two, spill out like a horde of Athenas from the head of Zeus. I found that I could hear them during the daylight, began to wonder if others could hear them too: an insistent hiss, like a far off tide washing across some strange, gray shore.

The rest of my life began to blur into the stories spun by my ghosts. Who was I? The old man fleeing the demon with the iron smile? The golden-eyed girl who lived among killers? Or the young man who sacrificed his sanity to spend his nights listening to other people's dreams?

So I began writing their tales down, filling page after page with their lives. And as each story unfolded, as each ghost was given voice by my hand, they disappeared from my head. Years went by, pages and pages were filled with them. From the most prosaic to the most fantastic, I recorded what they had to tell. Pale children with hearts of glass who sang to the sea, a woman who captured an angel with a net woven from nightmares, a lonely hunter haunted by the howls of murdered wolves, all of them set free. And eventually...silence.

The last of the ghosts flew from my mind, and their parting came so suddenly that for many nights I continued to write. But without them it meant nothing; I wrote lines of nonsense until the emptiness in my head finally hit me. I was alone.

So I waited, hoping that perhaps a last straggling ghost would appear. But the silence endured. Sleepless nights drifted by as I waited, pen clutched in my hand to catch the voice of a stray spirit. And the heavy stillness between midnight and forever stretched longer and longer...

And still I wait, waiting for the ghosts to return, to fill my head with their stories and their lives. But I do not wait idly. I have found ways to pass the time. Day by day, the tower of bird skulls grows taller, and as I stare at my bloodstained face in the mirror, I smile in the knowledge that I have not aged a day in years.




"This is a superb piece of writing. It grips you from the very first sentence and unfolds steadily and elegantly to a most disturbing ending that nevertheless ties everything neatly together. It has a haunted, dark and obsessive atmosphere and a quality of genuine dementia that makes it extremely memorable. I look forward to reading more of your work. " -- David Gardiner, London, England.
"Great! Try writing about frogs, that should be funny." -- Ivana Milakovic.
"This story is visually and emotionally haunting - a wonderful collection of nightmare images that avoid both the obvious and the banal, combining freshness of approach (no tired old cliches here) with the ability to remain uncomfortably in the memory. More please." -- maximmise.
"This reminds me of Hawthorne & Poe. A lot of Romantics, Wordsworth especially, deal with this idea of specters and other-worldly inspiration with an set time limit. Wordsworth seemed to think you felt these voices when you were young and lost them as you got older. You seem to suggest that the voices themselves sustain youth. That's an interesting take on it. I like the ideas behind this story. It was formed with a clear purpose and structure. That's not easy to do. Some people just ramble, like me. What's a little off-putting is that the narrator is kind of flat. We don't find out much about him personally, what he likes, dislikes, and why? The best points are when you get into the specifics about these voices. It's gosh darn near good poetry. I'd like to hear you write a poem on the same topic with the same tone. That would be sweet. Thanks for letting me blab. " -- Scott W. Hazzard, PB, New York.
"Absolutely haunting and wonderful- and so relevant to fellow writers. One of the absolute best I have found anywhere on the internet." -- Ellen Lauder, Calgary, Canada.
"Im not a literary critic, but I know what I like. And I liked this." -- Miss Jackie, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
"This one is about as good as it gets. A little gem. Powerful imagery perfectly handled. Would make a wonderful introduction to a book of short stories. Everyone visiting the site should be directed to this one first." -- Krist, Paderborn, Germany.
"Fantastic. His dearest wish became his worst nightmare. This struck me as like hostages who become involved with their captors. Cope with something for long enough and you not only become accustomed to it, but you can't do without it. Nice one. Oh and the best opening para I've read for a while. " -- Sooz, Dalton, Cumbria, England.
"Absolutely hypnotic ... especially loved the ending. Your writing belongs on the pages of a book at the top of the best seller's list !!!!!" -- Judith Goff, USA.
"Definitely the most engaging piece I've read on here. Brilliant description" -- jl watts.


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