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Final Kiss
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Final Kiss
Not a cry for help.
[394 words]
James Cartwright
[April 2003]
[email protected]
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Final Kiss
James Cartwright

    She meets him in the kitchen. She isn't supposed to see him, and promised her family she wouldn't. It's been almost two years since she last saw him, but when the problems got too tough, she always turned to him. He always gets her in trouble, but being with him always seemed to be the answer to all her problems.
   She meets him in the kitchen, and leads him by the hand up to the bathroom. She starts the bathtub, and the water flows like a waterfall into the tub basin. She smiles at the thought of being in the tub with him. She closes and locks the door, so they won't be interrupted like they were last time.
   The tub filled quicker than she expected. She takes off all her clothes, and gets into the tub quickly. The hot water scolds her naked body, but she knows she'll adjust to te heat. She brings him into the tub with him shortly after.
   She is nervous, and feels bad about letting down her family and boyfriend. Worst of all, she feels bad about letting down herself. She'd promised herself she wouldn't go back to him. She knows how many people she's letting down, but she continues anyway.
   They quickly go to work, and he lightly touches her body all over. She suddenly gets very scared, and he stops. Just as quickly as it left, her nerve comes back to her. He starts kissing her, lightly at first, but with growing passion. He works his way down to her wrists, where he kisses her the hardest and deepest.
   Suddenly, her rosy skin erupts with crimson blood. With all her remaining strength, she forces him to kiss her other wrist. The blood bursts forth from the other wrist, too. The knife was the only one who could ever kiss her passionately. She tries to scream, but she no longer has the strength. The knife falls to the tile floor, and the sound is deafening to her.
   She realizes how weak she is being to be doing this, and how many people she is devastating; friends, family members, everyone. She wishes she can take back what she just did, but understands that it's too late. Her biggest regret is that she took the easy way out, instead of seeing things through and getting help.
   Her eyes close, and her body goes limp.



"Wow James, that's pretty good for a young kid whose horrible at writing. I think you're being a little too hard on yourself. I'd say you're an intermediate, although I do understand why you say you need some help. This piece seems to be stuck somewhere between a short story and a poem. I suggest you decide which one you want it to be and then work from there. Starting out you can read some of the selections here on Storymania. Don't let that get you down though. To say that I was mildly surprised by the story's developments would be an understatement. Trust me, once you've cultivated your style and gotten a handle on the mechanics of the short story or poem, you'll be going places. I see a lot of potential here. " -- Michael.
"james- though the actaul mechanics were weak, the plot was awesome! i had no idea what you were alluding to. -sarah" -- sahara.
"This is a very interesting piece. It has involvement strategy. Above all in underlines what we all are victims of, "our emotions can overtake us". I think the tense it it written in is also very affective giving this piece a poetic feel." -- Amir, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom.
" I want you to know that I liked this story so much I am using it in a performance for a contest speech class. It has sent a chill down my spine every time I have rehearsed it. I hope you continue to write great stories, and maybe venture into poetry." -- Katie, LaPorte, Indiana.


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February 2001

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