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The Slow Man
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The Slow Man
Story of unstable retarded man.
[1,267 words]
Gregory Allen
All stories originate within my own mind. Do not do stories about other stories, movies, or books. Any moron can do that. No stereo-typical characters or political correctness tolerated here, only true insight.
[July 2006]
[email protected]
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The Slow Man
Gregory Allen


“You fucking idiot!” Cory yelled at Joe, sweeping the neat rows of blue, plastic bottles to the floor. “This crap goes in the next aisle!” Cory snarled at him, jerking an impatient thumb behind him.

As Cory stalked angrily away, Joe could hear him muttering bad names to himself. Joe didn’t need to listen, he had heard them all before. He knew that words like moron, idiot, retard, big dufus, dumb-ass, and others could not hurt him if he did not let them.

Joe slowly and carefully collected the bottles into his basket, being sure not to hurry. If he went too fast, he would get hopelessly confused and he would not be able to think right again until he had taken his pills and taken a nap.

He easily carried the heavy basket to the next aisle and found the shelf where the bottles went. He carefully placed the bottles one in front of the other, completing the rows that looked like pretty blue soldiers, waiting to be played with.

Joe didn’t have many left in his basket when his supervisor, Andy, came down his aisle.

“7:30 Joe, time to go,” Andy told him. Joe continued putting the bottles on the shelf, not wanting to leave his work undone.

“C’mon, Joe, I’ll finish,” Andy said as he gently, but firmly, guided Joe to the back storeroom. He walked with Joe all the way to the time clock, telling him what a good job Joe was doing. Joe really liked Andy. Andy never called him names or yelled at Joe like Cory and others sometimes did.

Joe went home. He had an apartment now. He had learned what to do in the apartment at the special school they had for special people like him. He had learned how to cook (sort of), clean, and do most of his own shopping. They taught him to use the bus and to understand which bus to get on. Now he had a job. He would show them he was not so dumb.

Cory lived in the same building as Joe. When Joe had moved in, Cory had pretty much ignored him. Once Joe had gotten a job at the same store as Cory, things had changed. Cory called him names and pushed him around like he was mad at Joe for getting a job. Joe hadn’t taken Cory’s job; he only worked there 2 days a week.

Cory did not live alone like Joe did. Cory had a girlfriend. Her name was Tammy and she smiled at Joe. Joe thought she was the nicest and prettiest girl he had ever seen. He did not know why Cory was so mean when he lived with someone so nice.

Sometimes Cory and Tammy would fight, so loud that he couldn’t hear the TV. Sometimes they thumped on the floor, making dirt fall off the ceiling into Joe’s food. Sometimes, after these fights, they kept him up at night making the squeaking sounds that made it hard for him to sleep. Sometimes Tammy would have bruises on her face the next day. Sometimes, they distracted him so much that he forgot to take his pills.

Joe had to remember to take the pills. If he forgot to take the pills the bad man would come out and he would have to go back to the hospital. He didn’t like the hospital. There were no pretty, nice girls like Tammy there.

The pills made the bad man stay away. If he forgot to take his pills, the bad man would come back into his head, making Joe do bad things. Sometimes the bad man made Joe hurt people. He didn’t want the bad man to come, because they would take Joe back to the hospital that smelled so bad.

Joe thought that maybe Cory had a bad man inside of him too. Maybe his bad man came out when Cory yelled and he heard the thumping on the ceiling. Cory didn’t have to take pills because he wasn’t special like Joe was. Cory’s bad man seemed to come out on payday when he bought a box of cans from the liquor store that Joe was told no to go into.

One day, Joe left for the market, walking the two miles, grocery list safely in hand. The day was hot and Joe was sweating by the time he turned into the parking lot. Joe stopped and rested on the bus bench, pulling his sticky shirt away from his wet back and dripping armpits. He watched the traffic go by, dreaming of the day that he might learn to drive.

A loud voice distracted him from his thinking. Across the parking lot, he saw Cory and Tammy next to their rusty car. Cory was yelling at the cringing Tammy, waving his arms wildly. Joe could not hear what Cory was yelling about, but could hear some of the words like “bitch” and “slut”.

Before he realized it, Joe was walking toward the pair. As he neared, Cory began punching Tammy in the face as she fell to the ground. He kicked her and screamed at her while she cried and curled into a ball. Joe stood and watched, feeling his bad man struggling to come out.

Cory felt Joe standing there.

“Get out of here, dumb-ass!”, Cory said, kicking Joe in that soft area between his legs. Joe doubled over in pain.

Joe’s bad man came out. He remembers nothing except the feel of wet, sticky flesh on his hands. Joe awoke when the police stunner brought him to the ground, cops swarming over him. He wondered where the blood on his hands came from.

They put him in a cold room with bars and a steel door. The only things in the room were a hard mattress and a rust-stained toilet. People came to see him, mostly a man with food, but sometimes a lady named Jill, that said she was a lawyer. A couple of times, another lady came and asked him strange questions. Her name was doctor something.

He was in the cell for a long time. He had to get his hair cut twice. At last, he was taken to a large room with lots of people. The lawyer lady was there,, and so was the doctor. Many others were there, including the old man they called Judge. He wore black clothes and sometimes banged on the table with a wooden hammer.

They all talked about him, seeming to be worried about something called “competency”. They talked and argued a while and then the pinching cuffs were put back on him and he was led away.

Joe was put back in the hospital. They explained to him that he could not have his old room back, that was in a different hospital. He now had to live in this hospital, this one with the bars on the windows, the locked doors, and the grim-faced men with the hard eyes and sharp voices.

They gave him different pills; pills that would keep the bad man away forever. These pills made him want to sleep all the time and sometimes made him wet himself.

When they asked him if the bad man ever came back, Joe told them no. That is what the bad man told him to say. The bad man told him that soon they would be free of this place. The bad man said that soon he would show Joe many more fun things to do.




"This was really good. I liked the simplicity of the wording. It painted a good picture of how the main character views the world. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps change or add some details to the descriptions of the domestic violence between Cory and Tammy, just to make it a bit more original. I've read many fictional stories of domestic violence that had very similar descriptions. Other than that, I really liked it and I think you could definately take it in some really interesting dirctions. Hope this helps! " -- Elizabeth Flores, Toledo, OH.
"that was pretty good. it kind of reminded me of billy bob thortan in sling blade, i reckon ;) why is it that these mentally handicaped are always strong and always have better work ethic in stories/movies? lenny in of mice and men, carl in sling blade, im sure there are others cant think of any now. probably so we feel mroe simpathy for them ro soemthing, now im rambling off. well a well done story, thanks for the read. " -- ryan severud.
"I think that terrible how they locked Joe up again. Cory should of been locked up some where but life unfair." -- Joanofark777.


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