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The Path That Eli Wellingsworth Took by Michael Harris Sequel to my short story, "The House That Bernard Wellingsworth Built." E... [9,402 words]
The Arrivals by Michael Harris **********WARNING*********** Do not read further without first reading my short story, The Rivals,... [10,381 words]
One More Minute by Keri Lebeau - [1,143 words]
Woody Pigeon by Garry Michael Ames woody pigeon gets lost. he falls off the signpost that turns out to be his home direction. [142 words]
With The Rain Comes The Damp by Amit Shankar Saha This story was composed after reading Arundhati Roy's Booker winning novel "The Go... [1,524 words]
Window Of Opportunity--A New Beginning by J D Hoff Hoff A story of friendship [1,982 words]
What Is Money by Matt Lenox A man whos surrounded by money doesnt know what it is really [932 words]
Translation by Dawei A slice-of-life style account of a young girl who expresses compassion in a unique way. [899 words]
Tortured To Death by Corey Moon my newest addtion to my short stories, i have yet to come up with an ending so if you have an... [750 words]
The Visit by J D Hoff Hoff - [1,497 words]
The Starlight by Salman - [97 words]
The Sleeper Must Awaken.Part 1 by Dr Mu In early 2002 shortly after the tragedy of 911, the author of this site was guid... [1,617 words]
The Price Of Freedom (2) by Richard Koss A short story. [396 words]
The Old Hotel by Sman Scary Old Hotel. [1,886 words]
The Lonely Donkey by Garry Michael Ames baby donkey born colour of pink. none of other donkeys like him. lion chases other donkeys. r... [176 words]
The Little Tin Hut by Garry Michael Ames wicked witch of the forest trys to do folly to family living in a little tin hut . [408 words]
The Job by Kain An old wrestlers last match [6,918 words]
The Invasion by Wendland An intriguing story about a young boy and the deception carried out by his former best friend. [263 words]
The Building by Jessi a horror story. [390 words]
The Breakfast Nook by Randall Barfield . [246 words]
The Beginning by Daniel Atkinson My short story is about my first day of high school and the troubles i felt going through it. [283 words]
Spooky Stories by Wendland - [83 words]
Short Story (Incomplete by Josh Campbell Here is part 1 of a short story Im doing I just want feedback to see if this is good so... [920 words]
She's A Legend by Ma Sabrina Racelle M Dungcatinkerbell She’s a Legend. By: Sabrina Dungca When Tinkerbell met Fairy Guy, she was still in love with Pe... [706 words]
Poor Little Kitty Came Home by Garry Michael Ames kitty the kitten gets lost in the rain. young lucy finds her and takes her home [341 words]
Police Report by Vince O'neal a demented police officer is letting his job get to him [242 words]
Past Chasing by Dawei help.. [1,045 words]
Nyc In July by Brett Pierpont Relationships, NYC, infidelity [207 words]
Missy by Jack Linton Why would the light of his life suddenly leave? [1,703 words]
Lanky Joe by Garry Michael Ames lanky joe too tall to win at sports at school. finds he's good at basketball. hero of the school. [164 words]
Kaveri - The Girl Child. by Suryaprabha Easwar Kaveri is a six year old orphaned girl child in the south eastern coast of the Indian ... [1,701 words]
Jungle Tales-Mono The Rabbit by Seema M Salman I really enjoyed relating this story to my son.So I decided i would write it down... [230 words]
In A Guilded Cage by Devin Backman This is a story about a girl who learns that certain aspects of glamor come with a terrible p... [1,789 words]
Identity Crisis by Jeffrey Lee Williams Not just your average mistaken identity [2,344 words]
Gloomy Bathroom by Sman Gloom in the bathroom. [403 words]
Diary Of A Loon by Jessi -this is kinda about me, kinda not it kinda descirbes some of my randomness.. but not exactly. ... [574 words]
Dark Kelpie Nights by Jessi A story, sort of, about the kelpies i read about in a book. Describing their dark, yet beaut... [237 words]
Confessing Feeling... by M Rafique Danish A short story. [899 words]
Cloey The Clown by Garry Michael Ames nobody laughs at cloey the clown. something goes wrong with his act and everybody laughs [171 words]
Chirpy Bird by Garry Michael Ames chirpy bird wakes up animals and creatures in the woods. chirpy bird dies. six baby chirpy birds ta... [145 words]
Carl's Conscience by Sky X Stewart Sci-Fi - This is the first story in a series of short stories. Maybe good for a graphic novel... [2,254 words]
Butterflies Revenge by Jessi This is the beggining-intro of my story. [167 words]
Ali And The Airplane by Seema M Salman A motivational story [182 words]
Adventures In Dating by Samantha Jane A single gal's true story of an adventure in dating. [5,204 words]
About A Dog by Salman I love animals so I like telling stories about them [345 words]
A Night's Lullaby by Michael J Musto A man is walking through a city and is being trailed by a figure of a man in the distance. St... [802 words]
A New Day by Alex Maurya The story is about exactly the opposite of what it's title suggests. [347 words]
A Literary Collage: Five Tributaries by Jerry Vilhotti A newish art form [1,938 words]
A Day In Town by Ed Dudleston - [206 words]

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'he's a star
I am not'

And so begin the journey as she walks the valleys and peaks of her dreams.
[993 words]
Outlaw's Serenade
I blog, I write, I sing, I postwhored at messageboards. And to top it all, I actually live. Or lived, rather.
[November 2007]
Love Him So (Poetry) Why do I love him? [228 words] [Relationships]
Outlaw's Serenade

'He's a star.

And I am not.'

The distorted version of the very catchy song flashed briefly in her head as he walked in. Her brain scrambled to cover and alter the puny wish that he was finally there to look her in the eye and say something along the line of: "hey, I think I want to share my life with you!" - While every other noise in the cafe faded into oblivion.

"Hi," he said. And the world stopped for her.

"Hi, can I help you," she replied reflexively, flatly.

"Yeah, I'd like a cup of black coffee to go, and a mocha latte, please." he said. She savored the Midwestern lilt of his voice, a unique sound in her Californian neighborhood. She wanted to stare into his brown eyes forever, tracing the sharp, sculpted lines of his face softly for the rest of the day. Heck, she could do it for a living, she thought.

But her realistic instinct kicked, instead. She replied simply cheerily, "Coming up! Would you like a couple of cookies to go with them?" as she ring in his orders, she already know the answer. He would smile and decline, as always, and rush to the cashier to pay his orders, and zoom out to the door before she got her fillings of the sight of him.

He smiled warmly and shook his head. She watched, half mesmerized as a wisp of golden brown hair fell to his forehead. 'His hair is getting long,' she thought.

"No thanks," he said. "That'll be bad for my diet," he suddenly added unexpectedly. She paused and briefly wondered if the celestial order has gone awry. He was sturdily built with the shape that most wannabe starlet in Hollywood would kill - or use illegal means - to have. Unfortunately, instead of a six pack, he has love handles. Nothing overly extensive, just a little paunch that would only be visible if he was slouching.

She could not help a little dig forming in her head, "So you've gone Hollywood and start worshipping the holy weight loss gods? How about a carrot cake, then? It's *very* low fat and healthy," she added to soften the blow a little.

He crinkled his nose and tilted his head to the side. "Holy weight loss gods, that's a good one." he commented softly. "Come to think of it, I am kind of hungry. Do you have anything that doesn't contain carrots and is low fat, anyway?" he asked with a mock-cringe and mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Will oatmeal yoghurt cookies do?" she complied, silently praying that whatever was causing the celestial drifts and his change of moods to keep on working.

"Yeah, alright. I'll take two." he smiled and nodded resolutely. "My wife'll probably kill me on them. But heck, you only live once, right?" he half-sighed, half-questioned.

"Aw, don't worry. They won't hurt your diet," she replied lightly as she packed the cookies. "Besides, it's not like you need one, anyway." she added under her breath, half hoping he had not heard her. "Here you go!" she handed him the small bag of cookies.

"Thank you," he said. "And thank you for saying I don't need a diet," he grinned impishly. She wished the good 'ole San Andreas would shift right about then, split the ground she was standing on, and swallow her whole.

“Weeell…” she drawled slightly, desperately trying to hide her embarrassment. “I don’t think you do, really.” She replied meekly. As if on cue, one of her colleagues lightly elbowed her as she placed his orders on the counter before her. “Oh! Here’s your black coffee and mocha latte.” She handed the items gingerly to him, half hoping that – should life do her good and start imitating art – he would lose his grip on the cup holder’s handles and drop the drinks and then she would have to profusely apologize and the world will stop its track and maybe, just maybe, all of her dreams and daydreams would come true.

But his grip on the handles was good. It was she who nearly let go of the handles as his fingers slightly brushed hers.

“Thank you,” he smiled as he headed toward the cashier.

“You’re welcome, come back again some time!” she piped her standard fare, silently cursing herself for being incredibly lame and wished she had been more witty. Angelina Jolie would have known what to say in a situation like that and bend the impossibilities of the world to possibilities.

He had already taken a bite at one of the cookies on his way to the door when he heard her. He turned around and, with half-chewed cookie in his mouth, winked at her and exclaimed: “Tell whoever made this cookie, for this, I will come back. See ya!” he waved and disappeared out the door.

“Earth calling Ellie, come in, Ellie!” she winced at Martha’s jibe at her.

“Shut up, Marty,” she snapped as Martha snickered.

“Good job on the cookie, though. When will you tell him that you made ‘em?” she continued her teasing.

“Probably never. But that was a life-changing comment enough as it is!” Ellie said defensively.

Martha shrugged. “Sure, but I still think you’re a coward.” She went on.

“What? For not taking credits? For not asking him his name? I already knew his name!”

“Sure. You also know that he is married, right? That ring on his left hand is a seal, girl. They’re not meant to be broken. And by all means, they also meant ‘go away! This man is taken!’ – got it?”

Ellie scoffed. “Oh, sure. And even if I try, he would really walk out of his model-sized wife and come to the laps of the plain ‘ole me. Get over it, Marty. I’m not stupid. And I’m not slutty, either.”


“Will you two stop bickering and get back to work!” a voice from the general direction of the kitchen called. The two girls shrugged and proceeded with their respective jobs.


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