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Mary Had A Little Wolf
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Mary Had A Little Wolf
I guess you could it romance. Bloody heartbreak, but still romance. Relatively short though, so it's not for someone who wants to sit down and spend a while reading it.
[1,140 words]
W L Dz
Just call me DZ. I like music (Specifically rock) and writing (Obviously). I mainly write short stories as I don't have the necessary dedication to write something larger (Read: Extreme procrastination)
[May 2008]
[email protected]
Shades Of Grey (Short Stories) This was originally my English assignment, but due to positive feedback, I decided to let the world view it. So here it is. It's longer than my first story, despite the word limit of 1000 our teacher... [1,799 words] [Psychology]
Mary Had A Little Wolf
W L Dz

“Oh! Oh! Tell us a story! Please!” Those words sparked a small riot of children, all begging for a story. Their object of attention was a cloaked figure, a pair of hardened eyes softened at the sight of a little girl. “… Very well, I shall tell you a story little ones… I call this one… ‘Mary had a little wolf’ and it goes like this…

Mary had a little wolf, little wolf, little wolf,
Mary had a little wolf and this is what she did…”

-Start story!-

“… Hey… It’s me, Kax...” the voice was soft, hardly above a whisper. A lone figure in a trench coat with fiery red hair gazed down solemnly on a trio of elaborate statues. “Sometimes… Sometimes I wonder what you would think of me… I mean, look at me… I’m a wreck… I couldn’t protect all of you… Mother, Father… Sister…”

The statues, with appropriate engravings, depicted ‘Jaik’, ‘Mikani’ and ‘Lai’. They were once part of a seemingly ordinary family; they seemed like your average ‘Family-next-door’. They were in fact, pretty ordinary… Well, as ordinary as being a family of werewolves could be.

Kax had inherited his fiery red hair from his father, Jaik, but he had his mothers, Mikani, emerald eyes. His Sister had their mix of their parents’ hair and an emerald eye as well as a sapphire one. The family was one of those comically dysfunctional ones; Jaik was a silent, brooding kind of guy at first glance, although a caring father.

Mikani was your typical fussy, over-protective parent. Rather than fussing about appearances, and whether they were dating, she fussed about the ever-so large importance about hiding what they were.

Kax was calm, seemingly a younger version of his father. The only additions were his tendency to deliver, well-timed and equally scathing remarks. His father had nicknamed him ‘Razor-tongue’ due to his tendency to turn peoples’ self control into nothing but little bits and pieces. Unsurprisingly, he was a bit on the anti-social side.

Lai… Lai was fiery, hot-tempered, and easily angered. She was also just as easily calmed, playful, and nothing short of a joker. One of her more daring stunts was to completely repaint the local mural into something that looked like it came out of a cartoonist’s box labelled ‘Overboard’.

Now the only one left was Kax, who had gone from sarcastic, cynical and mildly anti-social to depressed, brooding and twice as cynical and anti-social. Fortunately, the efforts of one human girl were slowly rebuilding his less cynical and somewhat more social personality.

Her name was Ariana.

Kax smiled; a small twitch of his lips. She looked like Lai… It hurt him to look at her, yet at the same time, he couldn’t stop. Part of him knew that replacing Lai wouldn’t heal his heart, but he was freaking werewolf! What did morals and such matter to one such as him…?

Shaking his head, Kax regained his bearings, finding himself at the door of Ariana’s house. Funny how the body went on auto-pilot when the mind was deep in thought…

Knocking thrice, he stood back, and awaited her arrival. He was promptly engulfed in a flying hug that almost sent him toppling. “Heh, I was just about to call you…”
He smiled again, another twitch of the lips. “Yeah, yeah…”
“So, what do you want to watch first…? Predator 2 or Hostel…?”

After watching several overly-gory movies, Kax tucked the now the sleeping young adult into bed. ‘Oh boy… It’s happy hour day.’ (Read: Full Moon)

Standing outside of Ariana’s small house, he lighted a cigarette. He didn’t smoke usually, but it helped him take his mind off the pain. Transforming was always a bitch.

But before midnight struck, he heard the tell-tale breathing of someone trying to hide.
“I don’t suppose you’re here to admire the night sky as well…”

The figure stepped out from the shadows. A Hunter… The trench coat really gave him away. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done, foul creature…”
“Right, just as soon you flap your little angel wings and fly away…”

It appears that the Hunters technology has improved in pace with the rest of the world. They went from crossbows, to pistols and shotguns. Joy.

Kax wasn’t afraid. Why should he be…? Even as a human, he still possessed paranormal abilities, which were only magnified due to the full moon.

“Any lasts words…?”
“Yeah… Is the overconfidence inborn, or are you trained to be an arrogant fool?”
Kax could’ve sworn he heard a pin drop before both him, and the Hunter blurred into action.

In just 5 minutes he had the man pinned down. “Let me guess… I killed your father?”
The only reply was air-propelled saliva. “Same as always… I hope you don’t have children… because then their going to try to kill me…” ‘It starts with one… then his children… then theirs…’ “I haven’t done anything wrong, well, except for existing. Your great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather attacked me. So I killed him in self-defence. That’s still legal nowadays isn’t it? So his son attacked me. Guess what? Then his son attacked. Guess where that led us? Right to the bottom of the chain… you. Say hi to gramps for me.” The blood splattered against the walls. “… Dammit, I’m going to have to clean this up.”

“Oh my god… So he wasn’t lying…” Kax froze. It was Ariana. And she was holding a pistol. “I’m sorry… Didn’t realise we were that loud.”
“You… You’re a monster…” Now that hurt. Kax winced inwardly.
“We prefer the terms Lycan or Werewolf…”

“I… I trusted you… I LOVED YOU!” she shouted, tears trickling down her cheeks.
“Oh, right, I’m sorry. What the hell was I supposed to say?! Hi, my names Kax. I’m a freaking werewolf! Great pick-up line!” he shouted back.
“I can’t believe you did this to me…” Kax felt the hackles on his neck rise.
“Stop acting like you’re the damn victim here!”
“How could just kill him like that?!”
“What was I supposed to do? Let myself get shot? Die? That’s right, I forgot. Werewolves don’t deserve to live. Not like they have any feelings!”

She felt the trigger of the gun; cold as ice. “You monster…” Kax clutched his chest.

“What about the five years we’ve been together…? Does that mean nothing…? Then fine. Go ahead. Shoot me.” ‘Ptchook, Ptchook!’ was the sound of the silenced pistol, the recoil feeling strange in her hands. Only the sound of the empty rounds hitting the floor could be heard.

Kax fell backwards as he felt the bullets rip into his flesh. Ariana, still crying, stared at his fallen form. “I’m sorry…” Kax watched the stars twinkle and shine, before letting one final word part his lips, soft as the wind itself. “So am I…”

The police arrived early next morning; the case was left to freeze as a cold case.

-End Story!-

The children sat around him in awe. “What happened to the wolf, mister?”
“… He died.” He said simply, the candlelight flickered, illuminating fiery red bangs.




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