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Escape To Heaven
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Escape To Heaven
This story is about escaping from the one place you've lived for decades, Hell, and moving into a place where you are loved by everyone, Heaven.
[1,067 words]
Georgia Lauren Theasby
I'm 11, live in England, and would love nothing more than to sing and write.
[July 2009]
[email protected]
I'm Not Perfect (Songs) This is about showing who you really are, and not being afraid to do it. It's also about believing in yourself, and being optimistic no matter what. [142 words] [Spiritual]
I've Been Dreaming (Poetry) This is about falling in love, and trying to show it. [59 words]
Escape To Heaven
Georgia Lauren Theasby

Chapter1: The Forbidden Place

“Ahem. I have gathered you from slavery to announce the new rule. Anyone and I mean anyone. Caught sneaking out of hell - trying to escape will be punished by torture. Hahahaha!” The devil spoke harshly like fire burning through the sky. There was a silence till finally, he spoke again. “Dismissed! All of you! Back to work!” Everyone scattered as red demons with grey wolves at their feet patrolled the fiery grounds whipping cruelly anyone that dared speak. I plodded slowly towards the slavery room but just as I passed the torture chamber I suddenly heard a familiar voice. “There was a mix up. Let her go.” The booming voice told me there was trouble, and after being stuck in hell for several years I had no idea that the voice was to be my greatest friend. This being so, I grabbed a sword from the wall and charged at the intruder to help, though the devil was cruel, I had sworn to serve him, and breaking a promise to him is of course, punishable by death. I continued walking along the corridor following the voice of the intruder.

When I finally tracked him down I stopped dead. For I suddenly knew who the mysterious voice belonged to. An angel.

Later that night I was in my room thinking about why God was there. When knock-knock-knock. A demon, which was surprisingly kind, stood in the cold doorway. “Miss Linda?”
“Yes?” I answered.
“The devil would like to see you.”
“I’m on it.” Feeling slightly confused I followed the demon to the devil’s study.

As I entered the study the devil glanced up at me and smiled unusually. “You are dismissed,” he told the demon. Then, turning to face me, “There was a visit from an angel for you. Apparently, there has been a mix up-you should have gone to heaven…” I gasped, and then smiled-so that was the mysterious intruder I had almost hurt.
“However,” he continued. “As you know, you are my favourite slave, so I’m afraid I cannot let you go.”
My heart sank.
“And don’t think for one second that I will let you go if you are a bad, horrid slave. NOW. GO!”
I left and headed back to my dormitory.

Chapter 2 - The Unexpected Visit

The next night I was righting in my diary what had happened the night before, when suddenly I heard a quite knock on my window. The moon was full and wolfs prowled the fiery grounds below. I looked out my window but found no one though the knock still continued. This time a ghost appeared and floated elegantly through the wall.
“The devil is not fair.” The ghost spoke softly. “An angel will visit you soon-at midnight-the ghostly hour.”
“Who are you?” I was alarmed at this strange, unexpected visit.
“I am the ghost of fairness. You have not been treated in return for your kindness. We will talk more after your rescue by Gabriella. Goodbye for now Linda!”
“Wait. Why can’t you rescue me now?”
“My powers are not strong enough to rescue you, and you cannot fly…yet.”
“How do you know my name?”
“I know all.” She said it in a strange, mysterious way sounding complicated, as the wispy ghost disappeared into the silver moonlight. Whatever did she mean by “yet?”

Chapter 3 - Misery

Misery was all that I got for the 2 weeks. Walking along lonely, dark, and potentially desolate corridors on my way to the lunch room, I received several - far too many for my liking - peculiar looks from other slaves. This “misery” carried on for weeks - until… one miserable evening when the devil called to see me, again.

A surprise waited for me when I reached the devils study. An angel - presumably Gabriella - stood next to the devil himself (waiting for me I suppose.) “Ah, there you are dear one.” He finally broke the silence, “Gabriella here, has been sent to tell me that you will not be rescued, unfortunately for you. But don’t worry! You will still be my number one, loyal slave. Now, off to your room!”

As soon as I got into my room Gabriella appeared, standing by my hard, uncomfortable bed. “Dear child,” she had a lovely, soft voice as she spoke. “You will be rescued… Tonight!”
“When..?” My voice managed to squeak.
“Wait…how? I mean, I can’t fly.”
“Oh, can’t you?” Her voice was, as always, mysterious.
“Indeed you can. You were meant to be an angel, therefore you still have our powers - you just need to find them. Listen to me child, you must close your eyes, believe you can do it, and you shall.”
I followed her instructions as she barked orders at me…
Chapter 4 - Heaven At Last

I opened my eyes - only to find that I was flying! I was actually flying! Gabriella zoomed towards the stars, with me struggling to keep up behind her - together we were beauty itself!

Deep down below the ground, the devil had just found out just what was going on. “Release the hell hounds! And get the best slaves to catch them!” Only it didn’t help at all - soon Gabriella and I were standing in front of the glorious, golden gates of heaven. As they opened, we stepped through and I was amazed to see my own microphone and headset. “Just a welcome gift.” Another angel’s voice whispered to me.
“I love it!”
“I’m Chelsea by the way. You must be Linda.”
“Hi Chelsea.”
“Let me introduce you to the others… This is Aro and Sulpicia, Caius and Athendora, Marcus and Didyme, Alec and Jane, Ranarta and Afton, and this is Heidi.” She named every single on of them. “Oh, and this is our secretary - Giana”
Suddenly, the one named Alec piped up. “Hey, why don’t you sing for us?”
His twin sister Jane chimed in, “Yeah, you could tell us what it’s like to be a star!”
“Star?” I repeated.
“You’re famous around here.” Alec answered.
“Well…” Taking the mic, I began my song, which is titled “La La Land.” “I am, confident but I still, have my moment’s baby, that’s just me… Well everything’s the same in the la la land machine. Well I’m not gonna change in the la la land machine. I will stay the same in the la la land…” A loud, deafening cheer rang out from the crowd as the song finished. And that’s how my new, luxurious and exiting life in heaven began.

The End



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July 2009

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