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A Chance Meeting

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A Chance Meeting
What happens when two souls find one another after a life time of searching? Magic....
[1,077 words]
Becka Roach
Becka currently resided in Tampa, FL. She is a 25 year old freelance writer who has a passion for the written word and the emotions that it can create in people. Her main passion in life is her activist work with young men and women in regards to teen pregnancy and making smart decisions.

She is the proud mother of a 9 year girl and and 3 year old little boy.
[May 2001]
Back Home (Short Stories) After months of being away, a young husband and wife become re-acquainted with one another. [1,703 words] [Romance]
Going Dancing (Short Stories) A young woman sets her sights on a handsome stranger. Their night of passion is one they will never forget. [1,475 words] [Romance]
The Karmic Wheel (Short Stories) Destiny unites two lovers who find each other in every lifetime. [974 words] [Romance]
A Chance Meeting
Becka Roach

Midnight descended. Somewhere a bell chimed and vibrated the night air with its melodious tune. The moon brightened the night sky in her radiant glory, pregnant in her fullness. The wind sang a lullaby through the trees, while the creatures of the evening came out to play. A cricket chirped in the distance, a frog croaked a serenade and there in the milky darkness, under natures canopy the lovers stood. Their skin shone brightly against the black backdrop of the forest. Their eyes sparkled with fire and passion. The smell of jasmine wafted through the air, helping to further intoxicate their already heightened senses. Only they existed at this moment in time. Something magical was taking place. They had met that evening in town. He, a dark haired stranger passing through, she, a shy young girl with brilliant green eyes and smoldering dark hair. When their eyes met earlier in the evening, without a word an understanding, a knowing passed through them. All her life she had dreamed of him, never seeing his face, only knowing what the sensations were when he walked by in her dreams. Some secret part of her that her dreams where not just fiction and that one day she would meet this mysterious stranger that had haunted her for so long. He could not explain his reason for being in the town. He was a wanderer, a traveler. He had always been driven by this need to travel, to find something that even he was not sure of what he was looking for. His soul urged him on, demanded that he keep moving and seeking. When he arrived in the town, the oddest sensation came over him. Home he thought to himself. Home. This is what Iíve been seeking is. A sense of peace and tranquility came over him and he finally for the first time in all of his travels felt relaxed, sure of his life. He passed by her quite by accident. As he was walking through the town, he bumped into her as she came out of a store. Their arms touched and their eyes met, but that was all it took. They stood their watching one another for what seemed like hours. The only words she spoke to him were to meet him at the grandfather oak at the stroke of midnight and then like an apparition she disappeared into the crowd. He needed no other prompting and precisely at the stroke of midnight he was their waiting. She walked out behind the tree, her hair a halo around her angelic face. The air around them was charged with their energy, the ground, the water in the lake next to them, all of natures living quarters felt the heat of these two. Destined to find one another again and again through out their lifetimes, always finding one another by chance, but always with the same result, passion, fire, love beyond words. The ties that bound them were karmic in nature, forging a bond that neither of them could nor wanted to explain. It simply was. As they stood underneath the canopy of the grandfather oak, they moved towards one another. Their hands met and their eyes locked their passion and desire built and moved them on a tidal wave of desire that neither had ever experienced. Gentle and savage at the same time, they grabbed at one another blindly, reveling in the touch of the others soft flesh. They ran their hands above the other, simply feeling the electricity between them, allowing it to further enhance this experience. Never for a moment did their eyes miss a beat. Locked on to one another, there was no need for words between them, with their eyes saw into the others very soul. They told each other everything with their glances, their touches. Kisses that started out soft became more eager and they ripped at their remaining clothing anxious to be rid of the inconvenient trappings that they as humans imposed on themselves. They wanted to be free from the binds that made them part of society and for tonight, feel the savageness that their ancestors must have felt so long ago, before rules and morality came into being. He grabbed both of her small hands in one of his and her long hair with the other and forced her onto her knees. She did not fear this but welcomed it. She wanted him to give into those primal forces that drive the very soul. She wanted him to revert back to the savage nature of the beast and to take her body, her very essence. He pushed her down on her back on to the cool, wet grass, never taking his eyes off of hers, never letting go of her hands. His face was a mask of fury, passion, and desire and as he entered her, she could see his eyes change. She watched the look on his face as the intensity of the moment overcame both of them. Harder and faster he moved within her, she matching his movements beat for beat. They rode a wave of ecstasy oblivious to the leaves that scratched their skin or the dirt on their bodies from the ground. The only thing they knew was this raw, pure sensation that coursed through their blood as they took one another higher and higher. Her legs rested on his shoulders, on his back, on his waist. She clung to him like someone who is drowning clings to a life raft for survival. The sensations that coursed through her body where so intense that she did not think she could take another minute, another second of this beautiful pleasure. Finally they reached that ultimate moment. There minds, their souls, their bodies all connected in one final moment of pleasure.

Afterwards, they lay on the grass, allowing it to cool their tired aching bodies. Their arms and legs stayed wrapped around the other, each of them content to just be next to the other. Before the goddess of the moon and the very earth mother herself, they had given their souls and hearts in unison this night. Destiny had once again brought them together; fate had once again sealed their vows. And as they bathed one another in the clear blue waters of the lake, they both smiled with contentment. They had found each other at last and their long searches had finally come to an end.



"Hey, u have a story under the same name as one of mine, and it kinda starts in the same way too! Scary! Anyway I'm goin to read urs now! :)" -- C G L Davies.
"This is amazing!! u should write a book. u really know how to get our interest in the story, it's like we're there, feeling every bit. Cooool :)" -- Hanan.
"Very nice description of mood, atmosphere, tone, feeling and emotion - an incredibly artistic piece - well done." -- Afreena.


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May 2001

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