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Going Dancing
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Going Dancing
A young woman sets her sights on a handsome stranger. Their night of passion is one they will never forget.
[1,475 words]
Becka Roach
Becka currently resided in Tampa, FL. She is a 25 year old freelance writer who has a passion for the written word and the emotions that it can create in people. Her main passion in life is her activist work with young men and women in regards to teen pregnancy and making smart decisions.

She is the proud mother of a 9 year girl and and 3 year old little boy.
[May 2001]
A Chance Meeting (Short Stories) What happens when two souls find one another after a life time of searching? Magic.... [1,077 words] [Romance]
Back Home (Short Stories) After months of being away, a young husband and wife become re-acquainted with one another. [1,703 words] [Romance]
The Karmic Wheel (Short Stories) Destiny unites two lovers who find each other in every lifetime. [974 words] [Romance]
Going Dancing
Becka Roach

The nightclub was packed. Everywhere bodies where moving rhythmically to the pounding beat of drums and bass. The laser lights cast shadows throughout the vast expanse of the room and from corner to corner the smell of cigarettes, alcohol and sweat permeated the air. Mixed into this was the tantalizing scent of seduction, lust, and sex. Guys and girls danced closely their bodies tuning into one another as they gyrated and moved to their own unique rhythm. The woman allowed a smile to form on her perfect, small lips as the energy around filled her body. She was a sexual vampire, feeding off the desire and lust that so was so readily available and further enhancing her own. Even in the dark corner of the club where she sat, people noticed her. They were drawn to her like metal to magnets. Her beauty was part of it. She had red hair that cascaded down her shoulders in waves, alabaster skin that made her seem almost doll like underneath the black lights and eyes as clear and blue as crystals that reminded one of a cat when the looked at her. She wore a black bodysuit that clung to her flesh and highlighted the curves underneath. The choker around her neck was tribal in design and only further enhanced her long slender neck. The other part was the incredible energy she gave off when she walked into a room. It was on a subconscious level as neither she nor the people who were drawn to her where really aware of what was happening, they just Ďfelt ití. Normally she would enjoy the attention provided to her by those that pursued her, but tonight she was on a mission. She was waiting for him. Every weekend he came in alone and every weekend he danced. He was a free spirit. He moved to the music as if in a trance. His eyes, arms, legs, they all spoke the song, and they all conveyed the underlying message that the music played. Her desire for him had steadily grown until it had become this fire that burned inside of her. She knew she needed to have him, she knew that she needed to fill part of that spirit and freedom that he so freely gave. She wanted to feel the energy that pulsed within in him as they danced, as they made love. She instinctively knew that being with him would be like putting her hand in a fire. The exquisite pain and pleasure would send her over the edge if she didnít pull out. As she waited, she politely turned away the offers that were made and kept her eyes on the dance floor. She knew he would be here again tonight, he always was. This wonderfully exotic stranger that had captivated her desire. Sure enough, he appeared. He took his Ďspotí on the floor, closed his eyes and let the music take him over. This was his release, his passion, to be out on the dance floor. To feel the heat of the people around him as they moved together, to feel the pulsing lights underneath his closed eyes. The ability to let go is a cause unheard of for most, but for him, it was second nature. He wished that he could meet someone who could share this understanding, who was just as comfortable with themselves as he was. This constant search never seemed to end. He had taken home his share of women from places like this but he was always disappointed they all played a game, some better than others, but a game nonetheless. They teased, and cajoled the men with their bodies, but were as inhibited emotionally as anyone else. He longed to find someone who was as free spiritually, emotionally and physically as himself but as of yet had never found it. So instead, he danced, and allowed his spirit and his soul to be cleansed of all their grievances. Fate, however, had a different plan for him tonight. As he danced, he felt a touch on his shoulder. He looked up and saw the most exquisite creature he had ever laid eyes on. She didnít say a word, but she spoke a million words with her eyes. She outstretched her hand and they began to dance. Their bodies fit perfectly into one another and lifetimes of remembrance coming flooding back to him. The girl pulled her hair away from her eyes. She had a hair band around her wrist and without missing a beat, pulled the fiery red locks up without stopping their movements. As their eyes told each other the story of their souls, their lips met in an electric embrace. Shockwaves rode through both of them as they continued to kiss. The universe opened up a knowledge that they had learned from a previous existence. Their passion built stronger and harder as their movements became more frenzied. Their hands moved to a dance of their own as they explored one anotherís bodies through their clothing. Their kisses became deeper and longer and their breathe shallower. They began to move away from the dance floor and the crush of other bodies around them. The people in the immediate area of them felt the desire between them like a force field and those that where with someone held each other a little tighter, those who had no one slowly filtered off in search of mate. They walked out the nightclub into the cool night air. It helped to cool some of the heat that they felt but not by much. Their hands locked into an embrace. She led him to her car and opened the door. They drove for to a small log cottage in the middle of a clearing. The scent of cigarettes and smoke from the club had been replaced by jasmine and pine. Strobe lights and bass had been exchanged for frogs and crickets. They walked through the carved wooden door. A fireplace burned brightly and filled the cottage with shadows. The girl led him by the hand to a rustic charming room with off white paint, ivory drapes and bare pine floors. In the center of the room was a large solid oak, 4-poster bed with intricate carvings along the headboard. A dark green satin bedspread covered the plump mattresses. She turned out the light and lit the candles that sat in the corners of the room. As they stood in the room, they began another more intense dance than what they experienced at the club. This time the music was in their heads, the rhythm was of their own making. As they moved and swayed, they began to undress one another, their impatience showing as they clumsily tore at the clothing from the other. When the last article of clothing was off, they stood, naked in the candlelight, their hands the conduits, their bodies the receivers. He picked her up in his strong, muscular arms and lay her down on the covers. He pulled her hair down from its rubber prison atop her head and allowed the waves to cascade across her face. His lips kissed her face, her neck. He held her hands as moved his mouth further down her body. Breathing in her scent, kissing her shoulders, kissing her breasts. Further down her body her went, the touch of his lips causing sensations to run through her like tidal waves. He reached her belly button and licked it as a child licks a lollipop. His mouth explored every recess of her body and caused her to tremble with excitement. He made his way back up, taking his time, not neglecting a single inch of her. Finally his lips met hers once more and then when she thought that she couldnít stand it another minute, he entered her. A moan escaped from both of them as the intensity once again overcame them. The room, the candles, even the world outside, ceased to exist. The only thing that was real was this moment in time. The sweet pleasure overtook them as they climbed higher and higher. Over and over the allowed the sensations to overcome them. Her nails as sharp as a cats claws dug into his flesh further exciting him and urging him on. Her smooth legs encircled him in a tight embrace, unwilling to let him stop. Later in the evening, they both lay there, happy and content. Her head rested on his shoulder, her leg around draped over his stomach. His hands encircled her tiny waist. As the sun began to rise and the birds began to chirp, the slowly got dressed. She drove him to his car and kissed him goodbye. As he drove away, she smiled. Friday would be here again before she knew it, and she would be waiting patiently.


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May 2001

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