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Supper Comes Too Early
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Supper Comes Too Early
A story about some army guys.
[806 words]
Connor Weatherly
I am 14.
[November 2010]
Supper Comes Too Early
Connor Weatherly

At first there were seven in the mission. They were 7th airborne, placed to take out the Schwerew Gustav. This was an 800 mm siege gun set by the Germans to take out four surrounding cities and bases. The men were dropped in about a mile away from the gun on a road leading in to the city where the gun was located at dawn. This wasn’t the soldier’s first time on a difficult mission. The group was led by a sergeant who was called “Sarge”. This guy had been through 10 campaigns before this one. He was very tough but noble. The men knew he would risk his life for them. He’d been wounded five times before in combat but he always came back fighting. He was well equipped with a Luger pistol he’d captured from a German soldier. He also carried an M16 carbine and a shotgun. Private Patrick stuck to Sarge like glue. He and Sarge made a great team taking buildings. Patrick was a risk taker and was very good in close hand-to-hand combat. “MC” was the medic of the group. “M” for medic and “C” was for Colby. MC would risk anything to save a wounded soldier. He was never afraid under fire and was always very positive with the men. Corporal Jones was called Yankee because he was born and raised in New York and loved the Yankees. He was not much of a risk taker but was very good with weapons and very strong. Private Frank was the anti-armor gunner and carried the bazooka. Corporal Smith, a blonde from Connecticut and had great aim and could take someone out in one hit. Private Shades liked to be in Smith’s shadow. They were inseparable. Private Shades could sneak into anything. Even with all this experience, the men had their work cut out for them on this mission.

            The first job was taking out a squad of German Tiger tanks on the edge of the city. The men could hear and even feel the earthquake whenever the siege gun went off. There were four tanks and five men that were guarding them. Sarge had the men set up mines that would destroy the first tank, then Private Frank, the anti-armor gunner, would bazooka the 2nd tank. At the same time smoke grenades would be thrown and the soldiers would run up and kill the German infantrymen then stick grenades in the tank treads. The attack went as planned. However, one German that wasn’t quite dead, shot Frank with a handgun and killed him. Sarge came around and shot the German. Something just ate Sarge up inside at the site of the fallen comrade. But this just made him mad. From there the soldiers took a gulley all the way to the bottom of the hill. The siege gun was at the top. The Germans focus and fire was on some buildings at the other end of the hill. There was one German bunker at the bottom of the hill. Sarge yelled for Shades and Smith to take it. Just as they killed the men, Yankee looked up the hill. There was a German with a grenade launcher! Yankee yelled for Smith and Shades to get out but it was too late. A big flash was seen in the building as the dirt clods and pieces of wood flew into the air. MC ran to the building but they all knew that Shades and Smith couldn’t have lived. Yankee then shot down the German. Sarge yelled for Yankee and MC to stay back and cover them. Sarge and Patrick went to the building with the siege gun. The only entrance was the front where two 50-caliber guns were, but they were in a loft. Sarge called for Yankee and MC. He told them on the count of “three” throw grenades in the loft and open fire. On three, they did so. Sarge and Patrick ran for the stairs. Luckily they made it. Patrick and MC had killed one gunner and knocked the other away from the gun. Sarge had pulled out his shotgun. The German looked down the stairs and “Bam!” “I got him!” yelled Sarge. He called for Yankee, “Get up here” and told MC to stand at the bottom of the stairs. They were ready to break open the door, destroy the gun and finish their mission.

            Sarge raised his foot to knock down the door. He hit and…”Billy! Billy! Time to put up your army guys. Come eat supper!” Wait! Why is headquarters M.O.M. pulling us out when we’ve almost finished our mission? We are so close! Headquarters always does that! Sarge was yanked from the door and thrown into the troop carrier. Sarge tumbled inside the carrier with his other men as Billy trotted off to supper.


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November 2010

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