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The Lopsided Penguin
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The Lopsided Penguin
A research scientist in Antartica takes a penguin on board.
[1,491 words]
Lori Lorien
[July 2005]
[email protected]
The Lopsided Penguin
Lori Lorien

Morgan's the name. Sam Morgan. CSIRO research scientist stationed at Mawson in Antarctica. I'm going to tell you a story. A story that began at sea on the vessel Prinsesse Astrid, a Norwegian ship traversing the ice and sleet-blown seas of the Southern Ocean bound for Dronning Maudland, on Norwegian Antarctica.

It was during the long summer where night is like day and out of the icy seas springs forth a multitude of wildlife - whales, seals, birdlife and penguins.

We had crossed Longitude 15° latitude 60° and the seas were getting heavier with biting winds. I braced myself against a pole and lit my pipe. I stood gazing out to sea, wondering what the next six months were going to hold.

My job was as observer of wildlife patterns. It was of importance to note down the exact position of sightings of particular species, for comparison with previous years. So I spent most of my time on deck. I had gotten used to the heaving seas and no longer felt seasick.

I spotted a school of southern bottlenose whales on route to more temperate waters early on the 15th of December. They bounded through the waters with joy, their shimmering bodies heaving in unison, their tails splashing and beating the sea. I noted their position on my chart for later transference to computer.

As I turned again I caught sight of a large area of grey marking on the waters out of which loomed a shapeless mass of ice. Daubs of grey marked the iceberg at water level. I alerted others on deck. We had an oil slick to contend with. Already I could make out the forms of wild birds struggling in the stuff on the surface of the water. "How could this happen so far south?" asked the lieutenant on watch.

It was not clear where and how the slick had originated, but I convinced the Captain to allow a clean-up operation which involved bathing the affected birds in a weak solution of detergent and rinsing the muck off their feathers.

We took several animals on board which would not have survived on their own but which we had a faint chance of saving. Among these was a Penguin, little more than a youngster, which I christened Wendy. She had more than oil to contend with. She had a piece of metal wire embedded in her foot, the pain from which accentuated the normal waddle of penguins. She reminded me of Charlie Chaplain.

But of course we had to deal with the injury.
"Oil slicks and wire at 60° latitudes" I muttered to myself as I set about trying to remove the wire from Wendy's foot with a pair of surgical tweezers while Lars (my assistant) held her down. She cried as I pulled the wire free and dressed the wound.

After the scrubbing with detergent and the foot operation she huddled in a miserable mass in an oilskin and I thought she was going to die. I took her into my cabin when we had done all we could for the others. For two days she refused food and got weaker. I sat stroking her soft feathers saying goodbye to her as I didn't think she would last the night. To my amazement she started jabbing at my sheets in the middle of the night, honking at me.

"Well, well, what have we here?" I said. Wendy tugged at the sheet. She was determined to get me up. When I stood up she became frightened. She had obviously not been prepared to face a six foot human in a confined space. But she was hungry and persisted, coming over closer to me. When I reached down to pick her up she huddled against my wellington boots.

I realised she was frightened but somehow she must have known I would not hurt her. I left her there in my cabin as I went down to the galley to rustle her up some breakfast. When I came back ten minutes later I could hear a thumping and a squealing noise coming from the cabin. Lars, who was in the next cabin, was up, scratching his head and yawning, as he poked his head around the door and complained "For Pete's sake, Sam, it's bloody 4 a.m."

I muttered something like an apology, and opened the door to confront the rather amazing scene of half a Penguin sticking out of a wellington boot, dragging itself around with an accompaniment of much honking and sqwauking.

"Hey, hey, old girl, I said, putting the fish I'd brought into the basin. "Come on, let me help you." I pulled her head out of the boot. I was still holding her while I tried to calm her down but she was not ready for such close contact. She bit me.

"Yow!" I yelled. "Is that any way to show gratitude?" She huddled against the boot that was still standing by the bed. Suddenly I got an idea. I put my feet into the boots and stood before her. She backed into the corner. I decided to ignore her while I cut up her fish. I put pieces onto an enamel plate and put them down on the floor. She must truly have been starving because she came over to the plate immediately, tasted and then gobbled the food as I kept putting more on her plate.

When she had finished I decided to watch her, so I sat back down on the bunk. She started proceedings very well I must say. She piddled on the floor. Finally she settled back into the oilskins and went to sleep, as I did, till daylight and the summons to breakfast.

The cook asked if anyone noticed what had happened to the fine fillet of fish he had put out to thaw for breakfast. I had to offer my apologies.

"Well," said the cook, "at least tell me you enjoyed it. It was the finest piece of ocean trout I caught this summer. How did you cook it?"

"I didn't cook it."
"You ate it RAW? And you an Aussie. I don't believe it."
"I didn't eat it" I said lamely.
All of the men at the table began to take an interest.
"Tell us, Sam, what did you do with cookie's fish?" came the cry.
"If you ask me, I'd say he gave it to the bloody penguin," laughed Lars. The whole table broke into laughter. Even cook was laughing.
"Guilty as charged", I said. "Sorry cook".
"If you're going to raise that penguin yourself let me choose the fish for it in the future." said the cook.

From that time twice a day cook appeared at my door with a bucket of fish. As I had to continue my own work above deck, I would take the penguin with me. She had become attached to my boots (and me I suppose). If I stood for long in one place I would often feel her climb onto my boots, where she would sit happily for an hour or so. When I walked down the deck the other men would call out "Look behind. Here comes Charlie Chaplain!" I would turn to see Wendy running or waddling in her lopsided way down the deck, her feet flapping on the wooden boards.

A few more days passed before we reached Dronning Maudland where I had to change vessels to get to Mawson.

The small Australian vessel Icebreaker II presented no problems for man and companion penguin. It was at the station of Mawson itself that I encountered the first real resistance. The officer in charge refused to allow me to keep the penguin indoors, while I completed the recording of my findings from the summer voyages onto computer.

To help Wendy cope I would leave my wellington boots outside the cabin door at night. I would often find her snuggled up near them in the mornings.

There were hundreds, perhaps even one thousand penguins clustered around the base. More came. Wendy would disappear into the crowd of penguins and become invisible, until I appeared. She would waddle out in her lopsided way to greet me, pecking at my boots and rubbing herself against my hand. It was getting toward the breeding season and Wendy was adult when I left Mawson in Springtime.

I went out among all the penguins and could not find her. I was sad when I was just about to leave at the thought of never seeing her again. But something happened. I can't explain it, except that Lars may have had a hand in it.

As I went to collect my things from my room I opened the door and in the middle of the floor stood a beautiful mother penguin, with a perfect little baby penguin on her feet. The mother was Wendy.

She had moved happily it seems from domestic to wilderness environments. I walked down the hall with Wendy and baby following. I saw her back into the crowd of penguins, and headed away, knowing that Wendy and I were both the richer for having met.



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July 2005

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