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The Cabin, Part 2
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River Avenue by John Hardoby It's 1938, two teenage boys lives cross paths after attending a boxing match [4,853 words]
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New Year's Eve by Dougie Dosha -A man and woman travel to a log cabin to spend a romantic weekend on New Year's Eve. They disco... [6,332 words]
Montana by John Hardoby Radford Finch, a WWII vet, finds a lost dog in his backyard, which leads to a new friendship [2,148 words]
Love You Forever by Alice W-M Its something thats going to happen to someone who used to be my best friend. [327 words]
Lords Of The Tooth Claw by Matthew Bissonnette One night in the swamp town of Kanada, a blue fire falls from the sky and plunges... [3,198 words]
Keeping Love Alive by Curious This is broken, gonna work on it to see if I can get it to read a bit better. [6 words]
Inside A Painting by Christine Fox One woman's dream of uphoria after an awful ordeal. [1,682 words]
Grass Fields by Mark A Stuart Learning lessons the hard way. [3,276 words]
Gone Already by Mark A Stuart COnfusion can arise out of good intentions. [2,452 words]
Golden Envelope by Emily Schwingel One day Karri, a mother of two, opens up what seems to be an ordinary envelope. She begins to r... [2,364 words]
Fragile by Uche Peter Umez A bookworm girl discovers that the coursemate whom she had always envied is not really the "perfect gir... [9,553 words]
Five Years And One Right Turn by Cassie L Williamson This is a short story about a girl who is reluctant to go to her five year high s... [6,035 words]
Fisherman And The Gringo by Tony De Lima A small-town fisherman has an interesting encounter in a cantina. [1,054 words]
Corn Dog Lemur by Xenmonk - [558 words]
Burn In Fire, 6th Degree Burn by Steve Naswell A short story. [554 words]
Blood Of The Battle by Kinsler Brandon This is a preview to the prologue of a Fantasy book I plan on writing. [268 words]
Always A Happy Ending? by Wasted Time Addiction is hell. [1,395 words]
All Have Sinned by J Gilmour The Divine has to start somewhere.... [4,770 words]
A Solitary Life by Kain A boy trys to discover the reason behind his friends solitude. [1,666 words]
353 by Sean P Murray 3553 [1 words]
2000 Years Later by N R Adam I wrote this story when I was 14 (on 2004) for a competition in my school. It is pure sci-fi e... [4,105 words]
White Silence by Kristen Karlson - [1,032 words]
Malo Criatura by Sf a group of cowboys discover an awful secret about the animal race they are hunting. [2,273 words]
The Mysterious Disappearance Of Blinkus Horomay by Stan Vose A sword smith must come to terms with the true nature of his cr... [3,256 words]
Unique by Jennie Parks "Unique" is about the story of a young girl in love who finds wedding struggles to be overwhelming. Afte... [1,431 words]
The Waiter by Kurt Kitasaki A satire on French-American relations. [4,510 words]
The Scent Of Provincial Orchids by Randall Barfield - [940 words]
The Rise And Fall by LoweE A kid transforms from geek to dream street in this short story about the rise and fall of an ... [4,086 words]
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That Person by Visut Bootsripoom My first love with that person. [2,019 words]
Silid (The Room) by Kris Diaz Uy - [968 words]
Shadow Of A Man by Michael J Musto Story about a librarian Rick Street who is troubled by his sister's death. Her killer is now ou... [2,159 words]
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Play by Kournikova - [1,172 words]
Plantain by Randall Barfield - [627 words]
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Last Mistake by Kristen Karlson A mysterious woman seduces married men then blackmails them. It's supposed to have itallics...but ... [1,574 words]
Journal Entries by Silver Fox This piece does not relate to any specific war, nor is it realistic. I just wanted to write a d... [1,724 words]
Its Too Late by Cassidy Guethe A story of suicidal thoughts and time running out. [458 words]
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Daddy's Cry by M Pina A short story. [1,442 words]
Completeness-Part One by Kristen Karlson A fantasy short story. [976 words]
Colin Makes His Hit by Rowan Davies Colin takes advantage of the new Peoples' Licence to Kill legislation. [1,165 words]
Chocolate, Coffee And Tears by Gemma Amor A short story. [1,532 words]
Cafe Mundo by Cari Graham Want to go for coffee? [934 words]
Age Does Metter In Love by Thuheed Sahir its a lve story about that parson who fall in love but their love ends in alonely [401 words]
A Day At The Dome by Darren W Brown A short story. [1,685 words]

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The Cabin, Part 2
A scene showing two old lovers at home, with more parts to come, including part 1.
[1,002 words]
Wasted Time
[January 2006]
Always A Happy Ending? (Short Stories) Addiction is hell. [1,395 words]
The Soul Alone (Poetry) - [152 words] [Relationships]
The Cabin, Part 2
Wasted Time

The man's hands shake with age as he carries the load of weathered oak firewood onto the porch, where he brushes off the newly fallen snow. This is his favorite time of the year, and has always been, at least since the time that he and his friend slid down a hill on the ice so many years ago. Thinking back to that time in his life has become a struggle, and many memories have ceased to come, but this particular one has enough meaning to him as to keep it fresh in his consciousness. He remembers how the old Pontiac, beat up and used, dented, dinged, and dirty, was a concert on wheels, and how its struggle up the hill that February day echoed his own struggle for comfort in his own skin. He remembers how nervous and thick tongued he used to be around her, and how the music and the drink loosened both he and his tongue, yet he never told the truth to this friend to whom he is so strongly connected. But this is not the time for regrets, he thinks, and he glances in through the window at the one that caused all this timidity he remembers. And he breaks out in smile for what seems like the thousandth time this morning alone, as the object of his undying adoration crosses the hard wood floor toward the fireplace and sits cross-legged on the rug that lays so invitingly there in front of the warmth. A blue point Siamese cat, ancient herself, curls up in the woman's lap and stretches her neck lovingly toward the woman for the tender touch that is so welcome and comforting.

Looking around the inside of the small home, we immediately notice the photos on the wall, on the counter, stuck to the refrigerator, everywhere. It is evident that the love that these two share is enough to be spread out between multitudes of children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces. There are photos of homes and photos of yards and photos of smiles and photos of miles. Even now, these snapshots of memories seem alive, as they are all glowing with the sentiment shared here. Several old, tattered afghans are scattered through the room, on the back of chairs, the back of the sofa, and stacked carefully along the edge of the loft. They have seen years of use and years of passion, and could teach us if only they could talk. The yellow and blue one with triangular designs is his favorite, and through the window he spots it and his desire is stirred.

He looks across the yard where just a month ago flowers bloomed and bees buzzed. Now the only colors are black, white, and the varying shades of gray that come with the harsh winter wind, and the regular person would see this as depressing, but the man sees it through joy-filled eyes. He loves the winter and the cold and the snow and the clouds, as it gives him just one more reason, as if he needed one, to curl and snuggle with his best friend. Looking now, he sees a small herd of deer and they see him, but they startle not. He has become one with nature here, and wishes them all well as they carry on the business that the Creator has for them. He glances a lone red-tailed hawk, soaring above the tall pines on the cold north wind, and he wishes for a moment that he too could see the world from that vantage point. He opens the heavy wood door and crosses the threshold holding an armload of warmth.

As he enters, he sees his soul mate on the rug, wrapped in his afghan. The cat is purring loudly, like the sound of a small motor, as it licks at the woman's chin and rubs tenderly against her beautiful face. The soft sounds of music greet the man, and his memories are stirred again, and he smiles and thinks that there really is no wasted time, only time spent learning about life, love, and the universe. He crosses over to the hearth and stirs the embers, and the fire crackles with intensity, matched only by the love they have for each other. Intense is maybe too harsh a word to describe the feeling here, but comes close enough as the two touch and share. He adds a log and the sparks fly up, up, up through the flue and out into the cold, desolate air, where they are consumed. The fire glows orange, red, and yellow, and casts a glow over the woman's still blonde hair, and gives her an almost ethereal, angelic appeal. He glances down at her and his voice catches in his throat, for the beauty he sees there transcends the physical realm and reaches into his soul. Her reply is the same as she opens the afghan for him to enter and again, again, again they are one. The cat walks slowly away from the sweet scene of love, and as she does, she glances back, and she smiles and purrs with almost human emotion. The burning embers briefly swirl again, stirred not by human hands, but by the power emitted by two kindred souls locked in a sweet waltz.

Again, we must take leave of this scene, as no man is meant to be a part of this affair, yet all men should see and know. A paradox of a sort, we know, and that is why we must share the parts of this love that can be seen by mortals. Read these tiny installments offered up and know and understand, for it is a greater world when we know love, and these two are the very definition of the word. Be patient, my friend, and we will return again to the nest built with love for you to gain understanding from this and know the meaning of life. Until the word rolls again, may our Creator keep you in love.


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