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What Is Money
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What Is Money
A man whos surrounded by money doesnt know what it is really
[932 words]
Matt Lenox
Looking to entertain with his pen for those who are willing to listen
[August 2007]
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What Is Money
Matt Lenox

Its no secret that I have a lot of money. Everyone knows that I have billions of dollars from my company Stewart appliances. I made my money by making products that people think they need. Nice little all in one products like my three in one microwave, toaster and blender. Why I know for a fact that most of the people who bought my product hardly used it. Most of them bought it as a gift for someone else who never used it. 
	But I’m just going off on a tangent now. My real reason for releasing this statement is to express my opinion on my billions of dollars. To be honest, I find it useless. You may say, “Of course someone with more money then he could handle would say that.” but it is true. I know it’s the most beaten cliché but, money cant buy you happiness, and I know that for a fact. All money has bought me is lawsuits and divorces.
	People want money, people want lots of money, but are often to lazy to acquire it through hard work like I did. I worked my way too the top by studying the market and impressing my superiors until there were no more superiors to impress. But others seek out  people who already  have money and look for handouts. And when they don’t get those, they force you to give them a handout. Either by injuring themselves on your product  or falling down the stairs of your building. I’ve had a lawsuit against me because someone burned themselves on my product. It was a “Frosty Delight”, a product of mine that made any cold treat you could think of, and this particular man burned himself on it. The situation goes that he was moving this machine to a different location in his house when he burned his hand on the area  surrounding the cord. He claimed that my product got uncontrollably hot for no reason. But it had nothing to do with the fact that he had it running for days. My advisors suggested to me that I should settle outside of court and get it over with because it would save money in the long run. Well if I did that, then I knew even more people would come after me for a quick buck, so I refused. I went to court for a very long month and I won.  In the end it did cost me more then if I would have just thrown some money at the “victim”  outside of court but I thought I was sending a message. I thought people wouldn’t try anything against my company anymore if they saw that we would fight it and probably win. I was wrong, people are still after me.
	This sounds random, I’m sure, but, I am not a good looking guy and I don’t have that great a personality. This has to do with the two wives and countless girlfriends I have had during my time as a billionaire. There is only one reason they are with me, money. I didn’t realize th9s with my first wife who divorced me and took half my possessions. But I did realize this with my second wife who I had sign a pre-nub. Nevertheless, she still left me looking for some of my money. All my girlfriends have been with me for my money, I have even tested it. I dated  a girl for three months. For the first two months I lavished her with anything she wanted. She wanted a new car, she had it. She wanted to go to Paris, we were there eating cheese and sipping wine in no time. For the third month I gave her nothing except my love. I treated her the same exact way, except when she asked for money, I said sure, and handed her a twenty. Well needless to say  after a week or two of this she left me.
	But why. What is it about this piece of greenish paper that makes us do anything for it. Why is it such a hypnotic power. All it is, is a piece of paper with a number on it. And if you  collect enough of these paper to add up to 15,000, you can get a car! Sounds like a thing for kids who want a bike and keep buying bubble gum.  But what is the real value of this paper? What ever is written on it you idiot! W
Well no, they are both the same mass and are composed of the same material. Theoretically a hundred dollar bill is the same price as a one dollar bill. But what’s worth more than those two? A quarter, a penny, a dime, a nickel, they are all worth more then a piece of paper for they are pieces of metal. That is theoretically of course.
	Now I’m sure the reader is saying “well if you don’t like money, then give it to me!”  I would, if I had any money left, but I have donated my vast amounts to charity, only leaving myself for a nice house, a working car and enough to get by until I make another billion from selling my products. And then I will keep enough for myself and then donate the rest. So all gold diggers, leave me be. I have no money for you. 
I hope my personal experience has proven the fact that money cant buy you happiness, because all it has got me has been people trying to get it from me.


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December 2007

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