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Love In Silence
[1,240 words]
Anabelle Gonzales
Anabelle is an artist and a writer. Check out her website at www.artworksbyanabelle.co.cc
[September 2011]
How Can You Let Go? (Poetry) A poem about passion, love, loss and desire. Can be used for a song. [232 words] [Relationships]
Love In Silence
Anabelle Gonzales

Love In Silence

By Anabelle Gonzales

You met a girl. She is special. At first sight, you knew she is. You saw in her eyes the hope and love that you were dreaming of ever since. You were struck by her smile, much more by her sweet, subtle expression of strength and courage. You knew that beyond the childish demeanor lies a passionate and complete woman waiting to fly. You adore this in her.

You have loved her ever since. You cared for her. You gave her strength when she needs it. You made her realized her true beauty. You craved for her companionship every night and day. You let her sleep in your arms. You watched her breathe. You watched her from a far; you watched her glowing and growing day by day. You have wiped her tears whenever she cries; you were always there for her. She has grown beautifully before your very eyes.

But these are all in silence… No words. Everything in silence... everything that you do is subtleness… she is delicate

and fragile so you must do it in deep passion. You believe that what you are showing her is love in its entire splendor. You believe that she could feel it too. The fire and the passion that you have for her every time your eyes meet, you hope that she could feel.

But she didn’t…

You are scared, of everything. You are scared that she might fly away if you tell her what your intentions are. You are afraid that you might destroy the friendship that both of you have. You are afraid to reveal who you really are; for you fear that she might lose her innocence towards you and your friendship.

You waited… patiently… But as days go by, she is falling apart. She has become restless and thinks that she is drifting away. You can’t see her drifting away from you, from your love… You have to hold on to her. You have to. She has your heart and your soul… she can’t be like this…

You gave up… you got angry. You want to get mad of what she’s doing in her life. You can’t believe she is destroying herself. You can’t believe that all that you have invested are all gone into nothing. You want to hurt her and showed her that you are more than she expects you to be. You believe you’re hurting her but end up hurting yourself, for you have

loved her all your life. You can’t bear this anymore…

She cried. She is afraid. She doesn’t know where she is now. She has been reborn. How can this possibly be? Who made this for me? Is it him? It’s a different world. It’s a different life now that she realized that somebody did really love her. Somebody did risk everything only to see her happy. Now she remembers everything. The joy and pain you and her shared. Now, she remembers everything; the laughter and smiles and stories and passion both of you have shared. Everything finally dawned to her that all this time you really did cared for her… on the other hand, she didn’t know. You didn’t tell her… she is finally awakened by your silence….

Days go by, you heard the news. She has fallen in love to somebody else. She is in love no doubt. You don’t know what to feel. You don’t know what to do now that you are both ready to become one yet she’s gone. You waited for this moment. You waited to see her fly. You waited to see her awakened, and yet, she fell in love with someone else. How could that be? How could it be possible, you ask you’re self. You cried to God, why did you give her to me, to love and to hold and now that I can have her; now that its time, you are taking her away from me? Why?

He replied…

I gave her to you for you to keep. I love her so much that I cannot bear to see her with other man; that’s why I chose you. She is the most beautiful of my creation, my chosen one. She is special. I have prepared you for the time that both of you will finally meet. I’ve given you enough blessings to pave the way for her. Of all the people, I’ve chosen you to

make the difference.

But what did you do? You let your pride and ego blinded you own judgment. You did not listen to my whisper inside your heart. You let your fear and insecurity reign in your soul. I did not give you the spirit of my love for you to keep it to yourself. I did not give you passion to waste.

I gave you my power to fulfill my plans for you through her. I gave her to you so you can become the person you were born to be. Didn’t you see it? I have revealed it you. For what you’ve done, I will let you suffer. I will let you wander and get lost in the void of ignorance. I will let your soul be consumed by your own recklessness. You will never experience peace and freedom that true love and only I can give. I will not let you see the truth that is base in love.

I will allow you to suffer the deep emptiness of your soul. I will throw you out and let you be eaten by adulterers of this world. I will let you see pain in all its forms. Now you regret everything… you are angry towards yourself for not being able to express what you truly feel while there is still chance. Why did you have to wait only to see her go? You want to grab her and hold her tight and let her know that you love her so much.

You want to scream to her face that it was you… it’s because of your love that she is finally home. But its too late… all you can do now is look at her at a distance and remain silent forever. Your love for her shall remain buried forever.

It could have been you. It could have been you she’s dreaming every night. It could have your lips she’s kissing. It could have been you heart she’s touching. It could have been you she loves.

Your longing for her is killing you. It’s consuming you. You long for her lips, her touch, her breathe… her love… Deep within you, you want to feel her. You want to enter her and stay inside her forever for you feel safe, nourished and at peace. You wanted to feel what it is like to be loved by her.

You want to turn back the time and look into her eyes again and this time you will surrender... Surrender to her innocence, her love… her truth. In her stare lies your sanity; sanity that has left you since she’s gone.

This time you want to surrender… Only to smell her breathe, caress her fine and soft skin. You want to happen it again. You want to freeze that moment and stay in that dream forever. For in that dream, you shall meet her again and this time not loves her in silence. Not anymore… this time, in total surrender…


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September 2011

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