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Meeting Of Lips
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Meeting Of Lips
[1,231 words]
[July 2009]
The Moon Inside (Short Stories) - [1,422 words] [Relationships]
Meeting Of Lips

Mr. Nicolas Ryman has been carrying a white cup since the last 40 years. Now he is 63 with sunburned hairs in an arched spine. The bag of bones has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years. He has to get admitted into the hospital now and then to reduce his pain and suffering. Ischemic heart disease was dtected in his last ECG. The old man is still single. There is none to look after him. He gives no information about his life, his relatives. The abandoned soul leads a mystical life. The man is breathing alone in this brown apartment. No one has knocked his door for a long time. Mr. Nicolas goes to the market without discussing about politics. He never talks with anyone unless someone asked him about his condition. I entered the apartment two days back and went to his flat in the second floor. He opened the door in a lethargy mood and asked “Are you the fresh face in the first floor?’’ I replied “yes sir; but how did you recognize me?” “Only the newcomer knocked this door.” “Why?” “Because they know I have no interest about the world, about the lives of others. I don’t attend any party and I never arrange any party. So why will they? Please come in. What are you doing Young man?” “I am the new lecturer of Anatomy of the medical college”. “So you are one of the predators of death.” “Sir I failed to make it out” “okay let it go. Are you married?” “That didn’t happen yet.” “Is that the reason of becoming interested in such a cruel subject like anatomy? Death, dissection, destruction. Do you ever feel the pain of a dead? What are the feelings dead man possess? Can they gaze for a lover? Does a female’s heart make you nervous?” I was trying to remember have I ever thought about this? I was searching my answers in the thalamus, hypothalamus or in the limbic system of my brain. Meanwhile he replied “the heart of a woman, the lips of a pretty face both are destructive. Oh dear! It is time to say goodbye.” I was afraid watching his annoyance. I left the room and swore never to knock the door again. After 17 days it was first hour of 14 January he knocked at my door. “Would you mind donating some of your valuable time?” “Please come in” I replied. “The white face looked devastated with his red eyes, undisciplined hairs. The old man was so restless that I became very much nervous. “What is the benefit of being single?” “Freedom.” “Have you ever fallen in love? Do you have any girl friend?” “That is my misfortune I failed to feel the pain.” “Why not” “I was not gifted” “Oh! But my dear you may fall in love without being gifted.” “Please be seated”. I went inside between the chairs of my small drawing room and came back with two cup of tea. He brought out a white cup from his pocket and poured it from my golden cup to his white cup .The depressed man closed his eyes take the tea and feel the taste of the tea or something else. Does the color matter? I asked him “Sir why are you carrying the simple cup with you all the time.Is there anything special with in it?” Mr. Nicolas became quite like the snow. The old snow began to melting. He started “I have to bear this load to live. 40 years back on this very day someone came so close to leave me forever. She was charming, straight haired and lively. She was the simplest girl I have ever seen but she had the deadliest weapon the finest smile. It was first the rain of the year; most of the people had not cultured yet to carry an umbrella. The rain started suddenly in the afternoon. The helpless people were running to and fro some of them taking their shelter under the roof of stores and nearest houses. I was living in Dhaka then. She came under the roof of my house. My luck was waiting in front of my room, so close to me. I was watching her sitting behind the window. The rain drops were touching the window, the wind touching her face her red lips her hairs. The wonderful lady could hardly keep herself protected from the naughty rain standing under the extended portion of the roof. My heart began to throb. What a pretty cramping creature she seemed. I requested her to come inside. The sweet lady entered into the room leaving her heart outside. She was very young hardly two and twenty. In her brown narrow face there were her red lips was redder than the brightest ruby, softer than the rose. The beauty was shivering but refused to use my towel. Her name was Sunoyonana Haq. She was studding in Dhaka University. Sunoyona looked at me in full face. The face unsettle my mind, distract my head, my speech slurred . The slurring of my speech was annoying her. The culprit rain drops all over her face, over her lips over her soft hairs. She should take some hot drinks to fresh. I offered her tea in this very cup. Sunoyona pulled down her sweet face the softest red lips then came out of it and offered her delicate touch to this very old lifeless, silent cup. She was making the cup alive. What would happen if that touches a man, a living heart? I was gazing at her. She raised her narrow face looked at my eyes with venom. That was the death of my power of reasoning. “A woman’s lip should be warmed with the touch of a man’s lip” I murmured. She gave the vibrating smile that can destroy the glass or a heart. The sweetie gave me this cup and told “why not? My lips touched the cup here you can touch whenever you like and make your lips warm” She started moving at the door the wonderful girl turned to say “you were very kind allowing an unknown person like me to be seated in your beautiful room .I entered as you seemed so innocent .But you broke my heart please don’t try to contact with me again.” Tears mounted up in her eyes. I stood still holding the cup. She went out through the rain. I followed her order. I never try to contact with her.” “You flattened your whole life only for this” “An asteroid is enough to demolish the world, a moment with a pretty face to ruin a man. A real love should be illogical, unconditional, dangerous, terrible that upset the nerves. When love is tranquil, easy lawful and without loss it is not the true love. Would you mind doing a favor for me Mr.Pavlo? I want to donate my body to your college; in return you will fix my lips to this cup at this end after my death. You just cut my lips and then attach it to the cup.50% of my property will go to you for your kind cooperation with the rest you will protect my lips and the cup. I have prepared the papers please sign in and let me continue the meeting of lips even after my death.”


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