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Caught is driven from the start with suspence and graphic gore. Amongst a group of friends , One secret keeps them close until one by one , each of them start dieing horrific deaths. Has someone leaked the secret out or have they finally been
"Caught" ?
[8,799 words]
Jack Hunter
" Caught "
(C) 2008
Written by : Jack Hunter & Spencer Lemoine


" Oh yes , lets do it right now , no ones here. ", John said to Tonya . John and Tonya were currently in an old 88 blue Chevy pickup truck. Not the most romantic thing but it was good enough for them.
" I don’t know if this is how I want to do it", Tonya said to him as she taunted him by pulling at her plaid Daisy Duke that was twisted in a knot.
" You like teasing me don’t you "
" Would you rather me make it easier for you? "
“Not really , I love the suspense , baby. "
John and Tonya had been going steady for quite sometime, infact they were high school sweethearts. They were lovers from the beginning, even though they had never gone all the way with each other. Which was the funny thing, they always acted so seductive to each other.
“I got the perfect song for this", she said as she reached into her purse and grabbed her Ipod. The pulled the chord that connected the Ipod to the stereo system out of the glove box. She looked down and turns it on by pressing the Menu button. John saw the Ipod light up and turn on.
“What are you going to play?” John said in a seductive tone. She pressed play.
She turned the I-pod to John.
“Buttons, by the Pussycat Dolls .... Nice Choice. “, He smiled.
Tonya leaned over to John and started to kiss his lips. With every taste of her lips a just thought about her in more positions than one inside of his head. John loved her with all his heart and he has always been in love with her from the first time he saw her. The reaction was the same for Tonya.
She was a beautiful red head, with a body that would make any normal man faint at the sight. She was one of those girls that you would meet and never ever forget about for days and sometimes for even months. She was about 5 '4 and came up to Johns chest.
“Are you sure you can handle this? “ She asked John as she backed up and started to undo the knot in her shirt. She started to unbutton the little buttons on her plaid shirt. She was sitting in the passenger seat turned towards John, her back against the window. She just looked at John with the most seductive eyes that any woman could look at a man. She was stripping for John. Teasing and taunting him was one of her flawless games. Her shirt fell off, she began to take off her shoes, and then her daisy dukes.
“Your turn.....” She said charmingly.
John began to take off his blue plaid shirt, Infect he was in such a hurry, He just ripped it off with one pull. John wasn’t the best in shape but that didn’t matter to Tonya. John was the guy that you just fell in love with regardless if he had the six pack abs and the physic of God.
“I want you so bad right now. Damn these pants! “, He screamed out. She laughed.
“Do you want me to help you with that? “ She asked.
"Why yes infact I would like you to help me with this predicament."
She leaned over revealing her backside. John looked over and saw that she was not wearing any panties of any sort. Thoughts quickly ran through his head. She unzipped his pants and began to pull them off of him.
“I like, I do like." She said as she stared down at his crotch area. She rose back up and sat against the window.
“How are we going to do this? Do you have protection?” She asked.
“Of course I do", He leaned down to his glove compartment and pulled out a box of Trojan condoms.
He leaned up against her and began to kiss her bare shoulders; he made his way up to her neck. Kissing every freckle and every little area all around. She grabbed the back of his hair and raised his head towards hers. They began to kiss.
With a loud shutter and Eight inch pronged blade broke through the window right behind Tonya. The blade thrust straight through the back of Tonya’s head and out the back of John’s kneck. The blade killed Tonya instantly. John leaned against Tonya trying to scream as the blade was still lodged inside his throat. He screamed but no sound came out. He saw a glimpse of the figure that had done this. Then he passed out in pain and died.


Standing at the grave site of the two friends, Lana grew up with. Now, faced with pain and torment inside her heart.
Lana was a sweet and innocent girl who was always loved by anyone. Tonya and John were her closest friends. Infact they had just left her party when they were murdered, or at least that’s what the police said.
She had received the call shortly after going to bed. That was one of the most difficult situations in her life that she had to face. She kept thinking who would do a thing like this.
“You ok honey?” Lana’s mother said as she put her hands on her shoulders.
“No mom, I’m not ok. These are my fucking best friends. What do you want me to say, I’m not fucking ok!"
“Calm down dear, its ok ...” Her mother replied as Lana fell to her knees crying. Lana’s mother caught her before she fell to the ground.
“It’s going to be ok, I’m here for you. You know that. This was freak accident. "
“Oh really a freak accident, that’s it? They were murdered mom, fucking murdered. ", Lana said crying loudly.
The other mourners looked at her and just sobbed with her. It was a difficult day. John and Tonya were favorites among the community. John was soon to be joining the service to fight for his country. Tonya was an about to get her Bachelors Degree. The whole town new that they were soon to be married, everyone saw their love for each other all around.
“Let’s go home honey.” Her mom said picking her up .
“They were supposed to get married ya know.” Lana said as she starred out the window.
“I went with John to pick out the ring, Mom, it was beautiful. He needed an extra $1000 to get it, so I helped him out."
“That was sweet of you dear.” Her mom responded.
“But now she won’t even get to see it or anything."
Lana started thinking about when they were younger.
6 Years Earlier
Lana was the new girl in school. She transferred to their high school at age sixteen due to some disagreements with some of her previous teachers at her other school. She remembers it like it was yesterday. She was sitting at a lunch table all the way in the back of the cafeteria. She was wearing a blue skirt and a red spaghetti top. She wanted to make a good impression on everyone, but all she got was shrugs and bad looks. Lana was a beautiful girl, the type of beauty that would piss any blonde bombshell off. She didn’t have to do much with her looks; she had the natural beauty that models longed to have.
Tonya walked up and sat besides her.
“So your the new girl everyone is talking about huh? “ She said laughing.
“I guess, I feel so out of place here for some reason.” She replied.
“Don’t feel bad, it’s normal, most of the girls here are sluts and they are jealous they don’t have a killer body like yours. I’m Tonya.” She said handing out her right hand for Lana to shake. Lana shook her hand.
“I’m Lana."
“That cutie right there is John, My soul mate.” Tonya said flirty.
“He is a cutie, congratulations.” Tonya smiled.
"Baby, Come over here and meet the new girl. She’s one of us.” Tonya yelled.
“One of you? “ She questioned.
“Yes one of us, you’re now in our group, we are kind of like the outsiders, but the only thing is that people want to be like us. And most are jealous of us, but do we care? Fuck No! ", She said high fiveing Lana and then kissing John.
" I think I could get used to this . " , Lana said
" You better cause we got a party tonight. ", Tonya said smiling.
"Wanna meet the rest of the crew ? ", She asked.
" Sure....", Lana responded.
"Hey guys !"
A group of people turned around.
" Get the fuck over here .", She loudly laughed. Four people walked over . One caught her eye. He was about 5'10 and he had ash blonde hair and the bluest eyes.
" This is Jay , He's the stud of the group. And guess what ?"
"He's single too.", She smiled and whispered something in his ear.
"This is Louis , Hes the smart guy of the group. But he's taken by her ", Tonya pointed at someone right behind her. She turned around to see who it was. But to her surprise it was a poster. The poster was of a beautieful swimsuit model. The model seemed to be enjoying herself at the beach , wearing a pok-a-dot bikini at the beach. It looked to her that she was advertising some new Sun Screen,
"When does she get back in anyways ? ", Tonya asked looking at Louis.
"She gets back in two weeks and I am stoked, She had a new shoot in Florida .", Louis responded confidently.
" Is she in school with us ? ", Lana asked.
" Yes , technically , She is mostly homeschooled , but she'll graduate with us .", Louis replied.
Two other girls were standing there with Louis and Jay . One was really tall , She had red hair and green eyes. She was also a red head which reminded her of a girl she once saw in a magizine. The red head girl glanced back at her and stuck out her hand.
" Im Jayme ."
" Lana ", She replied .
"And this is our friend Sonia ." Sonia looked at Lana and gave her a dirty look. Something just didnt seem right to Lana about her. She was silent.
Jayme leaned over to Lanas ear.
" She's a bitch at times , it takes her a little while ti warm up to someone new."
"Gotcha , no worries.", Lana whispered back.
" So tonight , We are gonna have a party. And Lana You are coming ! ", Tonya said pointing her finger at Lana .
Present Day

Cell Phone Rings
Lana wakes up to her ringer.
She looks down at her cell phone and sees who the caller is. The screen says:
Tonya is Calling

"What the fuck?", She said silently.
" Hello?", She answered.
No answer
" Who the fuck is this !?!", She screamed at her phone.
"This is not a good joke!", She cried into the phone.
" It has only just begun." , A whispering voice said.
" Who is this?", Lana asked shaking.
"Wouldnt you like to know." , CLICK , the phone hung up .
"Oh my God.", Lana cried and threw her phone down.

Chapter Three

Jay was across town working at Joes Bar . He has been a bartender there for the past four years. He was thinking about going to college but he made such good money there everynight he figured why quit . His good looks did pay off . He made at least $200 a night in tips. The women that came to the bar all fell in love with him. He had a smile like no other , that was is trademark . After he brought a drink to the ladies , he would just sit there and smile at them and the next thing you know , the ladies would slip him a twenty dollar bill.
" Alright , buddy , Go be with your girlfriend. She needs you.", His boss said to him,
" You sure , I can stay a couple more hours if you need.", He said to his boss.
" Naw , no need , you have to be with your girl , and you need to take some time to mourn. I tell ya what , leave now and take it like a suspension with pay. Just be back by next friday.", His boss replied.
" Your a good guy , thanks Boss ." , He said , The reason he called him Boss , was because Boss was his actual name .
Jay walked out the front door and his cell phone rang. He answered without looking to see who it was.
" Hello? "
" Jay , where are you !", Lana screamed in the phone.
“Baby, what’s wrong?” He said concerned.
“I just got this phone call from Tonya’s phone."
"That’s impossible.”
"I know but it was freaky Jay.” She said crying.
"Baby, calm down, Im on my way. Boss just gave me till Friday off. Are you at your house?” He asked.
“Yes, and Im scared, I don’t know what to do. I want to call the cops.” She said.
“Hold on, Im on my way. Let me get Louis to come with me, He has something that can track your phone calls."
“Ok, hurry up please."
“I will, and baby?"
"I love you."
"I love you too.” She replied and hung up the phone.
Lana and Jay started dating right after the party that Tonya had threw for everyone. Their relationship started with each of them calling each other playing phone tag. It was a cute thing between them. It got to be when they were in class if one of there phones rang, the teacher would call them out. Sometimes the teach would even answer her phone for her.
One time while she was taking a test , her phone rang. Her teacher walked over to her desk and picked up her phone.
" She's taking a test right now , Jay. Can you call back later?", Her teacher said into the phone.
" Yes , Mrs. Tucker, Can you tell her something for me, though ?", He asked.
"Sure , what is it?", She replied.
Lana just looked around and everyone was staring at her giggling. Everyone knew who it was when it rang . Everyone liked both of them so no one ever minded the ring.
" What ? Are you serious?", Mrs. Tucker said to the phone.
"Ok bye Jay.", She said and hung up and walked to the front of her class.
"Oh and Lana....", Mrs. Tucker said.
" Yes , Mrs. Tucker.", she responded looking up.
" Jay said he has just finished with football practice and he's is gonna be using the Fruitful Fragrance you bought for him at Bath and Bodyworks."
"Oooo La La.", Lana purred. The whole class erupted in laughter.
One thing about Jay was that he knew how to treat a woman, even though he would sometimes so innocently embarrass them. He treated Lana right, the way a real man does. He was the romantic type of guy and always left his girlfriend pleased. She just loved Valentines Day. Once he drove her to a park and gave her a beautieful promise ring. It was her birth stone. He always knew how to touch that one spot that would make any woman cry. And he loved Lana. He would do anything if she asked him. He wasn't whipped at all, he was just in love and the same was for her.
Jay walked to his car and got in. He picked up the phone.
"I got to call Louis." He said to himself.
"Louis pick the damn phone up.", He said as it rang.
“You, Jay what’s up bro.?” Louis answered.
"Dude, ya got to come with me to Lana’s house. She just got a strange phone call from Tonya’s phone."
"Tonya’s phone?”
"Yes and we need to find out who called her , Cause form what she said it sounded like it was a threatening call. She didnt tell me what the person said, but she was pretty upset."
"Ok, I got it, you want me to bring over my tracker."
"Yep, I'll be at your house in twenty minutes to pick you up. I just got off work."
“Ok, I'll be ready, Later bro. ", Louis said hanging up the phone.
Louis put down the phone and stared at his computer. He was reading an email he had just received while on the phone.
“What the heck is this?” he clicked it open. He began to read.

“Choices were made and now they are new choices to be made. You thought you all have gotten free from it. But you all are terribly wrong. You are all going to pay for what you have done. You thought you got away with a clean slate. But now it is time you pay for what you all have done “-End email

"Oh my God......... Not this ......anyone knows...........” Louis said panicking.
He scrambled though his inbox but the message had disappeared. Whoever sent the message new exactly what they were doing and they were obviously skilled at computer encryption.
Louis lived alone in a huge house his parents left for him after they passed away a few years back, so he was in a big place that could scare anyone if they walked inside is two stories house.
Why was this happening to him? He fell back in his bed and just thought about whom else knew. He walked into his bathroom and began to urinate. He turned around and in front of him he saw a figure. This figure was about his height. The figure was wearing all black and gloves. The figure had a mask on so he couldn’t tell if it was man or a woman. He looked into the masks eyes and tried to see who was behind the mask. There was no chance. In the mask it had a covering over the eyes, where they could see you but you couldn’t see them. The mask was a mask of a little boy, a very demonic looking boy.
“Nice mask Jay. But this isn’t the time for these kinds of jokes, especially only four hours after our best friend funeral."
“Jay take off the damn mask! “ He screamed at the figure.
The Figure tilted his head like Michael Myers had done in the first “Halloween ".
"You’re freaking me out Jay.” He began to back up.
The figure started to shake its head. The figure reached into its coat and pulled out a 6 inch butterfly knife.
Louis stood there in silence. He gulped.
"Your not Jay are you?” He asked shaking.
The figure nodded his head side to side in the form of the answer no.
"Your not going to hurt me is you?” Louis said while pissing his pants in fear.
The figure nodded yes.
Louis lunged at the figure knocking it down. Louis rose up and started to take off down the hall. The figure rose up almost Jason like. The figure looked back and jumped to its feet and flung the knife open. Louis looked back and screamed as he ran trying to get into the rooms in his house. But this killer was smart. It locked every door leading into the bathroom, even Louis' own room.
"What the fuck do you want with me!? “ Louis screamed backing up against the wall. There was nowhere else he could run to. He screamed for help but they were in they were on the second floor and he had no neighbors so screaming wouldn’t do anyone much good.
The figure pointed the knife at Louis.
"No, please, Im sorry, it was an accident.” He screamed at the figure.
The figure was still pointing the knife at Louis and all of a sudden the blade shot out straight towards Louis hitting him square in the chest. Louis quenched the knife. He fell to his knees and fell to the floor. The figure began to walk towards Louis. Louis looked up.
"Im sorry", He said as he spit up blood. The Figure kicked Louis over. Louis was now lying on his back. The figured leaned over Louis and looked him in the eyes. Blood was now pouring out of Louis' mouth and nose. The figure slammed its foot on top of the blade that was in Louis' chest, crushing every bone and slicing every nerve in his spine. Louis unfortunately was still alive. Paralyzed but alive. The figure ripped the blade out of Louis’s' chest. The figure placed the blade against Louis' throat and slit it from ear to ear. The blood poured out and he was now dead.
“Louis is you there? “ Jay screamed from the outside of the front door. He called Louis' cell phone but no answer. He opened up the door with a key that Louis had given him awhile back for special cases. He walked in and yelled.
"Louis where the fuck are you, come on we got to go now!”
He checked the living room, the kitchen, the back room and he wasn’t there. He began to walk up the stairs. He smelt something in the air. It was a stench that he had never smelt before, heck it was a stench that he didnt want to smell. He covered his nose as he reached the top of the stairs. He looked down the hall and he saw Louis lying on the floor.
“Oh my God, Louis! “ He screamed and ran down the hall.
He crept up slowly , and stood in horror. There was his best friend lying on the floor with a huge hole in his chest and his kneck slit. He fell to the floor.
"Louis , no! not you. Not you !!!!!!!!"
" Your next ........", A voice whispered in his ear.
He quickly turned around and saw the figure then it all went black. Somethig had hit him in the back of the head and knocked him completley out.

Chapter Four

Waking up to beatings on her door. Lana rose suddenly ina daze.
“ Lana , dear , listen to me , Everything is going to be alright”, Her mother mother quietly said.
“Mom what are you talking about?”, Lana said as she stretched.
“Louis has been murdered.”
“What , No he was supposed to come to the house last……”, She paused and realized that Jay and Louis never came to her house the night before. She must have passed out while she was waiting for them. She couldn’t blame herself , after all , how else is your body supposed to react with no sleep for three days straight. All kinds of thoughts were running through her head, cause she had spoke to Jay earlier the night before about him going and picking up Louis to come to her house.
“Do they know who did it?”, She whimpered.
“No, they don't , but they did find a red Varsity Jacket. They think it may have belonged to the murderer.”, Her mother replied.
“Mom , Jay is the only one that has a red Varsity Jacket in this whole town. They gave it to him when the school ran out and told him that he should wear it with pride since now the spotlight would be on him.”
“I’ve got to call him.” She said reaching into her purse and picking up her cell phone.
“I’ve got a text message from him”, she opened up her phone and it brought her to the Text Message screen. She stood in horror as she read what the Text said. She dropped the phone and ran into her restroom.
Her mother starred at the restroom in shock.
“Dear , are you ok.”, She said as she put her ear to the door to hear anything she could.
“Im fine ! Leave me alone ! Get out of here !”, Lana screamed through the door.
Her mother hung her head low and sighed. She walked out of her daughters room and shut the door behind her.
“ This cant be , this cant be, No one knows. This can’t be….”, She said crunched up with her arms around her legs in a fetal position against the restroom wall. She heard a noise outside. She slowy rose up and walked to the restroom window. Looking at the window with pain , she was scarred to even go near it. She reached out and unlocked the window and peered out. Down the street , some children were playing street hockey, the noise was the hockey puck hitting the side of the post they were using as a goal.
She slowly sat up and walked over to her door. She opened it and looked into her room. She was so scarred , she didn’t know what to think. Someone was watching her and she knew it. The scary thing is , she knew why but not who it was. She walked over to the side of her bed and picked up her phone. She stared at the screen. It was a picture of her last night sitting in her bed , talking to someone on her phone, and underneath the picture was the caption:

Tisk , Tisk you think he can actually help you

She deleted it quickly. She looked outside to see where the angle of the picture was shot. The only place that would have gotten a good picture of her , must have been shot from outside her window. Why would someone go through so much trouble to make her life miserable. She knew what they had done was the worst thing anybody could possibly live with. Besdies it was a long time ago and no one knew, or so she thought.
5 years earlier

John , Tanya , Jayme , Jay, and Louis had all gone out for some fun in the sand. It was a past time that the kids did , get your friends together and then go to the beach and drink a few beers and party.
“John , grab me a beer.”, Tanya demanded.
“Yes miss queen of all.”, he replied with a snobby tone.
“When you gonna ask her to marry you John?”, Louis said while opening a beer.
“Well , we haven’t decided if that’s exactly what we wanna do. We haven’t even fucked yet.”
“ JOHN !, that’s noone of their fucking business”, Tanya screamed from across the fire.
“But they wanted to know.”,He said sipping his beer.
“ So , why haven’t you guys fucked yet , Tonya?”, Jayme asked ina mellow tone.
“ Im waiting for the perfect night. I want it to be special and I don't want to loose it ina drunken spree.”, She replied.
“Ya know , that’s really a good descision.”, Jayme added.
“But the cock does feel sooooo good.”, She laughed , Tonya pushed her off the log.
“Your funny , your realy funny miss.”, Tonya said laughing.
“Im beng serious , venture out , get that thing popped.”,Jayme laughed.
“Ya and I want to be the one doing the popping , Wanna join us Jayme?”, He said inquireing.
Jayme looked at Johna dn gave him the finger.
“I know you want to but im taken baby.”, John laughed.
“What about me ? I don't wanna be the extra guy that never gets laid.”, Louis added.
“Well buddy , sorry to break your heart , but that’s the way its gonna be.”
A cell phone rings.
Everyone checks there pockets to find their phones.
“It’s Mine .”, Jayme said and put the phone to her ear.
“Hey , Jayme , We are on our way.”, Jay said .
“Where have you guys been. It’s been like , an hour and half”, she said frustrated.
“I was trying to get some more beer for us. And well , the cops stopped by the store right when we were buying it and started to question us .”, He explained.
“So what happened?”, She asked.
“ Well we got a ticket. Heck , we could gone to jail , but they new our parents and so they were easy on me and Lana .”
“Easy , you call that easy? Mom and Dad are gonna kill us!”, she screamed into the phone.
“What’s wrong Jayme?”, Tonya said with an awkward stare.
Jayme covered the receiver of her phone.
“They got caught buying alcohol for us tonight. They both got a ticket.”
“Oh my god, you’re so dead, infact we are all dead”, Tonya said scared.
“Don’t worry about it , we will take care of this.”, Jayme said concerned.
"Jayme , listen , mom and dad won't find out about this at all. You forget my twin , we have connections", Jay laughed.
"Well your ass better get to those connections before that ticket gets to the judge.",She said sturnly.
"You doubt me at most easiest times."
"Just get your ass over here so the party can begin."
Jay and Lana quickly arrived to the get together. Loud music was blareing from Loiuis's boombox , Infact it was playing the newest hit from Jay-Z. Hours went by , and the drinking continued among the group.
"So Jay when are we gonna have some fun alone.", Lana asked in a seduction tone.
"Baby , we are with our friends , we cant do that out here infront of them.", Jay replied while taking a sip of an half empty Tequila bottle.
"Come on , just 5 mins , thats all I need. Besides , I always wanted to do it in the beach sand.", She said while groping jays crotch area.
Jay quickly through the bottle down and stood up.
"Man , I feel like taking a walk on the beach. Lana , join me?", Jay said half drunk.
"Why sure , my drunken prince.", She replied and stood up.
"Oh , a walk on the beach , is that what they are calling it these days?", a voice said in the distance.
In the darkness a woman figure walked closley into the fire light.
"It's about damn time you made it.", Tonya said sarcastically.
"Well, I tried to get out as soon as I could, but my dad was being an asshole. He freaking grounded me for having three D's on my mid-report.", She said .
Jay and Lana laughed and walked into the darkness and quickly disappeared.
Louis looked up at Sonia and motioned for her to sit on the log beside him.
Sonia Laughed.
"Um , no thats quite alright. I'll sit over here by John, Cause i know he's not ballsy enough to hit on me, cause we all know he's a little whipped.", She said
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Sonia?", He said frustrated.
"It means that you give and give but you never get any. Wake the fuck up John."
"Wait , so what , he gives me alot of things and we dont have sex. But ya know I give him love and more than enough of what you could ever give him.", Tonya stood up in Sonias face.
"Listen bitch , get the fuck out of my face!", Sonia said while pushing Tonya away.
Tonya fell to the ground.
"Cat Fight!", Louis screamed out.
"Shut up Louis this isnt funny. Sonia , calm down. Theres no need to get fiesty.", John explained.
Jay and Lana came running from behind Tonya.
"What's going on here?", Jay said looking around.
"This bitch called me out.", Tonya said pointing towards Sonia.
"To be honest I think this is stupid.", Louis said chugging a beer.
"Ladies , we are all friends here. Lets just sit down and have a good time , like we are supposed to do.", Jayme said grabbing Tonya and pulling her away from Sonias face.
"Sounds like a good idea , Lana , should we get back to what we were doing?", Jay said kissing Lana's kneck.
"Im not in the mood anymore.", She shoved him off and went to sit on one of the logs.
"Great , now no one is gonna get any tonight.", Jay said to himself.
They all sat back down around the fire but the emotions were burning high with every sip of alcohol. Sonia sat across the fire right in front of Tonya. Tonya stood up and walked over to the boom box and turned it off.
"What the heck Tonya , that was the best part of the song?", Louis said falling off the log.
"Im sick of this , Sonia , whats your deal? You gotta problem with me?", Tonya yelled at Sonia.
Sonia rose up , and smiled at Tonya.
"What's the smile for?", Tonya asked.
"Wouldnt you like to know, you stupid skank!", Sonia said under her breath. She quickly lunged at Tonya knocking her to the ground. She grabbed Tonyas hea and started slamming it into the sand. Tonya kept getting a mouthful of sand with each push in the sand.
"You got that bitch. You aint better than no one.", Sonia screamed while flipping Tonya .
Jayme ran and tried to get Sonia off of Tonyas abdomen. She was tightly clutched to Tonyas front side.
"Knock it off Sonia.", Jay screamed.
Sonia pushed Jayme away.
"Your so perfect with the perfect boyfriend.", She yelled in her ear .She picked her up by her head. She reached back and swung. Tonya ducked and tackled Sonia to the ground.
"Is this how its gonna be for your first time bitch?", Sonia said laughing.
"Shut the fuck up bitch. Just shut the fuck up!", Tonya screamed back at her.
Lana ran up behind Tonya and grabbed her by the arms and drug her back. Sonia got to her feet and brushed herself off.
"It'll be ok , lets just all go home.", Lana said to her.
"This isnt right how shes treating me.", Tonya said crying.
"Watch out !", Lana screamed.
Sonia swung at Tonya from behind , Lana pushed Tonya away and caught Sonias hand and put her in an armbar behind her back.
"Are you gonna chill out miss?", Lana said in her ear.
"I'm gonna let you go, dont try anything funny."
She let Sonia go , she quickly turned around and swung at Lana. Lana ducked and pushed her away. Sonia flew back and fell .
"Does anyone want this beer?", Louis said staggering towards Lana.
"Louis , shut up.", the group said in unisin.
Jay walked up Lana and grabbed ahold of her and hugged her. And the same with John and Tonya.
"Who's gonna hug me now?", Louis said looking at the two couples.
"I'll give you a hug Louis.", A voice said from behind.
He turned around and there stood Jayme. She reached out her arms and gave him a hug.
Lana and Jay began to walk back to the fire. They noticed that Sonia was still lieing on the ground.
"Sonia , you can get up now. No ones gonna pitty you.", Jay said sarcastically.
"Sonia , get up!", Lana screamed.
They both walked closer and stood in horror. When Sonia fell , a piece of the log they were sitting on went through the temple of Sonias head. There was blood pouring out through her eyes. The log jammed inside her head so fast with so much force that it had knocked her left eye almost completley out.
"Oh my God no......", Lana said weeping. She feel to her knees.
"Whats going on?", Tonya ran over to them. She saw Sonias dead body lieing there in the sand and fell to her knees.
"I didnt mean it , I didnt ,I swear !", she screamed out.
John , Jayme and Louis slowly walked over.
"What are we gonna do?", Jayme said looking at her brother.
"We have to go to the police.", Louis stated.
"No , we can't , if we go we will all go to jail.", Jay said in a low tone.
"Listen , this is a murder!", Tonya said to John.
"She's right. We killed her.", John replied to everyone.
"Listen , No ones gonna do anything. We have to stick together.", Jay stated to the group.
"We have to do something with the body then.", Louis rose up and said.
"You guys are crazy , we cant do this , you cant honestly think that this is right, Jay , come on. Listen to yourself.", Lana said as tears rolled down her face.
"Do you want to go to jail baby?", Jay asked her.
"No , but.."
"No buts , we have to do something."
"She did say her father doesnt know where she is.", John stated.
"Your right , shes supposed to be grounded.", Tonya replied.
"Ok , so she was never here so what are we gonna do with the body.", Jay asked.
Lana took a step back and couldnt believe what she was hearing. She then realized that these group of friends were closer than she ever thought. But she kept thinking about the whole situation over and it made perfect sence to her. Sonia's dad thinks she is still sleeping in her bed. When he wakes up and finds her missing , he will think she ran away cause of how he treated her.
"I know a place where we can put her body.", Lana said from behind them.
"Where", the group asked.
"In the woods. Theres holes everywhere. The woods get washed out every summer due to the rainstorms we have. So if we bury her really deep. In a few years there will be nothing left of her and no one will know what has happened.", She stated.
"What about the blood?", Louis asked.
"It's sand you moron. We will just bury it.",John told Louis.
The group picked up Sonias boyd and drug it across the street and into the woods. Jay and John began to dig a hole with there hands. About 45 mins later they had dug about six and half feet into the ground.
"Alright push the body in.", Jay said while climbing out of the hole.
Louis pushed Sonias limp body into the hole. It fell with a huge thump.
"From this day on .... No one tells anyone about this...... ", Jay said. They all turned to each other and shook there heads. They began to fill the hole up with dirt.
"I cant believe we are doing this.", John said under his breath next to Tonya.
"We wont tell a soul and we will never get caught. No one will ever find out.", Tonya reasured him.
"Your right no one will ever know.",Louis said reasurring all of them.
A noise echoed throught the trees.
"What was that?", Lana said.
"It's nothing , prolly a squirl or something..... No one will ever come back to this spot. You hear me?", Jay stated.
" We will never come back,", They said one by one. The grouped walked off , Lana suddenly turned around and ran back to the grave.
"Im sorry , Im so so sorry.", She said to the dirt and placed her bracelet on the grave.
"Lana , Come on, lets go!", Jay screamed back at her.
Lana rose up and walked out of the woods with the group.


Four days have gone by and still no sign of Jay. Lana was sitting on her bed watching tv. The news was reporting that the police were close to finding out what was going on , but deep inside her , she knew they had no story , and if they did , it obviously far from the truth. She hid everything that has happened to her. The text messages , the picture messages and the phone calls. She was to scared of the police actually finding out what had happened .
The police ruled Sonias disappearance as a runaway. There were pictures of her all over town. Each street corner had a missing persons picture and always , it was Sonias picture. Sonias dad took the disapearance really hard. He would go around town just asking several people he they had seen her. Some would say they might have and the next thing you knew , he would be escorting them down to county hall. The man litterally went crazy.
Lana decided it was time for herself to go look for Jay. He was the love of her life , and she couldnt just go each day knowing that what is happening is mostly because of her.
"I gotta find him.", She said to herself while turning off the news.
She picked up her cell phone and got dressed. She walked out of room and down the stairs. Her mom was in the kitchen preparing lunch . She stepped slowly down each step , trying not to make a sound. Her mother had ears like a dog. She could hear the faintest thigns from far away.
"Where you going honey?", her mother said from the kitchen.
"Shit", She said under her breath.
"Im going out mom , I just need to get away. Maybe the mall will cure my depression.", She replied to her mother.
"Come in here.", Her mother asked.
She went down the stairs at a normal pace and walked into the kitchen. Her mothers back was facing her, Lana could see that she was boiling some eggs, prolly for making a salad. She turned around and faced Lana.
" You know everything is going to be alright dont you?", Her mother said concerningly.
"Mom , I don't believe that."
"Lana, all this stuff , is not your fault. ? You are not to blame. Nothing has gone wrong to make you think this.", Her mom said putting her hands on the table infront of her.
"There's alot of stuff that goes on , and I dont know who is doing these things , but I think I know why.", Lana explained.
"Something happened mom. And this is all my fault.", She cried.
"What happened?", Her mom responded.
Lana fell to the ground crying her eyes out. Her mother walked over to her and picked her up and looked into her daughters eyes.
"Listen to me , what ever it is , we will get through it. We will get through this together.", Her mother stated boldly.
"Mom , you dont understand!", Lana screamed and pushed her mother away.
"Im going to end this , No one else is going to die for a mistake I made!", She screamed and ran out the door.
The way she felt was a feeling like no other. For something she had little control over , she felt like it was all her fault, When infact it was the groups fault for just burying her like that. No one knew anything about what had really happened. Yes , they were all questioned by the police and all thier storeies added up , but none of it, was the actual truth.
She began to drive around town just looking for something , A small clue that would point her towards Jay. She looked on every corner and every street. She started to doubt herself until she saw in the distance someone walking with a bright red varsity Jacket. She knew the street she was on , it was where she would drop off Jay for work when his car would break down. She sped up to see who it was wearing the jacket. The person quickly turned around and saw that she was pulling up closley and very quick. She looked but couldnt see who it was. The person took off running down a small alley on the side of the bar that Jay works at. She parked the car right infront of the bar and turned her car off. She looked around to see if it was safe to et out of the car and noticed someone was in the bar. She got out of the car and walked to the front of the bar and knocked. Someone came to the door and opened it up.
"Hello , I am Jays girlfriend and I was wondering if you have seen him any place?", She asked nervously.
The person who answered the door pulled the door fully opened. She looked inside and didnt see anyone.
"Hello?", She said loudly.
"Come on , I know your here , I just saw you open the door.", She stated as she walked in.
The door slammed behind her loudly. She quickly turned around.
"Wake up!", A voice loudly shouted.
"Wake up you stupid bitch!", the voice screamed again. She heard something coming towards her face , and soon realized that it was the wind. Someone had just violently slapped her. She tried to see who it was , but she was blindfolded. It became apparent to her that she was knocked over the head and she blacked out. She heard a cough to her far right. Her hands and arms were tied up above her head in an odd and painful position. Whoever did this to her , either knew what they were doing or , they were just clever enough to put her in that position. Someone coughed again, She recognised the cough.
" Jay , Jay are you ok.", She screamed out .
"Don't say a word if you know whats good for you.", a voice said in the distance.
She knew it was a mans voice but she couldnt recognize who the voice belonged to.
"You stupid girl , you always knew that this would catch up to you.", the vocice said towards Lana.
"Who are you? Why are you doing this?", She asked screamingly.
"Why , your asking me why. You know exactly why I am doing this.", The voice replied .
The person ripped off the blindfold and she now who it was. Her mouth dropped in awe.
"Surprise, Miss. Lana.", The person said to her. She recognized who it was then. It was Boss, The owner of the bar that Jay worked at.
"Why are you doing this boss?", She screamed in tears. He ran up to her and grabbed her chin with a firm grip.
"Why , Your asking me fucking why I am doing all this killing!?", He screamed at her face. Some spots of saliva was hitting her face as he spoke.
"You ask me why , and I ask you this. I ask you why did you kill my daughter?", Boss said.
"It was an accident, Mr. Boss , I swear , we didnt mean for it to happen!", she explained in pain.
"It didnt look like an accident from what I saw!", he screamed while putting a knife to her throat.
"You were there?", she said crying and pleading for her life.
"Of course I was there. I ran after my daughter when she left the house. We got in an argument over her grades. It wa a stupid argument ! I wanted to apoligise to her for what happened. But thanks to you I didnt get a chance to. I saw you , I saw you push her , She fell and she died. Because of you , Because of all of you!", He said as he walked away from her.
It all began to sink in now. The noise she heard that night , it was him in the woods. She knew something was wrong. She knew they didnt get away with it like they thought.
"Look I didnt want to do it , but we didnt wanna go to jail!", She screamed
"I had to get the town to think I was crazy . I asked everyone if they knew anything about her when I knew where she was the whole time. They suspected that I did something to her. Can you believe that , her own father. Her own fucking father!", he screamed and slapped Lana across the face with the butt of the knife he was holding.
She held her low looking around to see anything. To her far right she saw Jay tied up in a chair with ducktape around his mouth.
"Listen , Im sorry , we both are. It was a mistake and we should have done something better.", she tried to explain.
"Something better , ya know what would have been better if you wouldnt have killed my fucking precious daughter.", he said while he paced back and forth.
She started to feel around that rope that her hands were tied in. She felt the end of the hook that was holding her in place. She began to move her hands up and down enabling the metal to cut the rope.
"If I do this it will be all over. Just do it and get it over with.", he said under his breath still pacing back and forth not noticeing what Lana was doing.
With one strand to go he rushed at her with the blade. He tried to stick the blade in her side, she kept moving her body in odd positions. Front and back , up and down and finally the rope broke. They both fell back , with Boss landing on top of her.
"Get off of me you Bastard!", She screamed. The rope was coming loose on her hands.She quickly released them and push Boss off of her. She rolled him over and noticed the blade had stuck in his left side.
She quickly ran over to Jay and ripped off the tape that was on his mouth.
"Im sorry it took so long baby.", she said and kissed him gently on his lips.
"Untie me , please hurry.", he said in a low tone. She could tell that he had nothing to eat in the past couple of days. His energy was completly drained.
She untied his hands that were tied behind his back. She looked at his wrists and noticed that they were red and bleeding. It looked to her that he tried to untie them himself but was very unlucky.
She felt something hard press against the back of her head.
"Get up.", Boss said quitely.
She rose up from her knees and turned around. She was now staring down the barrel of a 9mm.
"I can get over a flesh wound.", He said while hold his side with his left hand.
"If you kill me , then you will be in more trouble. We can work this out another way.", She said trying to convice him.
Boss put the gun down and began to back up.
"If I am back here and I kill you then It will look like I was trying to save myself.", He said assuring himself.
He held the gun up and pointed it towards Lana.
"You stupid bitch , it's time to die. Just like you decided it was time for my baby girl to die.", He boldly stated.
A lound horn was coming from the other side of the bar. Lana looked and Boss turned around. Lana quickly realized what was going on. She leaped towards Jay and knocked him over.
In a quick instant a vehicle came crashing through the bar like a tornado in a trailor park. The Vehicle hit Boss and he flew across the bar and hit the wall. With a quick force a sharp piece of wood protruded through his chest. He looked down and tood a breath. He saw Lana and reached out for help. Lana rose up , ran and jump towards him. She jumped with so much force that it pushed Boss's body back even farther. She looked down and saw that the piece of sharp wood was full of fresh warm blood. She looked into the eyes of the Boss.
"Paybacks a bitch isnt it?", She sadistically said. He looked back and fell limp. He was now dead. She pulled her hadn away from his body and turned around. She looked inside the driver side of the vehicle and noticed that it was a girl.
The girl opened the door and stepped out.
"Im sorry it took me this long.", Jayme said crying.
"Oh my god !", Lana ran and gave her a hug.
"Where's Jay?", Jayme asked.
"Right here.", She said pointing in his direction.
They saw that Jay was stumbling to his feet.
"You are my two most favoritest girls at this present time.", he said falling to his knees.
"Always a jokester baby arent you.", Lana said as she fell with him. She looked him in the eyes and saw the bluest eyes ever.
"I love you.", She said respectivley.
"I love you too baby. Can we now get out of here?", He stated and asked in a joking manner.
"That sounds like a good idea Jay. Lets get out of this hell hole.", Jayme stated while looking around at the mess that she had created.
They began to walk out of what was left of the bar.
"So who's gonna call the police? Lana , let me see your cell phone.", Jayme said.
"Here ya go.", Lana said as she handed Jayme her cell phone.
Jay stopped and looked at the bar. He paused for a minute and turned back around.
"What is it Jay?", Lana asked curiously.
"I guess this means , I wont get the raise that I asked about.", He said sarcastically. They both laughed and walked away.


[February 2008]
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