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Mother Earth (Nae) by Rowan Davies On a dark afternoon in the dead of winter, one tired old lady looks down upon the world and ... [351 words]
Perspective Is How You View It by Cynara Moore - [0 words]
War Of The Writers by Michael Harris This is my first fantasy themed short story. I welcome any and all comments. Thanks in adv... [1,955 words]
Fighter by E Rocco Caldwell In a moment of weakness one can find strength to endure. [561 words]
Weeping Stones by Nand Kishore - [1,173 words]
We Are Climbing David's Ladder, Soldiers Of The Cross by Brotherman A story of the evil that men do when they lose their soul... [3,108 words]
The Tale Of Wee Tee by Brendan Flanery A fantasy story best described as a "caveman legend" involving giant mammals and the way th... [5,029 words]
The Strength Of Six Million by E Rocco Caldwell A young man is confronted with death but calls upon the strength of Six Million. [746 words]
The Saviour Part Two by David B Doc Byron The ''Saviour'' tries to figure himself out. [244 words]
The Saviour Part Three by David B Doc Byron The investigation into mysterious deaths continues. [287 words]
The Saviour Part One by David B Doc Byron A serial killer helps sinners redeem themselves in his own way. [385 words]
The Knell by Eyitemi Egwuenu [2,300 words]
The Gluggs by Robert M Tidmarsh A u s t r i a, in the centre of Europe, a country with lots of history and many unusual village nam... [2,597 words]
The Executive by Peter Wellington Andrew Porter is a wealthy, succesful and impeccably dressed executive who makes the mistake of i... [3,693 words]
The Evil Root by D G Williford Manna Madness runs rampant. [165 words]
The Cold, Bitter Taste Of Gin by Darcy K Metz A man in his mid thirties is watching the sunset one summer evening at his lakesi... [3,123 words]
The Castle by Robert M Tidmarsh ...... In the woods on the top of a hill, a dark castle peeps through the mists of the night and the... [1,078 words]
Sail Away by Kevin Myrick An autobiographical story that ends with a point about the quest for the meaning of life, and what th... [1,295 words]
Night Encounter by R G Spencer A short story. [1,023 words]
Malidor:Ruler Of The Dark Ages Part Two by E Daugherty - [420 words]
Love's Seal by Nick Green A short story. [1,942 words]
Lost Paradise by Robert M Tidmarsh The story that I am going to tell you is a story that could happen to you or to me, a story with... [1,002 words]
Loose Women by Erma Uppercase Ten year old Tim's, version spoken in his own words. [535 words]
Last Words by Jesse Landon A short science-fiction story... [1,178 words]
Joe Pinizotto And The Curse Of Santa Claus by Mo Paul A christmas carol with a touch of alfred hitchcock. [2,673 words]
Dreamlady by Robert M Tidmarsh Dreamlady, a young girl who lived in Hungary during the 18th century, a girl and her dreams, a girl f... [821 words]
Darkland Lost by Bradley Grimes A man is found after bing lost for some time. [1,219 words]
Colloquium...Part One by E Rocco Caldwell Inhabitants on a planet prepares to travel in time in order to save their own world [431 words]
Colloquium Part Two by E Rocco Caldwell Ryder arrives at Moon Base George W. Bush in the 21st century. [349 words]
Clean Things...The Conclusion by E Rocco Caldwell There's one thing with being right...being dead wrong! [734 words]
Clean Things...Part One by E Rocco Caldwell Unchecked desire can lead a man to the dirty things in humanity. [463 words]
Clean Things...Part 3 by E Rocco Caldwell Ryan is surprised when the person he believe did the murder ends up murdered himself. [578 words]
Clean Things..Part 2 by E Rocco Caldwell Brenda is horribly murdered and the police think it's Ryan who did the deed. [570 words]
Space, The Final Finale -Repost- by E Rocco Caldwell What happens in space can be inside or outside the mind. [1,008 words]
The World At Four O’Clock by Byron Blake A glimpse into the exciting world of early morning radio news announcing. [903 words]
The Wannabe by Brotherman A story about hip hop fans who want to have everything but the burden. [2,866 words]
The St Francis Dam Disaster by Rowan Davies A story conjured from the greatest American civil engineering failure of the Twenti... [1,993 words]
The Road To Hell - Part Four by David B Doc Byron - [145 words]
The Road To Hell Part Three by David B Doc Byron - [305 words]
The Raod To Hell - Part Two by David B Doc Byron Leo meets up with an old ''friend.'' [192 words]
The Newb. Part 1 by Buxton Since the banning of all nuclear weapons, new ways have been created of winning wars. Sasu was... [674 words]
The Legend Of Mt. Kilauea And Santa Claus by Donna Nowak A story how Sants Claus saved Christmas from the mean spirited Mt. Ki... [453 words]
The Haunted House by Cristina Yacovone A mom,dad, and their son enter a haunted house. The ghosts want them out. My first story ev... [341 words]
The Brethren Part One by David B Doc Byron A lonely farmer finds his destiny in his own back yard. [384 words]
The Brethren Ending by David B Doc Byron - [478 words]
The Blood Taster's Club - Ending by David B Doc Byron - [428 words]
The Blood Taster's Club Part One by David B Doc Byron - [390 words]
Snowball's Tale by Sheryl Hanna This is a story about a white, Turkish Angora/Ragdoll mix cat. If he could talk this story is ... [1,123 words]
Shapeshifter The End by David B Doc Byron Uh uh...no way. Gotta read it!!!! [245 words]
Shapeshifter Part Two by David B Doc Byron - [219 words]
Shapeshifter Part Three by David B Doc Byron - [259 words]
Shapeshifter - Part One by David B Doc Byron - [412 words]
Shapeshifter Part Four by David B Doc Byron Billy decides to make a major ''change.'' [184 words]
Shapeshifter Part Five by David B Doc Byron Billy pays his strange new friends a visit. [207 words]
Semantics by E Rocco Caldwell A police interview. [305 words]
Path To The Top Of The M Ountain by Susan Brassfield Cogan You never know who is walking beside you. [500 words]
Our City's Finest by David B Doc Byron A cop hunts a serial killer? [408 words]
Mr. Nasty - Ending by David B Doc Byron - [437 words]
Mr. Nasty - A Crimehorror Tale Part One by David B Doc Byron A stupid redneck learns why alot of folks carry handguns. [391 words]
Mother - Trucker - Part One by David B Doc Byron A tale of revenge. [236 words]
Mother Trucker - Ending by David B Doc Byron - [237 words]
Mark Of The Beast Part Three by D G Williford The saga continues with a gal stuck in Armageddon. [174 words]
Madness In The Dark by E Rocco Caldwell Insanity creeps up the spine of a shunned lover during a blackout in New York. [660 words]
Loverdoll by David B Doc Byron - [400 words]
Like A Hot Knife Through Butter by Rae - [281 words]
Leah,Who? by Erma Uppercase Passing fancy running through my mind,this could happen. [359 words]
Hunt Party by Xero A morality tale - old man seeks solace with younger woman. [459 words]
How Is That I Tell You?
Hedonism....Denied by Just A Guy A true story as best remembered. this is my first attempt at a short story so any feedback ... [1,739 words]
Go Down Dead - The End by David B Doc Byron Sampson finally realizes what it's been about. [463 words]
Go Down Dead Part Two by David B Doc Byron Sampson is forced to confront the living dead. [401 words]
Go Down Dead Part Three by David B Doc Byron Sampson's battle with the undead begins. [403 words]
Go Down Dead Part One by David B Doc Byron A futuristic western. [360 words]
Go Down Dead Part Four by David B Doc Byron Sampson Faith gets his ''faith'' tested. [362 words]
George by Janeth Garza - [1,480 words]
Elegant Provisions by Harvey Kennett Everyone is looking for the "perfect recipe"...here is a personal favourite...bon appetit ! [420 words]
Eating Babies by Harvey Kennett Forgive the title...it just seemed appropriate for this disturbing little tale... [1,074 words]
Blues For Julia Foster by Brotherman A short story dedicated to a girl who went to the wrong damm party. [4,184 words]
Birthday Boy by Harvey Kennett Younger children place a great importance to their Birthdays. An importance that adults should nev... [967 words]
A Guilt Trip Down Memory Lane by Darrell N Middleton -- Oliver They couldn't find out and I wouldn't tell. [600 words]

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How Is That I Tell You?
We all have messages of desperation that we wish to express at one time or another. If only there were a formula, a way to brige the communication gap that divides you and I keeping our collective ego at odds.
[928 words]
Byron Blake
BB - say it with a smile. The illustrious Byron Blake once again glimpses our pages with delight. His website is www.ByronBlake.com
[December 2003]
The World At Four O’Clock (Short Stories) A glimpse into the exciting world of early morning radio news announcing. [903 words] [Humor]
How Is That I Tell You?
Byron Blake

I stood out in the town square wearing my giant chicken suit and orange feathers.  On my soap box I call out to you.  “The world will end in exactly 1,390 days.”  I point to an obscure bible passage that I found.  “When I added it up by alphabetical numerology A=1 and so forth.  It added up to 1390.”  You nod in interest and agreement.  “Plus I deeply understand from my bible school teachings that this was the year our lord who art in heaven who guided Moses or what is his name Columbus to discover America.  From here we rule the world.  Rome is now Washington DC and the Legion Order of Cat Fish Franchises have conspiracy plans to break the Builder Burgers into smaller pieces so that the Queen and her royal backed Bank of England can control the money supply better.”  

You continued to walk on and did not listen anymore to me.  I felt compelled to get off my soap box and come after you.  “Of course, I am making this all up, but you should go along with it anyway.  Why?  Because you are on a new form of underground camera show called “Gag Order”.  Understand?”  You stand there confused not knowing whether to take me seriously.  You look around and see a video camera in the corner.  “Yes, I’m going to say whatever I want to you buddy boy.  Freedom of the press, got it?”  You look angrily at me.  “I am willing to go to jail or the fricking mental institution for my right of free speech, got it?”  You nod slowly.  I grab hold of your vest and twist it.  “What will it take for us to wake up?   Don’t you want to preserve the planet?”  Finally you reply.  
“Well, interesting you should ask that.  Since the world is scheduled and pre-ordained to be destroyed in only 1,390 days we’ve got no time left.”   

In a grouched faced fashion I sneered.  “How much time do we need is the question, ok?”  (Disclaimer:  Since I haven’t really gotten around to counting up the days on the calendar to see exactly when this date exactly occurs – lets be flexible about the exact date.  As long as you get the idea you can make a note in a day or two to make a random check).  

You replied again to me nicely and now I am torn.  I’ve torn your collar.  You say. “If it happens it must be God’s will to let this be – let this be.  If he or she wants it stopped I am sure the almighty could prevent this disaster from happening.  On the other hand, it may be a test of Lucifer whose task is to challenge and determine who is stronger.”  You pause as I am about to say something. You interrupt my thoughts.  “Let  – the ignorant will of the people or their good hearts rule.  It is our natures to listen to your sad street slobber corner appeals and I enjoy reading your slanted spray painted slogans.  I don’t have time or money to give today so, just let me go home.”  You start to walk away again.  I keep pace.  “I don’t mean any harm sir. I only want to warn everyone.  I’ve even begun to use professional telemarketing services to call and intimidate rich families in the middle of the night anonymously so they can spread the good word.”  He said he could see I’m a good man whose just a little crazy.  “Now, the real issue seems to be – if what you are saying is all true and you manage to alert all the people.  Then what?  What can they do about it?”  He had me there.  I haven’t thought that far in advance of my plans.  

“I have given this a great of thought and feel I am doing my share just by shaking up and scaring the populace to repent.  It is difficult these days convincing a weary public.  I ask you to stop running away from me.  Let us stand together in unified silent prayer.  Once we have spread the message and packed our bags for the big journey the Mother Ship will arrive and take us all away.  Then we’ll all be ok again.  Once on board their friendly space craft most aliens that allow chanting will let us use their technology to return to a brand new Earth so we can decolonize this planet.  That will help us live together better.”  

“Don’t you want to live on top of a Utopian world?  Ok, if you walk any faster I won’t be able to keep up with you.  Look, come back next week to the same place for the annual World Beat Banging of the Cake Pans contest.  It is part of divine plan to alert god and bring this identity crises to its head.  I’ll do anything for the utmost’s attention.  Can you bring one of your crock pots?  Please take a stack of my pamphlets to pass on to others.” You stop and look glazed eyed at me. “I can now see that there is great urgency to your message.  Take me to your leader.”  You start laughing.  I reiterate “We only have 1,390 days left.”  You keep walking away and I know it is hopeless.  “I better stop following you around now and go back to my soap box in Red Square or some other nut will take my space.  Thank you for being human, supportive and listening.  Got any spare rubles?”



"This is the best short story I have ever read honestly - it is completely off the wall and I love it. I laughed " -- Reginald Windsor Not III, New York, New York, Former Colonies.
"Wild - weird - totally out there - I love it - my mind is warped!" -- Wrinke Shine, San Francisco, CA, US.
"Wicked!" -- HEHE, HILO, HAWAII, UZA.


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