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The Aurora Frequency Part 1
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The Aurora Frequency Part 1

26,000 years ago within the lost paradise of Hyperborea behind the Arctic ice at the centre of the earth plane.

A master teacher made a secret pact with his greatest student known as S.E.L

The pact stated that in a future life within the Kali Yuga age near the plasma time-shift event of 2020, he would co-inhabit the student's body to pass on knowledge to all humans caught within the material fear illusion of Maya.

As the student in a modern Celtic incarnation slept within a tomb doorway beside the Great Pyramid portal on his 30th birthday, the master created a Merkaba and merged with his heart consciousness through the Aurora Borealis.

This is the story of the many lost souls of spaceship earth as they struggle to make it through earths artificial Matrix back to polar Eden and embrace unity consciousness.

But this is also the autobiography of a living breathing �Reality Host� known simply across our vast inhabited multiverse as...

Dr Mu
[211 words]
Dr Mu
A Reality Host from an un-manifested time
[November 2007]
[email protected]
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The Aurora Frequency Part 1
Dr Mu

and welcome spiritual entities
brothers sisters on this frequency
breathe and elevate your flippers
clear your blow-holes
now tune into me
come indulge in my poetic prophetic
whirlwind of perception
and I pass to you
my knowledge for absorption
this is not your usual book
writings not my natural style
I�m for sure not off this octave
but I�ve been around a while
I communicate in rhyme
as this is how I think
a quantum ghost
I've come to weld the link
I�m not a watcher from your worship
they are very different ones
 many whispered as false prophets
still confused as godly sons
their offspring ruled as Nephilm
they cut your giant trees
no love coldest emotion
for they came from toxic seas
I am the blood which reigns within your veins
your astral family
I am pulses in your pineal-gland
an Ent within the trees
I'm a plasma glow
my golden flow ignites divinity
I'm explosions in a warring games
false flag atrocities
I�m prediction in astrology
the Genie found in Chi
I'm a golden-ratio spiral wave
tossed on the coral sea
I'm the sonar squeal of dolphins glee
a language lost from thee
I manifested here to tame your fear
with serendipity


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