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Toy Soldier Blues by Richard Evans coming of age [930 words]
Hero Forever
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A Purple Jacket by Randall Barfield - [494 words]
The Perfect Execution by Dexter Smith An overly depicted telling of a recent possible outcome in the life of a 22 year old. [395 words]
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The Day The Evil Of The Band Died by Kayla L Jordan Just something I wrote out of pure rage when certain sections of the band wer... [267 words]
Tenakahan-Story by Chloe L Batey an extension on my character Tenakahan [1,671 words]
Once A Star Always A Star by Matt Lenox Fame will find you no matter what [1,076 words]
My Best Day by William L Sokolowski A comedic tragedy about a man finding love again. [1,982 words]
Money In The Back by Abel Articulate A young man finds himself taking place in a robbery that seems unsuited for his own view of h... [2,573 words]
I'm From Mars by Randall Barfield Historical fiction. [513 words]
Funny Like by Randall Barfield - [610 words]
Delivered! by Chris Michael Taylor Before the clock sewn over his chest reads 00:00 and the automatic rifles surrounding him unleash we... [5,457 words]
Caught by Jack Hunter Caught is driven from the start with suspence and graphic gore. Amongst a group of friends , One secret ... [8,799 words]
Blood Of Tears by Christcross Can you stop darkness or can it stop you. [78 words]
Blood Of Tears (Part 2) by Christcross A sequal from the first part. [71 words]
Awake And Bake Finn Again by Michael Potter A comic story of a day in the life of an older man. [4,425 words]
The Puzzle by Zombie Eyes I am not changing as much as different versions of the same story. [2,080 words]
The Janke Show by Jack Masters Jack Masters Janke struggles with fantastic, sometimes brilliant thoughts overshadowed by problems and failur... [3,908 words]
Sa'ad by Randall Barfield Trying to look at history from another perspective. [295 words]
Mrs:Gooddoer by Nicolette Walters it is about a 12-year-old girl. you'll read the rest [126 words]
Legendary Love by Joshua Meihaus The story of a man who loved so much, he was willing to die behind steel bars. [856 words]
It Ws Only A Name by Sooz Murder Mystery [2,440 words]
Hope Springs by Df Mart A disappointed senior manages to look ahead. [276 words]
God Is Dead by Jamar Graham A short story musing on the last day of God. [1,227 words]
Enterprise by Sooz Flash challenge piece working on the inspiration word of 'Innovation' [343 words]
Couples Therapy by Bryn Lee Lovitt A husband and wife meet a peculiar therapist. [2,123 words]
Chef Henri And The Lemon-Meringue Pie by M Schied A retelling of the fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin, set in the modern culinar... [1,717 words]
Ace Of Spades by Joshua Meihaus Imagine if a single playing card could change your life, and tear apart your family. [1,566 words]
A Time To Live by Sooz Challenge piece. It had to be drama and it had to contain an affair at work. This isn't drama an... [1,504 words]
Paloma Pena by Sunny Sigh! so many girls, so little time. [385 words]
What Kind Of An Idiot Commits A Robbery In Broad Day Light? by Matt Lenox Find out what kind of an idiot commits a robbery in... [92 words]
Virginia Planter by Shelley J Alongi Thomas Jefferson is asked to write in the service of his country. I found this on a disc with ... [3,016 words]
The Most Common Obsession by Jeffrey Lee Williams An obsession that has even haunted me. [1,709 words]
The Good Samaritan by Jeffrey Lee Williams A good deed.... [1,547 words]
State Of Mind by Joshua Purdom A boy tells the story of how he ended up in hell. [865 words]
Sinners by David Doc Byron A collection of sinful stories [4,540 words]
Project Code5-Rogers Park Quadrant by Paul B Kramer THEY'RE HERE! [213 words]
Not Enough Hours In A Day by Peter Halpin For those people who say there's never time to do something - there is! Don't sit aro... [715 words]
Moonlight by David Doc Byron A collection of vampire tales [7,859 words]
Late For Dance... by Sarah Robertson - [340 words]
Invincible Rum by Anna Adamin - Raasveldt About an inspiring friendship between the 2 women living in Australia. One was holocaust surviv... [1,102 words]
Intelligence Gained, Innocence Lost by Graham Reynolds Intelligence Gained, Innocence Lost [609 words]
Figures by Sooz Observational [549 words]
Deserted by Sarah M Wylie This story is about a girl who lives her life on a deserted island and continually has to deal with a ... [673 words]
Dead Still by Jamie Reynolds A take on Stephen King's 'On Writing' exercise. [3,531 words]
Camelot’S Troubadours by Michael Potter Utopia meets Euphoria, Political healing in an alternate universe. The Beatles play at JF... [1,513 words]
Broken Various Authors by David Doc Byron a collection of short fiction and poetry [2,749 words]
Arena by Robert Levin A man finds a way out of his midlife crisis. [1,495 words]
Always And Forever by Kaitlyn Goodwine I wrote a vinette about personal expiernences, and things I love in life. [500 words]
Alessandro's Unexpected Traverse by Michael Potter A mountain climbing accident results in a modern Gulliver's Travels. [11,857 words]
A Wiseman Once Told Me by Kevin J Merfeld A creative and philosophical story of the development of self-consciousness, and the hum... [6,089 words]

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Hero Forever
Rick Ferro's heart bleeds every day at his past. It haunts him even to this day....
[1,488 words]
[March 2012]
[email protected]
Eradication (Screenplays) This is the story of a girl (Katie) and her friends that go to a cabin for the weekend. What was supposed to be a carefree weekend turns into a nightmare that none of them will forget, if even get out... [15,968 words] [Horror]
Fair Warning (Short Stories) A young boy appears on Scott's porch with the ominous message, "If you choose to speak with me, one of us is going to die. [5,139 words] [Suspense]
Malo Criatura (Short Stories) a group of cowboys discover an awful secret about the animal race they are hunting. [2,273 words] [Horror]
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The Ebanese Pit (Short Stories) A haunting story about the mysterious "Ebanese Pit" and the dark story surrounding it.... [2,855 words] [Horror]
Hero Forever

Rick Ferro was a hero to someone. He was also in prison for manslaughter. He had a sentence of twenty-five years in the Florida State Penitentiary. Already he had served six years, and the memories of the night that sent him here still plagued his dreams. Unlike hardened criminals his body was racked with guilt every time he looked at himself in the mirror and that guilt wore him down day after day. Today, unlike most days, was especially emotional, for it was the anniversary, though he hated to call it that. Anniversaries were usually happy; in his case they were an immeasurable burden that he was damned to hold for the rest of his life.
He sat in his cell at 7:15 that night, tears running down his face as he stared at a worn picture in his hands. Even after six years he could still recall everything that happened in his home and the murder. As another tear fell silently down his cheek, his eyes drifted closed and he dreamed….

His life had been almost perfect. He lived in a quiet town, and, though divorced, had his daughter Chelsea to keep him company. Just twelve, she boasted well potential and her smile lit up Rick’s face when he came home from work every night.
His downfall was, ironically enough, his past. In his youthful days he had been involved in somewhat of a crime-ridden existence. His parents did not care; his mother was dead and his father was a drunkard, coming home well after midnight most always, and sometimes barely acknowledging Rick. His years of crime landed him in jail several times and though he had changed and hadn’t been the same naïve kid for more than a decade now, the last time he had been in he was warned that one more serious violation would result in harsh punishment.
The night of July 4 brought back past wounds that Rick hoped would never be opened again.
The excitement of our country’s independence day was still in Chelsea’s head and at 9:30 Rick tried to get her in bed one last time. Finally he persuaded her with a promise of a trip to the zoo the next day. As she jumped into bed Rick sat beside her and pulled up the flowery covers over her matching nightgown. He looked in her eyes and found peace, as he always did.
“Yeah sweetie?” he asked her.
“Can mom come with us tomorrow?”
Rick closed his eyes. He was afraid she would ask this. He knew the answer, but the look of want on her face softened him.
“I don’t know Chels. Your mom’s a very busy person. We’ll see.”
“So no?” Rick shook his head and smoothed back her dark hair. He could never trick her; she was too smart for her own good.
“No baby. I’m sorry.”
“It’s all right,” she said as she settled deeper in the covers. “I know she’s busy.”
“Yeah. But we’ll have fun, right?”
“Yeah!” She said excitedly. “You know you’re my hero, right dad?”
“I know baby. I love you so much.”
“I love you more, dad.”
Rick smiled, kissed her on the forehead and walked to the bedroom door.
“Good night dad.”
“Good night sweetheart.” He turned off the light and walked down the hall to his own bedroom. He was frustrated at Terri for abandoning them. He would never tell Chelsea this, not for a long time, but his wife was off with her lover with whom she had been sleeping with since two years after their daughter was born. Only by luck had he been knowledgeable of her misdoings. Luckily she hadn’t sued him for custody of Chelsea, but he was sure that day would come.
The doorbell started a spiral of horror for Rick, though he didn’t know it yet.
He unlocked the single latch that held the door and came face to face with the barrel of a gun. At first glance he was confused, didn’t understand what was happening. He only saw the object and not the goal or the person behind it. But within seconds he knew that it was a large caliber pistol and the man holding it was larger than him with a black leather jacket and a chain hanging from his belt.
The gunman pushed the weapon forward until it rested against Rick’s forehead. The coolness of the barrel made him flinch, but the intent of the man made him shiver all over. His life could be over. Just like that, in an instant, the existence he held so dear could be gone and he would leave his daughter defenseless.
“Please,” he whispered. He didn’t dare speak too loud for fear of setting off the trigger finger. The gunman didn’t answer, instead nudged the barrel into Rick’s face more, and he quickly caught the idea and backed up with his hands raised high. He heard the door shut as they came into the house, though he didn’t see it--his eyes were on the shiny silver object stuck fast to his forehead and an instant away from stopping his thoughts.
At first all he heard was the pounding of his own heart in his ears; the rest of the world was blocked out. Then he heard faintly the sound of a voice telling him something, but he couldn’t make it out. The voice repeated itself, but again to no avail. Apparently Rick was supposed to do something, for the pressure of the gun increased and he drew back cowardly. He was shaking now, and desperately wanted to do what the gunman was telling him to do. But the loud thump-thump in his eardrums, the sound of breathing, the sound of footfalls against the carpet all amplified beyond normality and Rick could not hear.
In an instant the gun was pulled away and flipped around and smacked into Rick’s head with full force. He wasn’t aware of the ground coming up to meet him, but soon he was looking sideways at two black leather boots and smelling his musty rug. The sound in his ears only increased, and though he tried to keep a clear head he couldn’t move. He struggled to reach out and trip the man as the feet moved past him, but found his arm wouldn’t respond.
Time was distorted and Rick had no idea how long he actually laid on the floor, though it couldn’t have been much more than a few minutes. Slowly the noise in his ears subsided and he found he could control his limbs again. With the freedom, though, came the pain that had been subdued until now. His forehead was swelled and Rick felt liquid, most likely blood, trickle slowly over his skin.
Where was the intruder? Noises from upstairs garnered his attention. Chelsea.
He moved without knowing he was moving. The stairs never seemed so small; the hallway never so short. Within seconds he was at Chelsea’s partially open door. He pushed through and came upon the gunman on the bed over his daughter with the gun shoved in her face. When Chelsea saw him she cried out and her howl of help pushed Rick past choice and launched him into instinct.
The man didn’t stand a chance. Rick cascaded into him with full force, ignoring the pain and grogginess from his head wound. They collided and were thrown off the bed. Chelsea screamed. Before the stranger had time to react Rick punched him with full force. He heard and felt teeth crack, skin break, and a scream from Chelsea as his hand hit his mark with extreme precision. But the intruder was fast; his knee came up and Rick was thrown forwards.
He landed sideways at the foot of the bed where his daughter’s screams still echoed. He felt the gun beneath him. Adrenaline was fueling him, the desire to save Chelsea from this monster were ruling his mind.
Strangely, he didn’t hear the shots as they rang out. He merely felt the recoil of the pistol and saw the gunman fall to the ground. But the silence that followed was weird. Hadn’t Chelsea been screaming?
The gun fell to the floor and Rick was on the bed in a flash. His eyes scanned what he saw but his mind didn’t believe it. His breath was inhaled but it didn’t exhale. His arms felt his daughter’s warm skin in front of him. His eyes saw the blameless flowers on her pajamas. They also saw the colors mixed with a deep red of indescribable quantity, soaking up and drowning out the other colors of the innocent petals.

Rick Ferro awoke, his heart pounding, his face sweaty, and his hands clutching a picture of his daughter laughing, giving two thumbs up to her dad, her one and only hero.



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