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The Gamble
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The Gamble
A fund raiser, set up as a fake casino in Monte Carlo allowed everyone to "gamble" and "win big." This night would have two big winners.
[394 words]
Vera Marbrylouch
I am a mother of a teenage boy and a 10 year old girl. I work part time with school transportation. I have always loved to read and write and time spent on my job and listening to my children always presents more material.
[September 2005]
Compliments (Non-Fiction) A name is only an insult if you accept it as one. [159 words]
I Stare Out Of The Window (Essays) A look at life while wondering what happened. [345 words]
The Gamble
Vera Marbrylouch

    My parents were members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, in St Louis, MO. One of their best fund raising events was Monte Carlo Night where, for the price of admission, members, friends and family were given about $20.00 in monoply money to 'gamble' with.
  There was poker, dice, blackjack, etc, and even a roulette wheel. Once the gambling ended, the monopoly money was used to bid on all sorts of items (from clothes, hats, fancy costume jewelry, cheap watches, toys and more) donated by neighborhood businesses, and others.

    One Saturday evening, my friend Ann and I celebrated my 19th birthday by going to Monte Carlo night. We were bidding on items at the auction when the auctioneer held up a beautiful female doll, wearing a long floral dress and floral hat. Several people started bidding until there were only 2 people left, a middle aged man, and a little girl with short, straight blond hair, and big light blue eyes. When the bidding reached about $85.00, the little girl began to cry because neither she nor her parents had any more 'money.'
  That little girl cried and cried as her father tried to console her saying, There'll be other dolls." The man bidding against her told his wife, "Here's another one for your collection, Hon." His wife stood beside him with a satisfied smile on her face. I whispered to Ann that I hated to see that little girl so sad. Ann agreed, saying, "The poor kid's crying her heart out." Well, I had about $80.00 in monopoly money, so I bid against the man til the bid reached $115.00. He threw up his hands and quit. I went to the little girl, gave her $30.00 to add to her money and told her to get her doll. I then told the auctioneer to give the little girl the doll. It was worth $30.00 and more to see the smile light up her face.

    This happened over 30 years ago, and my memory isn't completely clear on all of the events, but one thing I remember, and that was the smile on that little girl's face as whe waved to me with one hand, while cradling the doll with the other. I never even knew her name, but not a week goes by that I don't think of that night, and smile.



"What a beautiful story, I could see it all as I read it. I enjoyed it a lot" -- Talynn Kelly, Scotland.
"This is a gorgeous story, my heart went out to the little girl and i thought it was a lovely thing for you to do that." -- Tamsin, Reading, UK.
"a very heart warming story. i guess having children of your own makes it more so." -- Upasana Datta, India.
"I enjoy your work. Your writing is such that I would like to read more. You know how to bring a person into the story, make them see the action, hear the people talk and feel their emotions. You could write a good novel if you wanted to." -- Ainajia.


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September 2005

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