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Weeping Stones
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Weeping Stones
[1,173 words]
Nand Kishore
This is my first story
[December 2003]
[email protected]
Weeping Stones
Nand Kishore

Today I am twenty years old. Now considered a man in my tribe. I decided to spend my birthday with my love of my life, Koura. As per the customs of our tribe I decided to approach her father who was also the chieftain of her tribe for seeking her hand in marriage. It was years I had seen Koura. We played as children on the blue misty mountains, became partners in adventures and finally confessing our love for each other. The day we parted, I proclaimed like a warrior one day I would come and ask for the hand in marriage on eve of Moon Festival As I embarked on the journey the elders of my village warned me against going through the Black Cove for their lived the Enchantress Black heart. Young men crossing the Black Cove never returned to say their stories. Legends say they were turned into the stones and landed on the riverbed, flowing through the Black Cove. I began ascending the blue misty mountains where I had first met Koura. I slowly approached the old oak tree which marked the border of my village I looked back to see my village had faded into a distance. I leaned against an oak tree growing on a slope facing a cliff that rose behind small woods. The wood and the cliff provided a haven for birds. I closed my eyes savoring the sound of the woods. I felt the soft breeze caress my face, savored the slight brush of sweet lips on my own and trembled all over. It was a fleeting moment but it reinforced my determination to carry through my journey. I loved birds. I could name hundreds of them. They were my only friends. Come any Season, for twenty years I had spent most of my spare time, especially my birthdays, up on the hillside, watching them. I never saw time had passed, the moon was rising from behind the steep cliff and sun was setting on the western horizon. Koura came to my mind again. “Tonight is the moon festival. She would be waiting for me “I thought. I started the decent, for a moment the Moon disappeared behind the clouds and reappeared. I stopped for a moment and looked at the full moon. A small wood stretched beneath me, whilst behind the trees arose a small sheer cliff. I approached the woods, there was an eerie silence. It seems the trees were whispering to each other and a soft music emitting from the woods that was when I suddenly realized I was in the Black Cove. I wended my way through the wood I rounded a corner and found myself beside a great river. Weeping willows surrounded a large pool of azure water. There was an unperturbed tranquility about the place whilst the air was saturated with a fragrance of exotic flowering trees. The moon was sweeping into the jungle floor setting stage of some unexpected thrilling masterpiece. Suddenly I heard a splash and out stepped a young woman no more than eighteen years old. Her white wet dress clung to her honey-colored body. Wet yellow hair formed a frame around an oval face that was highlighted by an upturned pointed nose. At the sight of me she stopped. I did not move, but stood mesmerized, looking into her blue, limpid eyes. I felt inadequate before her. Her smile was inviting. "Come, sit near me and tell me how you found the place?." "I followed the path ". I pointed to the cliff as I stumbled on my words. "I'd never have thought such places existed” "It must be a special day for you”. She smiled. It was as if a flower suddenly blossomed out or a nestling had stretched its wings and embarked on its maiden, glorious flight. "Today is the Moon Festival." She nodded her head as if that explained all. "The place?". Surely you do not live here alone? I heard some haunting music back there." "Everything about the place is haunting. She held out her hand. "Why don’t you join me for a swim?" At first I felt abashed but her beauty and intense desire allowed me to throw caution to the wind. I undressed and found myself Immersed in the water and the depth of her eyes. The water was pleasantly warm and soft. As I dived, shoals of multi colored fish swam away in haste. I surfaced only to find that the girl had disappeared. I felt a knot of despair hardening in my groin. The haunting music began its melancholy melody again. This time it was less mournful, but rather sensual and intimidating. I saw the trailing branches of the willows move, as if in rhythm with the music I saw her float on the surface of the water in the shade of the bent gnarled trees. I felt a consuming fire running down my spine. She reached out to me and took me in her arms. For a moment I forgot the entire world around me and felt being led to some mesmerized world. “You must promise me to stay here” I could hear saying. She shook her head and for a moment stood up to her waist in water. Then I felt her sweet lips brush my cheeks as brittle electric tremors progressed all the way down to my toes. After that, I wasted no more time in words, and abandoned myself to an unforgettable ecstasy. Suddenly I felt I could not swim. Something one pulling me downward .My legs would not budge, I felt as though my legs were turning into stones. “Stones” I shuddered and I was back in mortal world. That girl was Enchantress Black Heart of the Black Cove. I felt myself drawn into the riverbed. I could see shoals of multi colored fish around me, my leg stumbled against something; I looked below to some round pebbles. Then suddenly I heard a new sound. The sound of someone weeping. “Weeping Stones” I said to myself. Those were the weeping sounds of young men who had passed through this Black Cove entrapped by the Enchantress. I knew I was becoming another stone on this riverbed. I regretted that for I had forgotten Koura for a moment and this had cost me dearly. Tears rolled down. I closed my eyes and tried to hear Koura’s voice. I could see her waiting for me at the Moon Festival. She had the Golden Harp in her hand and she was singing the Ballard of a love story, usually sung by young maidens waiting for their lovers. I could not hear her well for the song of enchantress was more powerful. I put both my hands on my ears and now I could hear the soothing voice of Koura’s trickling down my ears. The music overflowed my ears, into the river stream. The song had ended and I slowly opened my see myself lying on Koura’s Lap and her smiling face beaming at me. ********************



"very good keep it up" -- kumar.p.
"good" -- ush.
"super duper" -- vidya.


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December 2003

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