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The Dream World
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The Dream World
Sam is a normal boy who has dreams that are sometimes horrific. tonight is no different..........
[734 words]
[March 2012]
[email protected]
Eradication (Screenplays) This is the story of a girl (Katie) and her friends that go to a cabin for the weekend. What was supposed to be a carefree weekend turns into a nightmare that none of them will forget, if even get out... [15,968 words] [Horror]
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The Ebanese Pit (Short Stories) A haunting story about the mysterious "Ebanese Pit" and the dark story surrounding it.... [2,855 words] [Horror]
The Dream World

Sam went up to his room, got in bed, put his head down on his pillow, pulled the covers over him, closed his eyes, and fell fast asleep. His exhaustion let him stay asleep for a long time and in a deep sleep. In this sleep, he dreamed vivid dreams. This was usual for him. He was a dreamer. He did it almost every night. Who knows what he would dream. They were random and sporadic. Tonight was no different........

He came out of his room. All was silent. He walked down the hall, turned the corner, went down the stairs, through the main foyer, and out the front door. The night was very calm. The moon shone down upon his face and glowed radiantly back in his eyes. It was night, so no cars were here. The only sound made, besides the occasional chirp of a cricket, was Sam as he walked down the sidewalk.
The sidewalk seemed to stretch forever. Every step Sam made was an echo in the still night. The normal features of the street were discolored and twisted with the silent darkness. The parked cars seemed to warp to the side and the houses appeared to lean to one side. Sam continued to walk. Thud. Thud. Thud. He counted his footsteps as he made his way along the straight path.
He glimpsed up ahead a light. It was out of place in the dark. The yellow radiance of it captivated Sam. He began to veer to the left to get towards the light, a ways off in the distance. He was off the sidewalk soon and on the street. In the day, he would have been yelled at and ran over. But now, in the still silence of the night, he went unnoticed. As the light grew brighter Sam glimpsed some movement.
He knew that the light wasnít normal. But it was night and Sam did not seem to comprehend what his own mind was telling him. He just trudged on, not looking back the way he had came.
The stillness of the night was punctured by a catís meow off to Samís left. His head jerked for a second in the direction that it came but was back in its straight position faster than could be seen by the human eye. His speed was remarkable and strange. The speed left his body after that and he continued his agonizingly slow descent down the street.
The light glimmered and shone in Samís eyes. He was so close to it that now the movements were clear enough to make out. There were two figures inside the light. One was bigger than the other. Samís eyes, which for so long had been adjusted to the darkness, had a hard time seeing beyond the basic shapes. His pupils were still dilated and he blinked rapidly without changing his stride.
Sam was right up next to the two figures. They were within ten feet of him when Sam was stopped by an invisible solid. He was thrown back a ways. He was puzzled.
His eyes began to become adjusted. He knew where he was. He was at a gas station. There were two men inside. One was behind the counter. Sam assumed, in his stupor, that he was the manager. The other man, Sam saw, held an object in his hand. Sam knew what this was but didnít recognize it now.
He didnít pay attention to any of these things that he should have and walked forward again. This time when he met the invisible solid, the man with the object turned and looked. Then he looked around frantically and let out a yell. Sam walked forward again and bumped the invisible wall once more.

This time, though, his mind was broken out of its trance. Samís brain was now working properly again. He blinked rapidly. Where was he? He looked inside the convenience store where there was a man with a gun. Sam stepped back, not realizing he was still in his pajamas. The man with the gun, startled, pulled the trigger twice and then ran out. The clerk slumped down as did Sam.
His body was limp on the sidewalk in front of the store. A pool of blood dribbled from his chest and his mind again registered nothing.

Samís sleepwalking had been brutally ended.




"Craaaaaasssshhh!" -- kwilt.
""craaaaaasssshhh!" -- kwilt; WOW! That was freakishly awesome! Watche for the sentence that could've been split into like five or six sentences though! If I see another sentence that long, I will be the one the gun in the store. And you will be running into a window in your pajamas! And, I am going to go Begin to become interested in something else!" -- haha hahahaha, hahaha, hahaha, hahaha.
"Pretty good. Maybe a little better character description but all and all very nice." -- lrb.
"C'mon guy, don't give up on writing theres not much else to get into these days. I mean there is crime and drugs but how fun could that be? See I don't know anything about sentences and spelling and what not. This kid Sam, he was just dreaming and someone killed him while he was sleepwalking....makes me feel like awwww stupid kid. Truely Tales from the Crypt style but someone with such bold ideas should be shooting for a more of a devils rejects theme. With zombies stlye he could get away with anything and it still maintains some rudimentary entertainment value. Hey, I love a good crash buddy. Please don't think I was busting on your story." -- kwilt.
"Wow was Sam dreaming or was he sleep walking great story." -- J.


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