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Bare Facts
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Bare Facts
When western culture and western fashion representing economic power of West has been making serious dent mark in the conservative society and socio – economic condition of third world countries like India , a radical concept of poverty and ages old oriental conviction towards “ grace and culture “ play confronting role to it , making it a battlefield between “ haves “ and “have nots .”

Set in a park surrounding a lake, a young girl of a rich family, driven by fashion fever , dons a costly western wear effecting exhibitionism, presumably unfit to be worn in a public place in Indian society on account of obscenity. How her attitude towards modern exhibitionism is challenged by a poor destitute is the soul of this story.
[1,461 words]
Literary Fiction
Partha Pratim Majumder
A creative story teller of India.
[August 2006]
[email protected]
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Bare Facts
Partha Pratim Majumder

 “How am I looking, dear ? “ Asks a young woman with attractive face and plump body. A typical Indian beauty in a gorgeous western dress that has cuts at top and at bottom , showing her breast and unshapely but shaven legs . Before her boyfriend speaks out a few set words of appreciation, “ Yeah ! you look fabulous today, Swapna !” , few youths look back at a reflex to look at the deep cut front of her designer wear in the huge lake – cum- park at Dhakuria, Kolkata.

She has a glowing complexion of the color of sugarcane juice. The curly locks are resting on the shoulders. Her cleavage between two voluptuous breasts is partially explicit. It is very difficult for the boyfriend to determine which actual item is fabulous to him – dress or things under the dress.

So, there is nothing unnatural to come across a street urchin to spontaneously sing a popular yet vulgar number of a Hindi spice film,” Choli ke pichhe kya hai? “ (What is hidden behind the top or blouse ?) . It is easy for everybody to understand why the song is sung all on a sudden.

Today is a Sunday afternoon with less sun but more shadow as dark clouds assemble in the whole of the sky in a scattered manner that promises no or less rain but more shadow in the day. A perfect ambience for an outing. Beneath the expectedly less happening sky, the great rendezvous of couples for fresh air & sweet nothings has caused regular visitors like old and retired folk and walkers run for their space in the park. The children have no difficulty as the places from swings to the cricket coaching camps are earmarked as their own.

As she is about to sit at the bench by the waterfront facing towards the pathway ,her two swollen breasts are revealed to the people around , who are looking at in temptation as if the meat dressed and hung up on iron hooks in a butcher’s shop.

“ Do you know , Saikat ! It was my dream to have such an eyes catching designer wear of the boutique of Ravi Kumar, the celebrity Fashion Designer of Delhi. He takes up dress elements of the best models of India and abroad. I have been chasing on my Dad for this one. My sister could not close her eyes. She had to confirm that I was looking ravishing. Am I really so ? “ Swapna’s voice is changed to a nasal tune in expected flattery.

Saikat , the male partner directly flatters Swapna by true lies, “ Darling, I can tell you that in this large lake of four and half miles, you are the best dressed and most beautiful lady of the day. You can make the TV and film stars to pass their sleepless nights, if you sail your beauty boat towards their domain.” Swapna’s enormous smile is enough to show of her resonant pride in her beauty and her dress sense as well that has easily hooked a guy like Saikat to her list of admirers. They come closer to speak few sweet nothings to be heard by themselves only.

The pedestrians , who are all there for love , fun and rest prefer to be squint eyed than to look straight towards the road, they are heading to. This is not so that all of them are taciturn , but their vocal expression about the baring and daring woman are all in whispers. Smile hanging by the side of their lips can be compulsively concluding that the scene is a feast for eyes. “ What a special menu ! “ remarks a college student to his friend. “ Really !!! “ Friend exclaims. A young mother tries to keep her teen age son’s eyesight busy with few rowing boats that are afloat , gliding through the glass like water as the greenery surrounding the waterfront looks on.

The assembly of old men , who has no definite route to take their chatting on , has
chosen the subject today , “Grace of Indian women and present society. “ as focal point of their discussion after glancing time to time at Swapna, the centre of attraction. Swapna, the ravishing beauty in a western costume has turned the old heads for a special menu since she is encouraged to take up battle on those TV stars and film stars earning fat packets.

The vendors are multiplying in number – selling their wares like Icecream , Cigarettes, Candy, Snacks, Sweets and tea/coffee etc. Saikat marks with a point to note that almost every two minutes , he is facing a vendor. Sometimes, two or even three at a time. He finds them too obstinate and reluctant to leave the couple in the privacy. Swapna seems to be proud of the public attention she has already drawn but Saikat understands the real message underneath his point blank flattery and stubborn behaviour of the vendors.
Saikat, whatever smartness he shows by flashing buttered whiffs to please his sweetheart, is at heart feeling uncomfortable spurred by the onslaught of so many penetrating and licking eyes of males.

Being an Indian, he can not mentally put himself away from the conservative society and even the panel of old folk that has been chewing tobacco and words to shed tears on the issue of ideal and graceful women. “ Not very long back, the women folk, believers of the principle like “ Grace is the best clothing ”, were seen with covered heads by the end of sari , as they did not mean to be women only to the society but to be mothers, daughters, sisters etc. It is indeed, the western culture and more particularly, Fashion TV can be held responsible for such shamelessness and a social decadence. We are sure , such obscene must have been punished during British Rule.”
Their eyes are half turned to the subjects – on topic and on the topless.

The sun amidst rain clouds gradually tilts at the west in routine with time schedule. In the light orange sky, the birds in thousands start flocking towards the trees of the lake , as the dusk sets in. The endless chirping in a chorus becomes the main feature for the while. The bootleggers put their last minute preparation to operate after the dark .
With hundreds , a poor woman, young , oval faced with large sad eyes comes in strolling around in the lake . She has a fair complexion burnt in sun and starvation. She is wearing a sari that is worn out, soiled and with holes. Her face and locks of hair say that four elements like food , sleep , oil and water seem to be alien to her for long.
Such a destitute woman is generally branded as “ paagli “ ( mad woman ). But this woman moves on from bench to bench , puts her right palm open as she begs without a word , sad and concerned. When there is no response , after lapse of certain time, she moves on to another bench to stand by and beg. Her open palm is yet to receive any coin.
The sad face reaches near the bench , where Saikat and Swapna are sitting. She has looked at them for a while , while standing by other bench. Now, she stands before the couple, look in to the eyes of Saikat – straight and cold.

“ Can you give me a day’s meal if I show you all by enlarging the holes of my blouse , which this bitch is showing you partially ? “ She has removed her cloth over her breasts to show her blouse torn with holes. “ Tell me, please ! A day’s meal only… “

The boyfriend of Swapna is flabbergasted . Swapna is astonished. The surrounding is amused. The poor woman is ruthless.
“ Come, Saikat ! let’s move right now. …., not a single moment here. The lake is made a brothel ! My god !! I can’t imagine. “ Shouts Swapna.
Saikat , shocked and speechless, follows her footsteps. The crowd is of variety of views.
- Chhee, Chee !!! Shame, Absolute shame.
- How such mad woman and prostitute is allowed in a good locality ?
- Prostitution in broad daylight ? What is police doing ?
- Shame ! Shame ! Before children’s eyes , such thing happens….
- From tomorrow, I should stop coming to this lake, whatever it be. I’ll ask others not to come…

From next day on, the lake is full of crowd the way it has been………. with the fleet of rowing boats, chirping birds and vendors selling tea/coffee/candy………….



"I liked the symbolism of how western influence has in a sense made Indian culture a whore! I saw Swapna as the last vestment of Indian culture affected by British rule. She did the same thing that the poor woman did. The Indian males were lusting after her and she was being fed by their interests. I really enjoyed this piece. I thought it held everything a short story should have. Well done." -- e.rocco caldwell.
"Very good short story. The end is sad but the start is stunning. It has all that a quality short story does possess. Good piece." -- Kajal Nath, Siliguri, West Bengal, India.


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March 2004

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