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An Unexpected Visitor
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An Unexpected Visitor
Boy who gets an unexpected visit while daydreaming.
[1,228 words]
Chad Alan Madson
30 Year old man, from Nebraska that has Cerebral Palsy. Wants to get notice for writing expertise.
[November 2004]
[email protected]
An Unexpected Visitor
Chad Alan Madson

On summer days, Jimmy liked to walk to the nearby creek. This was one way that he found to relax. Although only thirteen years of age, Jimmy usually preferred going to the creek while other boys his age tended to look forward to a good game of tag football.
The creek that Jimmy liked to go to was called Steep Hill Creek. Although the terrain was mostly flat, it had one narrow cliff. If you were to go to the top and look down, you’d see a stream that was approximately ninety feet below. This was Jimmy’s favorite spot to sit. He had fsmemories about that cliff that he cherished. One memory was exceptional exciting. Although tempting, he thought it would be best if he just keep to himself.
That memory was a few years ago. Jimmy just got done with his daily bedroom chores, and asked his mother if he could go to Steep Hill for an hour or so.
“Sure you can,” she replied happily. “But be sure to not be gone too long. Tonight’s your turn to set the table you know.”
“Yes mom,” Jimmy said. “I won’t be gone long, I promise.”
Jimmy gave a quick wave, and then was out the door. His mother walked fast, hoping to get close enough so he’d hear her. When she was at the screen door, she yelled out, “and be careful crossing the street.” However, it was doubtful that Jimmy heard that. She barely could see his red bike reflector. Jimmy was the kind of kid who didn’t waste time when it came to something that he enjoyed.
After crossing the street, Jimmy got on a circular sidewalk. Halfway, he turned left and pedaled firmly on a dirt road. Steep Hill Creek was a quarter of a mile from there.
Knowing that his time was limited, Jimmy got off his bike and pulled it across the dirt road. Every few feet that he walked, the road became narrower and narrower. Tall grass was caving in on the road, swallowing it up. When the road was completely invisible, Jimmy hopped back on his bike and pedaled once more.
After a few minutes, he came to a barb-wired fence. Jimmy parked his bicycle in a rack in front of the fence, and walked to the other side where the cliff was.
While most people preferred to stay on the outer side of the fence, and have a picnic on the grassy area, Jimmy liked to go on the other side and sit on a rock near the edge of the cliff.
The day was bright and sunny, with just enough wind to keep the sweat from dripping down Jimmy’s forehead. Wasting no time, he put his bike in one of the slots, locked it, and scurried to the other side. To his surprise, there was not a single person in sight. As nice a day as it was, Jimmy thought that several people would be picnicing on Steep Hill.
When he got to his favorite rock, Jimmy hoisted himself up.
This is just great, Jimmy told himself.
 While looking up at the sky, he began to doze off. Ten minutes passed until he woke up. Jimmy would probably have slept longer if it wasn’t for his aching neck from sitting up while asleep. He stood up and stretched. He bent his head back in the process to get rid of the kink. While stretching, he rolled his eyes to his left, and jerked to an upright position. Not because of feeling the bones crackle in his body, but for seeing the figure in the lake coming toward him.
What does this man want, Jimmy asked himself without speaking out loud.
The figure got closer. Every step he took, Jimmy could see him clearer. There was something out of the ordinary about him that Jimmy couldn’t figure out.
When the figure finally got close enough, Jimmy talked. His mother always said to treat everyone like he wanted to be treated.
“Hey mister,” Jimmy said politely, “you seem to look like you are lost. Can I help you? I know this part of town well. My parents and I only live a quarter mile away from here.”
The figure just starred at Jimmy as if the boy’s offer wasn’t understood.
“Mister,” Jimmy continued, “what’s your name? Obviously you have something to tell me, or why would you come?” Sit by me. Please.”
As if the figure came back from a world of his own, he slowly sat down beside Jimmy.
Putting out his hand, Jimmy told the man his name, and he was very pleased to meet him. The figure accepted the offered shake.
“My name is Walter,” the man said. “I’ve come from a far away land.”
“Then you’re lost, and want help with directions. Well…”
The man interrupted. “Lost? Yes I am lost. Lost in what, I don’t know.”
“Sorry mister…”
“Walter, call me Walter.”
Jimmy cleared his throat. “Sorry Walter, but I don’t understand what you mean.”
Walter sighed. While he did this, something happened that made the young boy wonder. Jimmy could have sworn that the man’s body left the ground for a split second. However, he knew that that thought was plain silly. No one could just lift up. It must have been the sun, Jimmy told himself. The sun’s rays. Yeah, that’s right. Or was it?
“I am lost because I can’t seem to find my studio. I’ve been working on a important project, and need to finish it.”
“YOU’RE A SINGER!” Jimmy shouted excitedly.
“No son, I’m no singer. I am a cartoonist, and I am working on this character that I’m sure will become a classic.”
“Even better!” Jimmy said. “I collect comic books.”
“Oh yeah,” Walter said, “what are some of your favorites? Maybe I’ve heard of them.”
Jimmy told him several. Not only that, but he went even further and described a few main characters. He was quite proud of knowing as much as he knew, and was sure that Walter would be impressed. However, due to his expression, it seemed that Walter was unfamiliar with the names. That surprised Jimmy. He read the best.
Thinking that it might take Walter awhile to answer, Jimmy quickly asked him another question in hopes to get an answer to his first.
“Tell me about this character that you say will be a classic when you are finished.”
“Well,” Walter said, “I know for sure that it will be a mouse. I see it being black, with red pants on."
“Oh yeah, kind of like Mickey Mouse?”
“Mickey Mouse?” Walter said suspiciously. “I’ve never heard of that character before. Tell me who drew it?”
Laughter came out of Jimmy. “Come on man. Are you telling me that you’ve never heard of Mickey Mouse?”
“What’s so funny?” Walter asked. “No, I have never heard of Mickey Mouse, but I like the name.”
Is he for real, Jimmy thought.
Trying to control his laughter, Jimmy said, “Walt Disney. His name is Walt Disney.” Jimmy continued to laugh. He laughed hard with his hand slapping his knee cap.
“Well, what a coincidence,” Walter said. “That’s my name too.”
“Wow, that’s neat,” Jimmy said. “To come and think of it, you kind of look like him. In fact, I’m sure you look a lot like him. Here face me so I can get a full view.”
There was no response. When Jimmy looked in the direction, the spot that Walter sat was empty. It was time to go home.



"Very good work, It did not seem to flow evenly though. Of course it could be my synthesizer. Would love to read anything else you have written." -- Shawn L. Djernes , Omaha, NE, U.S.A..


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November 2004

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