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The Second Coming
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The Second Coming
About the long awaited return of "God" only to find out it isn't who we were expecting at all.
[4,896 words]
L M Long
I am a baby boomer with a lot of ideas rolling around in my middle aged head. I enjoy writing, reading, traveling and gardening.
[April 2001]
Let Me Love You (Poetry) About loving the same "soul" through more than one physical life. [143 words] [Romance]

"This story was ok and written pretty good, but despite the controversy I kind of lost interest at some parts and felt like I was being dragged along. Basically, it seemed like it was longer than what it should have been, so you might want to work on it. Sorry. Now, if I may, I'd like to present an opposing argument. I personally hold the Bible to be the end-all-be-all of truths. Yes, I do agree with you in saying that there are those who are and were and will continue to be crooked, but you cannot group everyone that way. Just as there are the crooked, there are also the true and true indeed. You bring up the point of hardship and why things happen the way they do. Well, the reason being is that God respects our free will, our freedom to choose. As I write this now, people are starving in all parts of the world, but does it have to be that way and is it in any way shape or form the fault of God, or even an indicator as to His degree of mercy? Not by any means. Famine exists because of greed. There are so many people in this world blessed in abundance who do nothing for their fellow man and it just sickens me to the core. God works through those who are willing. He will not impose upon us that which we do not accept. He will not bend you over his knee and make you do something. It is entirely up to you. He gives you the ability to perform something and it is your responsibility, with Him overseeing, to see it through. That is how I see it. You also say with regards to religious persecution the following: "This has been going on for centuries in all countries of the world. There is no way an "all-forgiving god", a "merciless god" could go on watching this and not step in and say hey! Enough of this. This was not meant to be this way. No, nothing like that is happening is it? And it won't either." The reasons Christ did not return during these times but is yet at the door of our own is many, but I will comment on one. The Bible says that Jesus will return when Man is on the brink of destroying himself. In those times, Man did not have the ability to utterly destroy itself as we do now. Nuclear arsenal did not exist then, it exists now, therefore, if we follow the teachings of the Bible, Christ must return soon for this singular fact alone. I'm going to stop now, as I'm sure others will approach with their views and I have to save something for later. " -- Michael.
"Someone should remind "Michael" that the book was only FICTION! You should write your reviews on the book, not push your religious beliefs on here! I thought the story was great, and will look forward to reading some more of your writting. Keep up the good work! " -- Holly.
"I can't agree that the story was great. It's too long and it's boring. First you tell us that the Second Coming wasn't what some people expected. OK, fine. Than you drag us around explaining why is it that you don't believe in God. Dying father, priest and a nun that are hypocrites... Cliche after cliche, and every one of them too long. Somewhere you mention that some jerks killed themselves. Then you add more cliches. And then you tell us that it was actually little green men that came to Earth. Poor structure, and above all, boring!" -- Ivana Milakovic.
"I understood that it was only fiction, "Holly", it's just that it's obvious that the views presented here are the views of the author's, and not the characters. The piece was basically written as a way to vent negative feelings on Christianity and Christians as a whole, when what the author should have focused on was creating a solid piece of work. And so I responded in Christianity's defense. And to be quite honest, I don't think I acted harshly in stating my opinion at all. You didn't hear me say anything to the effect of "You're stupid," or "Death to all nonbelievers." Now did you? " -- Michael.


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