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Lenny's Last Jump!
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Lenny's Last Jump!
Two gangsters out for a night’s work, but they’re in for a surprise!
[880 words]
Gregory J Christiano
I was born in NYC 1947, lived in the Bronx till I got married and moved to Jersey in 1979. I was raised Roman Catholic and went to Catholic grammar and High School. Graduated with BA from Central University of Iowa. Worked in Manhattan most of my career. Presently I am a Claims Adjuster for a service company in the city.

I have only been writing seriously for the past three years, but am published in various nostalgia magazines, have won some awards on line and was awarded the coveted Halpern Memorial Award for best narrative for the Fall 2002 issue of the Bronx County Historical Society Journal. I also have several of my poems published in anthologies. Two short stories will be published at the end of this year.

I will submit essays, historical articles, short stories, and poetry. Looking forward to reading and commenting on the works of fellow authors at this site.

[December 2004]
A Death In The City (Poetry) It is a painful and tragic event when a parent must bury their child. [241 words]
Card Sharps (Short Stories) The poker game grew heated. The cheated card player lay dead on the floor! [1,309 words] [Crime]
Dancing With A Stranger (Poetry) It's a Make Believe Ballroom - when two stangers meet and fall in love! [312 words] [Drama]
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Invisible Universe - Chapter Ii - First Contact (Novels) The sub-atomic traveller, attacked by a microscopic life-form fell into the abyss. The adventure continues. [2,184 words] [Science Fiction]
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Lincoln Past (Poetry) To the honor of one of our greatest Presidents. [107 words] [Biography]
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The Lonely Lighthouse (Poetry) Lighthouse keepers and their wives have an isolated life...most of the time cut off from the mainland. It is a constant struggle to combat loneliness and its effects! [382 words] [Adventure]
The Ninth Avenue El (Essays) Rapid Transit had been a top priority for the city fathers in mid 19th Cenbtury Manhattan. The first elevated railway was a failure but the idea was sound. Once the overhead trains were run by stea... [3,038 words] [History]
The Old Salts And The Sea (Poetry) A shanty to the countless sailors that perished at sea! [205 words] [Adventure]
We Attack At Dawn! (Short Stories) Toward the end of WWII, an army platoon encouters German resistance. [1,391 words] [History]
Who Is The Hero? (Short Stories) Schoolyard bullies have always intimidated their classmates. But what if a boy refuses to fight back? Is he a coward or a hero? [1,534 words] [Motivational]
Lenny's Last Jump!
Gregory J Christiano

The cloud-covered, moonless night shrouded the Victorian mansion in pitch-blackness. After locking up, Mr. Calloway sent his servants to bed and retired into the library to have a nightcap and read before going to bed. He settled into his comfortable leather chair by the fireplace and relaxed with a good book.

Lenny Carbone and Pete Tedusco entered through a side window after jimmying the lock. No alarms went off. They were pros, well-dressed pros. They always wore suits and ties and an occasional fedora. It went along with their aspirations, burglarizing only wealthy estates. And these hoods were dressed to kill!

Mr. Calloway was dozing off by this time, when the pair grabbed him and Lenny placed his hand over Calloway’s mouth so he couldn’t make a noise. He was dragged over to the wall safe above the fireplace mantle. Where else would it be but behind a family portrait! These crooks had cased the place weeks before.

“N-no! You mustn’t take my savings. I-I won’t let you…I…” Calloway didn’t have a chance to finish his eloquent plea…”Arrrgghh!” Lenny cracked him in the head with the butt end of his automatic. Calloway fell lifeless to the floor with a thud.

“Ya killed him Lenny! Why did you have to kill ‘im? Pete nervously whispered.

“I only tapped him,” Lenny said with a satisfied smile, “It ain’t my fault if he’s got a tissue paper skull.”

“You’re always killin’, Lenny! Every time we go out on a job, you’ve gotta dirty things up!”

“Stop beefin’ ya jerk…an’ get busy on that safe! One more peep outa you, and you’ll keep the old geezer company!”

Pete knew the threat was real. He knew Lenny was psychotic and unpredictable, but the best second-story man around. A silence fell between them, broken only by a soft rasp of metal as Pete placed his burglar tool against the metal of the wall safe. He was a well-seasoned safe cracker, with a golden touch. But this caper took a little longer than usual. Ten minutes passed…

“Stop draggin’ it out! An’ quit shakin’! The way you’re goin’ at it, we’ll be here for a month!”

“It’s giving way Lenny! I’m almost on the last tumbler now! One more turn…I’m through!” A piercing alarm sounded.

“What did I…?” Pete said as he jerked backward, startled.

“Hold it, stupid. The door’s wired!”

“L-let’s go, Lenny. That alarm’ll wake up the dead! We’ll get caught.”

“And leave this stuff behind?” snorted Lenny, “Get out to the car and get the motor going. We’ll blow as soon as I load up! Now get goin’”

Minutes later their powerful sports car leaped for the open road with a throaty roar…The servants had come running downstairs just as the crooks made their get away.

“Head north, egghead,” commanded Lenny, “and don’t take your foot off the pedal! Our only chance is to hit the main artery an’ get lost in traffic!”

“I never dreamed the tin can was wired, Lenny…honest…”

“Shut up an’ lemme think! I heard the old man’s servants come barrelin’ down the stairs. If they haven’t called the cops, the wired safe must have been linked to the station house.”

And as though in answer to Lenny’s thoughts…

“Sirens! It’s coppers Lenny! They’ll get us. We’ll fry for murder!”

“If you slow down now, I’ll blow your head off.”

Three shots echoed from the squad car…shattering the frosty air!

“They got the tires!” shouted Pete, “I-I’m losing control! We’re heading into that ditch!”

But within the wreckage, the pair escaped unhurt.

“C’mon. On your feet! If they catch us penned up this way, we’re dead pigeons! Our only chance now is out in the open!”

“Y-you’re right Lenny! I-I’m comin’.”

Lenny held on to the briefcase he stuffed with the Calloway loot and they ran up the road.

“Up ahead!” said Lenny pointing, “It’s a foot bridge! That gives me an idea. We can beat ‘em! C’mon!”

“Huh? I don’t get it.”

“That’s no surprise!” Lenny panted as they ran toward the bridge, “Now get those legs goin’.”

“Sure, Lenny! Whatever you say.”

Quickly they raced out to the center of the narrow span and then Lenny came to a halt. He turned to Pete…

“The minute they don’t find us in that wreck, they’ll be heading this way! We’ll never make it on foot, so that leaves only one choice…the river below! We’ll have to jump an’ swim out way out!”

“J-jump?” Pete hesitated, “N-no! I won’t jump. I can’t swim!”

“Then it’s your funeral, ‘cause you’re jumpin’ all the same! I don’t care if you go down like a stone, but I’m not leavin’ ya here to squeal to the cops!”

“You can’t make me jump. You can’t make me!”

Pete turned away, running to the far end of the bridge.

“I’m getting’ outa here! Ya can’t make me…arghhh!”

Lenny blasted Pete twice in the back!

Staring down at the corpse, “So long, sucker! I never intended splittin’ the loot with you anyway! You’ve made it easy for me pal…real easy!” He holstered his gun.

Then, as the police charged up, one of the officers shouted…”Halt…or I’ll shoot!”

“Save your ammo copper! I’m makin’ tracks outs here!” Lenny hollered back in a defiant voice. Then he dove off the bridge.

So, Lenny jumped! It was a beautiful dive…

The officers reached the railing and looked down, astounded!

Lenny wasn’t making any tracks. He didn’t even make a ripple. He smashed onto the surface with a bone-crunching thud.

The river was frozen solid!



"Good story Greg,I like a good crime story.Although i think you could've came up with a better name for the police besides 'coppers.'But I enjoyed it,it was well written.Check out my crime story called 'Tales of Tito'and tell me what you think." -- David Daniels.


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December 2004

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