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My Search For The Past
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My Search For The Past
[1,446 words]
Dejon Alexander Parker
[August 2008]
[email protected]
Bordom (Poetry) - [62 words]
The Will Is Gone (Poetry) - [74 words]
My Search For The Past
Dejon Alexander Parker

                       My search for the past

When you’re younger you take a lot of things for granted not knowing how they really affect you, as I did my parents. I used to get mad at them and not talk to them for weeks, looking back now I wish I had that time back. When we used to have arguments I would go and wish for the perfect family,
but after their deaths I realized my life with them was perfect or as close to perfect as possible. We never had a lot of money my dad was a car salesmen and my mom was a teacher but we used to always find cheap ways to have fun when I was little. After I started to get older a barrier came between us and we kept drifting further and further apart.
After they died in a car crash I was forced to live with my grandfather who I knew little of. See my grandpa was raised on an Indian reservation and so was my dad but when he turned 18 he decided to
leave him and my grandpa spoke little after wards. When I first arrived to the reservation I was very nervous because 1. I was sent to live with a man I never met and 2 I felt out of my element. My first impression of him was surprising the night before I stayed up all night trying to picture him and all my images painted a picture of a man with traditional
 Indian attire and moccasins, but when I met him he had on a t-shirt, some jeans, and a baseball cap. At first I was almost certain he was the wrong person until I sat and took a good at him and realized how much
my father resembled him almost instantly I was overcame with sadness because his face was the key to a box of lost memories I stored away of my father to help me cope with the pain. The first night there was very awkward and it got even worse when my aunt carol came. My aunt carol on my mom side was my favorite aunt until my parents died. After they died I grabbed my stuff and went to her house before social service came, but she still called and that’s how I ended up with my grandpa.
Since my aunt married a rich lawyer she always trying to by
forgiveness and in typical aunt carol fashion she arrive with bags and bags of clothes and toys I guess as some sort of peace offering, but it was too little to late. Because I was still mad I opted out of dinner that night. I woke up the next morning and got ready for my first day of school. Usually school is the only thing I am good at, but this was different they did ask you ask questions like who’s the fist president was or who won the battle of Gettysburg
no the ask questions like who founded the Navajos or who the sun god my first day of school was terrible and lunch didn’t help it at all.
Since I was the new student everyone just stared at me, but kept their distance. After a couple of minutes I
had enough and decided to go home. As I walked home two guys I recognized from class came towards me. I was so happy people were coming towards me for a change I didn’t even care what their intentions were but after a few second they were clear.
“Hey new kid what you doing here” said one boy
“Yeah go back to the city, city boy” said another
“If I could I would” I said
I guess they took it as an insult because almost simultaneously they attacked me. I tried to fight back but they were just too big and strong. The fight lasted a couple of minutes until an observer felt I had enough and went to go get a teacher. In the office they brought me to the principal first.
“Mr. .elect it your first day of school and your in my office already” he said
I tried to explain what happened, but before I had a chance the parent of one of the boys busted in, “I want this little boy suspended he attacked my son” she said
The look on my face was shock, I attacked her son but I was the one with the two black eyes because I didn’t respond to the allegations immediately the principal took it as me confessing and his whole attitude changed” how dare you lie to me, and to think I was on your side I am calling your grandfather and suspending you for 5 days.” He said
When my grandpa came it was no words spoken I just grabbed my stuff and we walked home, on the way he would try and talk to me but I just tuned him out like a pro athlete would do a heckling fan. After we arrived home I went to my room to try to sleep the rest of the day away. As I slept I heard loud noises, at first they became part of my dream but after awhile the sound became louder and louder until I woke up. When I awoke I saw my grandpa in the same traditional Indian I imagined him in, he had on a gown type thing with a feather hat and an animal skin book,
“What’s that book for” I asked
“It the answers to your prayers” he responded
“How it’s the answer to my prayers, when my prayers is to have my dead parents back”
“If you give me a chance I can explain,” he said
“Well legend has it, it’s a stone hidden somewhere on this reservation and if you find it you get one wish, but the catch is you have find it before the first full moon after you hear the story”
As soon as the story ended I busted out laughing,” You really believe that crap”
“Crap huh well look at this” he then opened the old book, removed the cover and reviled an old Indian map,
“See here’s where it’s located the problem iam having is I can’t find where to start from, with all these new buildings it’s no telling where this tree used to be at. After I saw the map my disbelief soon changed and I devoted my next couple of days to finding the stone, since I was suspended it was no problem. After searching for a while I decided to go to the reservations library. When I was there I looked through old pictures and books, but still found nothing right when I was getting ready to give up I stumbled across an old book that looked to be from around the same time the map was made. I opened it to the first page and there it was an old painting of the tree directly in front of the river where the school was. Immediately I grabbed the book and headed for school, but half way there I remembered I was still suspended so I decided to just wait until later that night to come back. When the moon was highest in the sky I returned to the school, pulled out the map and began my journey. After following the map I looked up and was shocked at what I saw, the map lead me directly back to the place I started from, my grandpa house at first I thought I made a mistake so I did it over and over again still landing back home after awhile I was feed up and marched into my grandpas room
“Why did you lie to me, you know this map is fake it leads me right here every time,”
“So you did complete the map I was getting worried” he calmly said
“Worried about what” I asked
“Worried you wouldn’t find it on your own”
“But I didn’t find it”
“Yes you did” he said
After that he reached in his pocket and grabbed a purplish stone and handed it to me
“Well if you had it why didn’t you make a wish” I asked him
“Well my father told me on a full moon, so I never had a chance, I was saving it for you until I died but I felt you needed it right now”
“Thank you grandpa I will miss you,”
“No you want you wont remember me, be careful and make sure you be specific with you wish”
“I will grandpa I wish everything was back to normal”
I opened my eyes and I was still at my grandpa house, he then walked up to me, shook his head and said” son death is normal”

The end


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August 2008

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