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The Perfect Lover
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The Perfect Lover
A Lesbian Love Story.
[545 words]
Gay & Lesbian
[November 2005]
Emotional Poet (Poetry) - [166 words] [Drama]
The Perfect Lover

This story is about Alex and Jamie. Alex is a 25 y/o female lesbian residing in Virgina. Alex also
has a son, but he resides with his father in Texas. Alex has a girlfriend. On the other hand Jamie is
a 28 y/o female lesbian, single mother. She resides in Atlanta Georgia. They met over the internet.
After 2 months of chatting, phone calls, and pictures mailed. They finally planned to meet face to face
in an Atlanta Cafe. Alex and her girlfriend had been in an argument because she found out that her
girlfriend had been cheating. So she asked her to pack her things and leave before she left for the
airport. So her girlfriend Gabrille called some friend, packed her things, and left. Thats what she wanted
to do anyways,cause she packed her things fast and didnt look back. So this was a getaway for Alex.
Could she keep her mind off all of this and enjoy it? Alex called Jamie before boarding for Atlanta.
Alex wore a red shirt, and black skirt, a red and black hat, and black shoes.When Alex arrived Jamie
welcomed her with a hug and a kiss. You should have seen Alex expressions. They went to a cafe sat
down, and talked for quite awhile. While they were having a conversation, Alex eyes filled with tears.
Jamie got upset and asked"Was it something I said"? Alex replied"No I have problems". I found out
that my girlfiend was cheating on me. My rent is late, bills are overdue, and I'm im between jobs.
My son dad is about to go to Iraq. I havent seen my son in 5 months"I dont think he will know who I
am.Jamie relpied"He will know who you are,don't think like that". Afterwards they went to Jamies place, got dressed and went out to the club.
Jamie told Alex to stop worrying. Jamie offered Alex to come stay with her and she said "No" I dont know you like that.
 Jamie said I undestand that. The next day Jamie got up and cooked Alex breakfast in bed. Alex didnt know how to act cause she felt like a queen.
 After that good breakfast Alex had to catch her plane back to VA and face life alone. When she returned home to a quiet apartment she didnt know what to do.
She was so used to her girlfriend being there. She then called Jamie and let her know that she made it home safe. The next week Jamie took out a loan and paid off three of Alex bills.
All she asked Alex to do was come stay with her and her daughter.Jamie moved into a larger house and Alex got her son back. They packed up and moved. Jamie met Alex and suprised her with the new house.
Their kids bonded instantly. After two weeks after moving in Alewx found a job as a sental receptionist and she started school for a dental asistant. Jamies work schedule as an RN, made it hard on their relationship, but they made it.
On the weekends that they both had off they enjoyed evyer minute of it, as if it was their last. To see this familt together will amaze you. You would have to walk in their shoes to understand.

*Great Things Are Possible*


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