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And The Light Returns !!! ��
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And The Light Returns !!! ��
God finds out the earth with values eroded. To him, erosion of values means absolute darkness.

When he fails to find out values in the all levels of the society including top, an ordinary ragpicker has changed his view point radically. He realises that there is still hope and light.
[1,392 words]
Literary Fiction
Partha Pratim Majumder
A creative story teller of India.
[August 2006]
[email protected]
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And The Light Returns !!! ��
Partha Pratim Majumder

God is on board in his favourite chariot � Divine Mission � long after his last visit to the earth. He dons a divine smile on his glowing lips while sharply looking at the eyes of his company. Then he wears special sunglasses fit for the earth.

Then , his order reaches the pilot , � Let�s go to the first world at first. �

The chariot propels with bang��God�s tour is on � like earlier times ��� in search of values like honesty, truth etc. etc. This tour comes after fifty years �.. long due tour. Normally, his tour programme to earth is scheduled to be held after every twenty years. But recently, he has been postponing it for a number of times due to indisposed health and old age.

God is now of more than 2000 years old ,more or less. His exact date of birth is not known. As said around, the certificate was the only one, Noah�s ark had failed to carry or was gulped down by the shark in vengeance. One never knows it for sure.

Now, his ears are filled with divine music and mind recalling the last trip filled with sad memory of erosion of values - 80% decline recorded in his laptop. He is sure that the degeneration of value system ( which he lovingly relates to as Divine Values ) of his subjects on earth is a feature that happens in tandem. So, he is also sure of the other � projection of a 100% decline.

This means, as per his advisors, a clear full stop of old order and value system in particular, sprouting the possibility of new values and order ( which he hatefully relates to as Degenerated Values ). This visit to earth is of towering significance as he is to witness a trying time of changing values in his empire of one of a kind.

God has two polarised views on the condition of earth - Light means existence of strong value system and darkness means erosion of values He believes in heart that the values can be polarised by two � values of Darkness and values of Light .He is constrained to find that darkness has almost gripped the earth over the years. Light seems to be a distant dream.

But he needs a close watch on those changes as he can not be left behind from the clutches of so called new order. As such, he has had a severe bend of mind to undertake the tour despite of his old age and other perennial problems.

In the first world, one week of his tour has passed. A week full of wonders � gross decadence. Bizarre experiences with the death of his all sense of logical conclusion as he has noticed that the President of a state wins second time against the palpable but repulsive public opinion all over the state and the world.

Money rules the roost in all its forms and colour. The phenomenon of oppression has had a sea change � oppression of rich to poor has changed to the reverse��.. as terrorism of organised poor cripples the richest to dust as the solid towers are transformed to debris. The rich bounces back in vengeance. The collision continues.

Terrorism rides the horse called peace. Mankind looks confused at sure ruins. God scratches scalp in vigorous search of way out. Blood oozes out but way out does n�t. He is sure of one thing � his created empire has had a radical change �� with set of values he can not recognise �. An empire over which the monarch has completely lost control. Now, exasperated, God looks at the third world scene, more towards the individual life of ordinary people as it is often believed that the citadel of values is found in the heart of lesser privileged people.

Hatred looms larger than anything else��� throttling the growth.
In utter disgust, God decides to shorten his tour by skipping entire second world.

� Let�s go to third world�. He orders.

Divine Light reaches a lesser known country in Asia. After a night , he opens few newspapers full of news and marks the news of his interest. He is fed up with the following set of newsitems.

a. A District Judge buys a set of diamond studded glasses to wear at the cost of $ 42000, the bill of which has been settled by public money when his monthly pay is around $ 1700
b. A huge sized scam has been identified in course of procurement by way of use of old and used ones for new coffin boxes in Army for carrying corpses to burial ground. The involvement of top officers can not be ruled out.
c. A huge sized scam was identified in fake Legal Stamp papers, which has been cause to cheat the govt. revenue to the tune of millions of dollars. The beneficiaries are highly networked criminals having nexus with top cops of the level of the Commissioner of Police, Joint Commissioner of Police etc.
d. World class Pop singer was arrested on the charge of organising smuggling out thousands of manpower in illegal manner for the purpose of earning huge amount of money.
e. Famous music director has been arrested on charge of hiring professional killer to remove the rival in his profession.
f. The Prime Minister was arrested for bribing leaders of Opposition to evade � No Confidence � motion.
g. Huge business empire cracks towards two pieces as two brothers as present owners are at loggerheads on �ownership issues� , just within six months after death of their father.
h. The dacoit, who was in prison a number of times for killing at least 25 men, becomes Member of Parliament for taking important decisions of public life.
i. A highly respected priest is arrested on charge of murder.

God is confirmed that all those elements found in the first world countries are prevailing even in third world countries. When the front of the society is affected , how common men will be left behind ?

God retires into utter desperation with a note , � Oh, God !!! It�s really complete darkness and gloom !!! � And he decides to return to heaven in frustration. � No hope here ! Let�s pack up !!! � He orders.

Then only, his eyes are attracted to the news telecast of a local TV channel. In a public reception , a woman is introduced as the Gold Award winner for showing exceptional strength of character. She is introduced as a poor ragpicker , a homeless, a mother of four little children and an wife of an ailing husband. Oneday she has found out a plastic packet containing cash of $ 17500 ( Quite a large amount for the person who survives at a marginal earning of $ 5 per day on average ) from huge waste. She has gone straight to a police station and handed over the packet to Officer � in Charge by saying , � Sir, kindly search for the owner of this packet and hand over the same. It belongs to him.�

The Chief Minister of the state, who is present in this award giving ceremony, hands over the award with a lot of promises for the future, with a few drops of tears in his eyes. In his speech, he says that he is having the best moment of his life to salute a character of rarest of the rare. A CEO of world level NGO says that for opening a bank account for her , bank rule has been changed since a homeless does not have right to open an account. All other dignitaries are full of praises of her values.

In her reply, she sobs to say humbly with folded hands , � I am a small human being in all big people like you. I like to tell you that it is the will of God who does everything. �
A reporter asks her, � If you have another occasion of same type, what will you do then ? �
She firmly replies, � I�ll do the same thing � return the packet .�

God nods his head in wonder as if a flash of light returns tearing the stubborn darkness apart.

He welcomes the light to put an end to the darkness of his mind too.

                                                    ______________ 000 ______________



"An original story of depth. God is made the hero falling in line with a ragpicker , whose head is held high in values that melts down in the heat of money. Very good storyline. Congrats. " -- Sarah Norton, London, Uk.
"Good story/ Well made plot. " -- Nikhil Raman, Bangalore , India.


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