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The Child by May Kay Difference A short story. [1,115 words]
The Cabin, Part 2 by Wasted Time A scene showing two old lovers at home, with more parts to come, including part 1. [1,002 words]
The Ball. Part 1. by Rachel Chan To ask or not to ask. She contemplates his answer. His reply will determine her future. Or no... [584 words]
Sticky Taped Heart by Briony Carvalho - [844 words]
Snakes by Mark A Stuart Teenage foolishness involving reptiles, drunks, and firearms. [3,107 words]
River Avenue by John Hardoby It's 1938, two teenage boys lives cross paths after attending a boxing match [4,853 words]
Power by Bruce Kennington An essay/short story I wrote for school. It was turned down because of "excessive profanity." I had to wr... [2,032 words]
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Montana by John Hardoby Radford Finch, a WWII vet, finds a lost dog in his backyard, which leads to a new friendship [2,148 words]
Love You Forever by Alice W-M Its something thats going to happen to someone who used to be my best friend. [327 words]
Lords Of The Tooth Claw by Matthew Bissonnette One night in the swamp town of Kanada, a blue fire falls from the sky and plunges... [3,198 words]
Keeping Love Alive by Curious This is broken, gonna work on it to see if I can get it to read a bit better. [6 words]
Inside A Painting by Christine Fox One woman's dream of uphoria after an awful ordeal. [1,682 words]
Grass Fields by Mark A Stuart Learning lessons the hard way. [3,276 words]
Gone Already by Mark A Stuart COnfusion can arise out of good intentions. [2,452 words]
Golden Envelope by Emily Schwingel One day Karri, a mother of two, opens up what seems to be an ordinary envelope. She begins to r... [2,364 words]
Fragile by Uche Peter Umez A bookworm girl discovers that the coursemate whom she had always envied is not really the "perfect gir... [9,553 words]
Five Years And One Right Turn by Cassie L Williamson This is a short story about a girl who is reluctant to go to her five year high s... [6,035 words]
Fisherman And The Gringo by Tony De Lima A small-town fisherman has an interesting encounter in a cantina. [1,054 words]
Corn Dog Lemur by Xenmonk - [558 words]
Burn In Fire, 6th Degree Burn by Steve Naswell A short story. [554 words]
Blood Of The Battle by Kinsler Brandon This is a preview to the prologue of a Fantasy book I plan on writing. [268 words]
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353 by Sean P Murray 3553 [1 words]
2000 Years Later by N R Adam I wrote this story when I was 14 (on 2004) for a competition in my school. It is pure sci-fi e... [4,105 words]
White Silence by Kristen Karlson - [1,032 words]
Malo Criatura by Sf a group of cowboys discover an awful secret about the animal race they are hunting. [2,273 words]
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Last Mistake by Kristen Karlson A mysterious woman seduces married men then blackmails them. It's supposed to have itallics...but ... [1,574 words]
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Facing The Dark by Cari Graham A woman comes to terms with her past. [448 words]
Eric And Mandy by Meagan Minor I wrote this story for an interpersonal communications class in school and it's over college dat... [3,693 words]
Desperate Measures by John H Pallister This is tricky so only done the first chapter. It follows the story of a woman and a man who... [1,078 words]
Daddy's Cry by M Pina A short story. [1,442 words]
Completeness-Part One
Colin Makes His Hit by Rowan Davies Colin takes advantage of the new Peoples' Licence to Kill legislation. [1,165 words]
Chocolate, Coffee And Tears by Gemma Amor A short story. [1,532 words]
Cafe Mundo by Cari Graham Want to go for coffee? [934 words]
Age Does Metter In Love by Thuheed Sahir its a lve story about that parson who fall in love but their love ends in alonely [401 words]
A Day At The Dome by Darren W Brown A short story. [1,685 words]

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Completeness-Part One
A fantasy short story.
[976 words]
Kristen Karlson
My name is Kristen Karlson, I am a 17 year old Australian and i love to write. email me to chat at [email protected]
[April 2006]
[email protected]
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Completeness-Part One
Kristen Karlson

He sat on the waters edge alone, a mere silhouette against the quickly fading sun that filled the sky. Distant sounds floated on the air, the others, running and playing excitedly. He remained motionless, absorbed in his thoughts. He rarely ever joined in their games. Though only eleven winters old, he had demonstrated signs of intelligence higher than many of the ancient elders. Having been recognized at a very early age as a prime candidate to, in due course, replace The One, he had been in training for almost half his short life. He had learnt the history, traditions and customs of his people. He could speak both Braal, the tongue of the people and Syntaith, the sacred speech and could recite The Verse from memory. Though he was honoured and respected by most, he was not nave enough to miss catching glimpses of the fearful looks in the eyes of passers by. All those who were passed the age of testing were able to sense the power within him. They could not help but feel threatened.

 He remembered the day that Eldyth had come to his family home to take him to the temple, where he was to learn the ways of The One. Though his mother was upset, he could see the pride through her tears. He saw the honour he was bringing to the family and for this reason he voiced no objections and held back the tears that threatened to erupt violently and expose his act. Since that day he had not shed a single tear, his emotions had hardened like a second thick layer of skin and every day that he became closer to Completeness he felt himself numbing to all sensation.

He had always been told that he should be grateful for having the favour of The Divine. He realised he was lucky, but he could not help feeling as though he was trapped. He had not asked for this life, he did not choose this path. He had been robbed of the childhood which was rightfully his. Although he was given his own time, to act how he pleased, he could not play simple games as the other children did. Having learnt nearly all that Eldyth knew of the great world, he was no longer content with make believe worlds of thieves and princesses.

As a result, most of his time was spent at the waters edge contemplating his future and consciously blocking out the distant happy memories of his past. Having finished his lessons early, he had purposely made his way to his usual position; a lush green patch of soft grass, shaded perfectly at this time of day by a large overhanging tree. There he sat, his shoeless feet dangling inches above the eerily still water, small hairless creatures enticing the dark shapes of the deep. The soft sweet scent of the lotus flowers, floating elegantly on the ponds tranquil surface eased his mind and he was suddenly overcome by a wave of weariness, the result of countless nights of sleepless contemplation. He was exhausted and felt like his small body could take the strain no more. He lay back and, wondering if he would ever have the energy to get back up again, he fell into a deep, unsettled sleep.

When he awoke the sun was gone, replaced by two large moons, glowing dully like the ominous eyes of the old night owl, casting ghostly shadows over the lake and its surroundings. A sudden thought crossed his mind and after rifling around in his pocket for some time, he produced a small crushed silk bag. As he lifted it a clinking metallic noise gave away its contents: three thick gold coins, his monthly allowance from Eldyth. Dropping two of the coins into his lap he held the third up to the little light being shed. It was surprisingly cool and smooth to touch, fitting perfectly in his small palm.

 He stared at the flat surface. The cold emotionless stare of The One penetrated his mind, seeing straight through his forced calm exterior, to the doubt, the confusion, the torment beneath. He heard all the voices in his head, telling him to end his selfishness, to take responsibility and to follow the path that was chosen for him. A sudden emotion welled up in him, the unspoken anger of years of unquestioning obedience, the fear of failure, of disappointment and most of all the loss and excruciating sadness that had accumulated over time. Feeling his whole body shaking he got to his feet.

I WONT! He screamed into the moonlit sky and picking up the three coins, he hurled them as far as he could into the centre of the vast lake. For a moment the light reflected on one of the coins and a split second image burnt into his eyes, the crescent moon and lotus flower, the symbol of his people, he had not had enough time to see the inscription under the emblem, but he knew what it said: Crossith, Dienth, Luno: Wisdom, Duty, Honour. Before he could even comprehend this, the coins broke the surface of the water and were gone, the small ripples spreading quickly across the surface, tiny tidal waves disrupting the colourful water beetles that danced on the surface. He sat back down, the three words running through his mind, over and over again. He knew he must continue this journey, that his people needed him, needed a leader. However he knew that he could not go on in this way, discarding all feeling.

There, crumpled against the large tree, he cried for the first time in years. He cried for his lost childhood, the years of innocent ignorance, not knowing, not understanding the harsh and cruel nature of the world and for the family that he would never know.



"This is very evocative, quite sad. " -- Debbie Kean, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Thanks for the review Debbie, nice to know that it affected you" -- kristen.


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