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A Night's Lullaby
A man is walking through a city and is being trailed by a figure of a man in the distance. Story about his confrontation with the figure. Italics represent dialogue, some have quotations, some dont....
[802 words]
Michael J Musto
young author who writes supensful or mystery stories. I enjoy reading anything poe or poe like.
[November 2009]
[email protected]
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A Night's Lullaby
Michael J Musto

The stars illuminate the sleeping city
My face burns as the wind cuts through my skin
The night is quiet, peaceful, motionless
The silence is calming but eerie
My footsteps echo, and bounce between the buildings,
And the winds’ whistling fills my ears like a lullaby

Lamp post up a head flickers like an uneasy heartbeat
A new echo drowns out my footsteps
Hands in my coat pocket I stop moving and the only noise is the wind screeching through the night
Slowly, I turn around
Down the street I see the figure of a man, hands in his pockets, looking back at me

Starting to walk backwards as I turn back around the figure moves with me
My pace quickens as I move towards the light post
Wind picks up and is piercing in my ears and tears through my face
Reaching the light post I look over my shoulder, the light dies
But my heart takes over right where the light left off…
The figure is gone and a deep breath temporarily calms my nerves
Reaching inside my coat I pull out a new pack of Camels
A shaky hand holds a cigarette to my mouth
A few sparks come from the lighter, but that’s it
Piece of shit lighter…
Finally getting a flame, the cig falls from my mouth and my heart leaps from my chest
My eyes glued to the figure, now only few feet in front of me

A few staggered steps back and the lighter crashes to the ground
Hands in his pockets he stands calm and collected and I can barely stand
What do you want?!
The figure takes a step closer
My breathes are audible and my the churning in my stomach picks up
Hands fumble grabbing at my wallet
Tossing it at his feet the figure just looks at it
Slowly lifting his head; walks over the wallet and takes a step closer
The figure stands about my height, same body posture, but calm
My heart is racing with every step closer
My feet trip up and I stumble to the ground
I am terrified of this situations outcome
I see nothing good coming from this
What do you want?!?!
My mind runs circles around me; clouding my thoughts, ripping apart my emotions and any feeling of security

The figure finally removes a hand from his pocket
Pulling out a wallet, he tosses it into my lap
In a voice seeming to be familiar, I hear the words “open it”
The smooth leather rests in my shaking, nearly frozen fingers
A sudden emptiness consumes my body as a picture rests inside the wallet and a gust of wind crawls up my spine
As hard as I can I whip the wallet back at the man, who are you!?
Slowly, the figure leans over
His eyes staring right back into mine
My jaw drops as the figure takes in a breath

As I looked into his eyes, chills march back and forth across my shoulder
I close my eyes for a second and he is gone
The only wallet on the ground is mine, but the picture I saw swirls around in front of me
Slowly getting up my eyes water and I try to hold back the tears
Her face haunts me every day
Waking me up in the middle of the night
The wind burns my eyes and it settles inside me, leaving my body numb

A block over, I reach the bridge
The river is at rest, sleeping like the city, slowly moving downstream
Across the river, the dead leaves have left everything behind them cold and alone
Just like her, the night she left
A tear crawls down my cheek, falling down into the river

Whipping my eyes, I head towards the El Train
I see her reflection in every store window along the way
Her brown eyes are empty, emotionless
“I’m sorry…I’m sorry”
I look down into my shaky palms
My head starts to hurt as I struggle to take in a breath
Her blood permanently stained on my hands,
Yet my heart remains to be mended

The cold, metal handrail slides underneath my cracked skin
Slowly I climb the stairs up to the El platform
Looking up towards the sky, the night isn’t as peaceful
A blanket of clouds covered up the stars that once light up the sky
Bright light a ways down gets closer
My heart has fallen into my stomach, and with every beat I want to breakdown and cry
The train approaches the station and I’ve made up my mind
One last gust of wind plays a requiem in my ears as I close my eyes
The night’s lullaby keeps the city at peace
And it will put me to rest

Every second the El gets loude and my heart's beating matches in intensity
My breaths are heavy, and my eyes start to weep
I squeeze my eyes as hard as I can; all I can do is wait
The El Train blares its horn, and its brakes screeching in my ear ruins the night’s lullaby
I’m sorry…Please forgive me…
As the train arrives at my final stop, I come to realize my body was lifeless long before my last breath of air



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November 2007

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