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Lost In Space...Beagle 2 by Harvey Kennett The true story of Beagle 2 ? Apologies to Yanks in general... [1,105 words]
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The Markings Of An Angle by Narinder Bhambra A short story. [1,398 words]
The Fly And... by Xoggoth That Geoff Goldblum had it easy! One fly?? I should have been so lucky! [483 words]
The Difference-1 by Sukesh Srivastava An emotional story of sacrifices made for each other in the family. [4,595 words]
The Diary Of Mystery by Hazli Ghazali Collection of Hazli's short stories under the topic of mystery, a lot to think and discove... [3,982 words]
The Come Back by Bryan Meckley About a successful overdose. [2,157 words]
Ripple Effect by E Rocco Caldwell A scientist has discovered time travel or maybe his own descent into insanity. [838 words]
Providing For Sarah by Xoggoth A desolate man finds comfort in an imaginary (?) companion. But who will care for her when ... [883 words]
Pakistani Feast by Jerry Pat Bolton A man, alone in the jungles of Pakistani, become surrounded by a pride of tigers. [1,681 words]
Night Ride by P J Lawton A tired young man accepts a ride from a mysterious stranger. [1,463 words]
My Eternal Triangle by Erasmus Flynt - [710 words]
Monica's Pie by Paul B Kramer Reklon Harponip, a Turkish lad on his own in America, identifies with Monica Lewinsky's plight as ... [3,062 words]
Man Skin by Harvey Kennett When you sleep, what happens to your dreams ? [776 words]
Hell Is A Personal Place by Erasmus Flynt Each of us has a personal idea of Hell! [1,043 words]
Goodnight Sweet Kevin by Harvey Kennett It concerns me that we, as a species, follow trends and "buzzwords", and anyone who dares... [603 words]
God's Trainees by Xoggoth Him upstairs is thinking of retiring, all he needs to do is train up some suitable replacements.... [1,570 words]
Fury Of Steele by Robert E Tadlock The drug lords of Hong Kong are trying to take over L.A. But Hong Kong itself will feel the fury... [2,686 words]
Free Road by Deon Coetzee The possibility that life may be ended with a happy parting of one's shadow, ie. suicide, that is not... [194 words]
Food For Thought by P J Lawton Ever wonder where the food of the future will come from? [973 words]
Do You Remember Now? by E Daugherty - [703 words]
Did You Hear The One About The Three Icelandic Bishops by Gypsey Teague When you invite a guest into your home, be prepared for ... [493 words]
Death Walk by P J Lawton A space ship crashes on a lonely planet leaving the crew a long walk to safety. [1,147 words]
Changing To Go Out by Xoggoth In the aftermath of the genetic bomb, a simple night at the pictures with the missus is no e... [444 words]
Business Card by E Rocco Caldwell Madness can be in a simple telephone call. [723 words]
Back To The Garden by Xoggoth Depressing the extent to which everything is being dumbed down these days. Poor state educat... [527 words]
A Conversation With God by Kevin Myrick Basically, its a short story with sort of a twisted view on the whole walking with god ... [1,230 words]
The Music I Held by E Daugherty - [802 words]
Licorice Tea by Shelley J Alongi This is a story I havent' worked into my novel yet; it's how Rachel makes a decision to fall in lo... [3,590 words]
Victim by Gypsey Teague By the full of the moon, and the cloak of the night. There are some things that are better Kept in the l... [1,372 words]
Twisted Figures by Rae Just wrote it down as it came to mind.. no sense or anything :) [294 words]
Things To Do Before I Die by Gypsey Teague Everyone makes lists. Some mean more than others. [1,045 words]
The Waitress Fom Hell by Richard Koss The story of a patron's ongoing feud with an over-the-hill waitress. [750 words]
The Soldier by Solo A darkly lyrical tale of an old soldier seperated from his men behind enemy lines who takes on a mi... [8,019 words]
The Siege Of Tar Ebon by Dayne Edmondson This is a story of human kind's greatest hour of need. [2,501 words]
The Man I Call My Dad by Justin M Chapman A story about my dad that I wrote for a class. It tells about him. [979 words]
The Gatekeeper Of The Heaven by Partha Pratim Majumder Theme : Hypothetically, the concept of God,heaven etc. are all created by and pr... [2,419 words]
The Divine Inside Of Thoughts by Elroy Jamoke Lloyd Auto-bio piece... [4,442 words]
The Clearing by E Rocco Caldwell A simple ghost story that happens to be true. [783 words]
Spirits Revolt
Simon Says: The Case Of The Singing Lady Blues by P J Lawton A hard-boiled private detective makes a fatal mistake. He can't ... [3,757 words]
Simon Says: Case Of Vengeance By The Letter by P J Lawton A hard-boiled private detective's past comes back to haunt him. [3,972 words]
Simon Says: Case Of The Deadly Diamond Dupe by P J Lawton A hard-boiled private detective reluctantly gets involved in a terr... [3,813 words]
Shadow Cat by John Caruso On a cold winter day a feral kitten wandered out of the wooded paradise surrounding our home in west... [22,470 words]
Roundabout Love by Kevin Myrick The story of two people who shouldn't be able to fall in love, but came together. [1,187 words]
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Not Much Like Christmas by Stephanie A Erickson A short story based on the song "Christmas By The Phone" by Good Charlotte. Also based ... [2,616 words]
Neighbors by Shelley J Alongi Aviation story. This story takes place before Andrew meets Anne in his spactacular early morning lan... [1,523 words]
Mom's Color Code by Partha Pratim Majumder Relationship between mother and son. The very intricate relationship that needs no description... [1,287 words]
Managing by Shelley J Alongi Twenty years after marriage, and despite life, Anne and Andrew still manage to hold everything togethe... [2,329 words]
Last Day by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Story 18. Anne and Andrew, a sinus headache, troublesome passengers, a frantic boss, and the ... [2,335 words]
Landing Part Two by Shelley J Alongi Aviation story. Relationship conflict. Melanie talks to Laura about Jeff. [1,765 words]
Landing Part Three by Shelley J Alongi Origins of the accident. Pleasant flight. [1,176 words]
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Landing Part Four by Shelley J Alongi Melanie is afraid. [1,480 words]
Landing Part Five by Shelley J Alongi Jeff's dream. [1,033 words]
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Is It Real Or Is It Memorex? by D G Williford You tell me... [82 words]
Billy And Jason by Ashley A Selsing Jason meets a new kid, Billy, who steals his things. At first they are enemies, but they then ... [1,382 words]
Back Page News by E Rocco Caldwell The thoughts of a dying US soldier on the road to baghdad. [805 words]
Attack Of The Sans by Randy Johnson A Space Warrior named Fland travels to a planet called Narburg and battles intelligent Slug ... [3,022 words]
An Encounter With Evil by P J Lawton A young man's search for the bizarre gets him a little more than he bargined for. [1,761 words]
A Season For Figs by Geraldine Winters A short story. [3,255 words]
A Hike by Jennifer Winter A short story. [875 words]
A Friend by Peter Izdebski I was like clay, so soft and yellow. I listened and followed because I didn't know that I could talk ... [917 words]

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Spirits Revolt
When Donna moves to her new Californian house she can't believe her luck. Soon she discovers that the house isn't that brilliant wheshe has a close encounter with the paranormal.
[1,079 words]
Jack Roland Butter
A pretty cool and crazy guy!!!
[February 2004]
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Spirits Revolt
Jack Roland Butter

Spirits Revolt
Donna waved goodbye to the small and tatty apartment she’d lived in ever since she could remember. Finally, no more drunken tramps fighting and hollering in the early hours of the morning. No more horrendous noise pollution from the roads .
She was leaving, leaving to start a brilliant new life in the heart of California.
                  She was delighted about the new job her dad was taking up, instead of working as a manager for the local McDonalds TM . His major career jump was a great option to make a fresh start for both of them. They could leave the past behind them as well as Chicago.
                    Two days later , Donna and her father pulled up in front of the new house. It was one of the only remaining houses that survived the famous San Francisco earthquake many years ago. ‘ Wow’ was Donna’s first reaction. The photo she’d seen ,did the house no justice. Although it was fantastic, every aspect of it was old- fashioned. As her dad went to open the door, Donna felt a tingle of excitement and of anxiety. Carrying her lightest box she peeped through the door and became transfixed on the elaborate and old designs that were crafted within the house. She rushed up the stairs with excitement while brushing her hands up the beautifully carved banister.
                     When reaching the top of the stairs she sped through the landing checking each door to decide which room she wanted as a bedroom. All of the rooms were plain and unfortunately fairly bland until she reached the seventh room at the end of the landing. The welcoming red and gold colours drew Donna towards the inside of the room. ‘ So what d’ya think?’ Her dad called up to her . Donna eyes were stuck to the brilliance of the room. ‘Donna, what do you think!’ his loud tone with a hint of impatience. ‘ It’s the best of the best’ she replied, still fairly distracted.
                     After what seemed like absolutely ages, the two had finally unpacked . For Donna, it was an emotional experience because her mother who passed away two years ago couldn’t share it with her. Both Donna and her dad had settled in quicker than they imagined and that evening they sat and watched TV just like always.
                      Donna crashed out on her new bed in her new bedroom and started off her new life.
                       The next morning Donna got the opportunity to explore and search the whole house. Her dad set off on his first day at his new job bright and early at seven ’o clock , leaving Donna on her own. After wolfing her breakfast down, she started her mission : to search every nook and cranny. She started upstairs and entered the first room at the top. It was as blank and empty as a transparent vase. Nothing was different there, so she moved on. The next room was exactly the same. It wasn’t until she reached the third room that something caught her eye. She noticed a trap-door in the far corner of the room that she must have missed yesterday. She bolted to the corner instantly and tugged open the door. The room was suddenly filled with an awful damp smell. Donna’s curiosity got the best of her and she ventured inside the dark and smelly passage. After a while of squeezing through the squashy tunnel she reached a dead end. She looked above her and thankfully noticed another hole to use as an escape from the passage.
                          She climbed up into a dusty room with little light. The room was full of boxes, perfect for Donna to have a peek in. She started with the smallest box which contained nothing of interest : shreds of wet and dirty paper. The bigger the boxes the more rubbish there was inside them. She was exhausted after searching through all of them and she sat on a large one. Donna was just about to climb back down into the tunnel when she heard a rustling sound. She turned round just to see a box moving about. She moved forward and opened the moving box she’d obviously forgotten about . The moment the lid was released, a sheet of glowing lights sped in the air into a dark corner. Donna heard this strange flying object making a noise like a young girl crying. ‘Aaah! I hate you! You took my lovely room…..’ With that, the girl broke into a series of shrieking sobs, ‘ What do you mean’ Donna asked, confused. ‘ This my home and you’re sleeping in my bed ! I’d still be in there sleeping if it wasn’t for that ghastly earthquake that killed me!’ She wimpered slowly. ‘ Killed you! Are you a ghost or something?’ Donna replied in shock. ‘ I suppose you could call me that, but I prefer the term spirit!’
                            Donna’s wide eyes gave away the terror she felt. Cold sweat flowed down her back. ‘ Laura, Laura where are you’ a stern voice called .A bigger and older spirit sank in through the wall. ‘ Aaah, there you are’ he said with a sigh of relief. ‘ Daddy look, this is the new girl.’ Laura whispered.
                              ‘ Hmmm… a young one, we could take her right here right now. Boys!’ He shouted. Laura edged closer, forcing Donna backwards. Laura was joined by about nine other ghosts, fists and feet at the ready. Donna ignorantly leapt through the scrum of violent ghosts and landed in the hole. ‘ Young lady, this was our house and it still is, it’s our domain. We know this house inside out, you’ll never escape the spirit’s revolt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hours passed by and Donna still sat in her bedroom waiting for spirits to barge in any moment ,ready to kill. Although the room was empty she felt like she was being watched. Her father walked through the door and the ground started shaking. An earthquake was brewing and by the time Donna’s father had reached her room she was already motionless- dead as a doornail.
                     A century later, the house was still standing and was occupied once again. Jane, the new girl of the house was searching the room in which the spirits had cornered Donna one- hundred years ago. Jane was confronted by a spirit, a spirit by the name of Donna.





"This was good. Scary. Very well written. keep up the good work. I'd appreciate reviews of my work, of a writer such of yourself. " -- Avis, Mumbai, India.


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January 2004

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