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Child Predator
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Child Predator
Please don't read this if you are easily offended by harse laungage, or obsenities towards mankind.
[738 words]
Brian J Hankins
[June 2007]
A Man Named Joe (Short Stories) One man's wasted life as an alcoholic and the impact it had on his son. [2,532 words] [Popular Fiction]
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Child Predator
Brian J Hankins

This day was not unlike many others days I had spent at work. It started with a cup of coffee and a sexual predator sitting across the desk from me. What made this day unusual was the nature of the crime this gentleman had committed. He had spent the last 13 years in prison for sexually assaulting his 7 year old son. What made the situation even more twisted was that his wife had caught him in the act. What brought him to my office was he was being released to our halfway house program and it�s my job to do a biopsychosocial assessment on incoming inmates to place them in the proper level of care as defined by the State of Ohio criteria. Yes, he was being paroled back to the community.
I normally try not to judge a person, but on certain days, and given certain circumstances, it�s very difficult not to have feelings for the victim�s of there perverse individuals. This guy, however, had gotten under my skin from the beginning. From the moment he sat down and proclaimed his wife had caught him sucking his 7 year old son�s dick, I couldn�t help but be bias towards him. It was almost like he was proud of the proclamation he had just made. And when I questioned his scruples, he simply replied, �I can�t do anything about the past!� Maybe you can�t, I wanted to tell him, but I can, was the next thought that came to mind.
After spending a few moments with this individual it was apparent what had to be done. This guy had to be taught a lesson. I asked him what his sentence was and he replied, �25 to life.� My next question was, �what happens if you don�t adhere to your parole guidelines, and he stated, �I go back for at least 12 years.� This put a grin on my face. You see, all I have to do is diagnose them with a social disorder and their parole officer picks them up and returns them to prison. I got you ass now motherfucker, was the thought that lied behind the grin. It�s a terrible thing to have so much power at a time when you really want to abuse the position you�ve been given. But I knew I had to at least gruel through the next 1 � hour assessment I was required to give him.
We started with basic demographic questions that aren�t any real big deal, but the next phase of the assessment process took us to the details of his crime. As I ask the questions I needed to, and he answered, I thought I was going to throw-up. This guy described in perfect detail the events that led up to him molesting his son. He described the feelings he was having and the thoughts that kept running through his head. The more he spoke the more I could feel the extreme joy I was going to have watching them slap the cuffs back on this bastard. He went on to talk about the actual event and how it felt to have his 7 year old son�s dick in his mouth. He stated that while he was performing the act on his son he was busy with the other hand masturbating.
That was more than I could take. I ask him to stop for a moment and I left the room to get a drink of water. Upon my return, he went on to tell me the things that took place when his wife walked in the room and caught him in his compromising position. She was startled and asked him what he was doing, and he told me all he could say was �sucking my son�s dick.� I couldn�t stand it any longer. I stood up and said, �What kind of a sick motherfucker sucks his own son�s dick?� He grinned and said �a sick motherfucker that had his dick sucked by his dad when he was a boy.� At that moment all I could think of was, �thank God I had a dad that didn�t abuse me.�
I picked up the phone, called his parole officer, and denied admittance to the program. All I could hear him say on the other end of the phone line was, �finally�someone with a little sense. I�ll be there in 20 minutes,� and the phone went dead.


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