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The Guardian Angel
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The Guardian Angel
A Guardian Angel tells a story.
[1,034 words]
Michael Vincent
[September 2022]
[email protected]
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The Guardian Angel
Michael Vincent

The most exciting moment of my assignment came when my boy was about to be given the gift of life by my Lord – He that lives forever. I had plotted many circumstances in the past my boy happened into where he heard and understood the message of salvation that gives life freely to all who hear and accept it. In my last plot, I emphasized as gently as I could the fact that if he left this present physical realm without accepting the free gift offered him, he would be inexcusable before the Lord and would have to be sent away from the Lord's presence; and as you should know, all outside the presence of the Lord are in a state of continual destruction.


Now when my boy had listened to this truth, he pondered on it. As he did, the blessed Spirit of the Lord helped him, for the Lord knows the heart of every living being on earth. There and then my boy resolved to ask the Lord to bless him with His free gift of life and salvation from eternal destruction. Then he made for his room to pray.


I walked beside him with my hand on his shoulder encouraging him and assuring him that in all truth, he had made the best decision of his life. I was filled with hope and joy. In truth this was a moment I had always looked forward to for I know that the Lord truly desired that the child be saved. Now a great wish of mine was about to come true, a blessed hope realized. It was at this moment that the attack came.


As my boy and I walked along the street towards his house, he thinking on the message he heard, and I filled with joy, the atmosphere suddenly became heavy with gloom, and out of the shadows five fiends materialized, their ugly swords drawn - a sign that they were prepared to do everything in their power to make sure my boy continue to abide in death and if possible to die in it.


As they approached us with horrid glee, one of them broke off, went across the street and began talking to two girls that were shamefully dressed. These girls were known as the 'hottest' girls in my boy's class. Suddenly the girls nodded to each other, crossed the street and headed for our direction, the fiend between them and his hands about their shoulders. The four other fiends were now in front of us giving me a wary look and glaring at my boy.


When the girls were still some way off, I gently squeezed my boy’s shoulders and we resumed our walk. The four fiends stepped aside, and then followed behind us. When the girls perceived my boy walking away, they too began to turn away, but the fiend between them squeezed their shoulders tighter and whispered something evil in their ears. Then the girls began whistling to my boy to stop. We halted again and they approached us. They began a frivolous chat with my boy, their speech laced with obscenities. After their chat, the girls suggested he come watch a movie with them. The fiend who brought them now seized the opportunity to yell at my boy, telling him what a great opportunity this was. The fiend went on to suggest to my boy all the evil that might transpire in their house. Finally, the fiend informed my boy that as it was still early in the afternoon, they would be all alone in the house.


My boy thought excitedly about their offer for a second and decided to go with them. As he began to excuse himself that he was only going to watch a movie, I told him plainly what would happen if he foolishly went to their house. But in the excitement of the moment, he stuck to his decision and I had no choice but to go with him.


The fiends were thoroughly delighted and as we went along they continued to suggest evil ideas to the girls and my boy. When we arrived at the house, my boy and I sat on the sofa, and the girls – I knew – went to change into worse dresses. Four fiends stood nearby watching us, while the fifth went with the girls to tell them exactly what to wear.


At this point I began to speak to my boy. I drew his attention to the fact that it was at the moment he wanted to pray that the girls, who would normally have had nothing to do with him, now suddenly wanted to be his friend. I made him aware of the consequence of any foolish act he might engage in. I made him understand that the whole thing was set up for the purpose of preventing him from escaping destruction.


 As I spoke gently and reasonably to my boy, he came to his senses and began to regret he had followed the girls. I encouraged him to find the path he had left and continue on it. We got up and he announced in a loud voice that he was leaving. The girls came out and begged him to stay. I placed my hands over my boys' eyes and when he looked at them, he was not captivated by their form. My boy and I then left to the surprise of the girls and the fury of the fiends.


When he got to his house my boy went straight to his room, knelt down and began to pray. I stood beside him my hand on his shoulder. He thanked the Lord for his goodness, asked for forgiveness and then asked the Lord to save him.


I waited in anticipation and then a gentle wind began to blow. I bowed; and the Lord appeared. He touched my boy and the power of death was removed from him and replaced with the life that comes from God, and my boy was filled with light and great joy.

I have continued to protect my boy since and I hope that we will be together in the Lord's kingdom at the end.


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