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Darkland Lost
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Darkland Lost
A man is found after bing lost for some time.
[1,219 words]
Bradley Grimes
Lives in Pennsylvania.
[September 2005]
[email protected]
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Darkland Lost
Bradley Grimes

There was no way to tell where he was now. Every way he looked just lead to another dead end. A tree there. A rock there. And it was dark. The kind of dark that sent shivers up your spine as a child. His breath was heavy now.
He had no food. No water. Nothing. Alone and dark and cold.
He had been lost for several days now. He fell asleep in a tent, and woke up in alongside an isolated tree trunk. At first he thought it was a joke. A poor and simple joke.
“Very funny” he yelled out. Yelled out into the darkness. But there was never any answer. Just the same silent response. He continued to yell out about his humor for the situation. Eventually, the silent response deteriorated and the his heart began to race. Slowly at first, until the current violent pace. Beating and beating harder and harder.
He sat down. Tired. He closed his eyes for a moment. The moment last several more, and then several more. He was exhausted. No rest for days, just endless walking and walking. Each footstep bringing him closer to the end. He never realized it, but he was closing the end of his journey.
He must have slept for hours, a quiet crackling awoke him. He didn’t believe it at first, but it was coming closer. It got louder. Then louder. He shouted.
“Hello!?” his voice coarse and scared. The footsteps got closer. Above the crackling leaves, the image of a man formed. “Hello” he said in a lower voice. He wasn’t sure what it was. The fact that it did not respond to him quickly left him in confusion and tension.
“Hello, Daniel.” The voice called back. Daniel. The man called him by his name. “We’ve been looking for you for some time now.”
“Who are you?” Daniel asked him. Completely forgetting the man knew his name. He was so relieved to have contact with someone, other than the trees of the dense forest. He couldn’t see much of the man other than the dark silhouette that he shadowed back.
“I am a friend, needless to say.” the man answered. “My name is Lou. I am part of a party that has been searching for you.”
“How long have I been gone?” Daniel asked. Was this a dream? Am I sleeping? Oh, God please don’t let this be a dream.
“Several days.”
“How did I get separated from the people I was with?”
“They’ve died. Attack by a bear in the middle of the night.”
“Died? I don’t remember? Are you sure? In doesn’t make any sense.”
“I realize the sense of confusion your going through, but we found their camp. They were mewed to death.”
Daniel fell to the ground wheezing, coughing, shivering. He hadn’t noticed how cold he had been. It was freezing. His whole body started to reject itself. He didn’t believe it.
“I am sorry, but we need to start moving.” Lou said to him. He made no attempt to offer comfort. He simply pressed that they push on.
“Yes, I know.” Daniel said. Wiping forming tears from his eyelids, he got up from where he had fallen. “Lets get the hell out of here.”
“That’s impossible.” Lou mumbled under his breath.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you said.”
“I just said good idea. Come on.”
A small light appeared in front of the man. A flashlight. Daniel still couldn’t see the man in front of him. He followed the light. The light was the first he had seen in a while. He pondered this point for a moment. He Hadn’t seen any light. Not even the gleaming rays from the sun. Could the forest have been that thick and dense that there was no light.
He was too tired to begin debating himself. Too tired to even follow the light at this point. But another force was at work on him. Conscious. His conscious screamed at him to keep moving. Demanded. Violently spread its voice across his mind to follow the light. And he did, without a moment’s thought of collapsing and dieing there.
“Do you have any water?” he asked Lou.
“No, I’m sorry. I ran out trying to find you.” Lou answered him.
“How much farther is it?” Daniel asked him, the exhaustion and anticipation of being beyond the woods was starting to show itself.
“Not much.” Lou answered back coldly, displaying the same cold like emotions that he had before.
“I’m sorry” Daniel started, “It’s just I have been in the woods for days. I’m tired, sick, cold and…”
“Don’t worry about the apologies, just follow the light.” The words were ripped right from his conscious. Daniel stopped.
“Follow the light?” he asked.
“Yes.” Lou said turning to him. “The light.” he said waving the flashlight in the air. Daniel’s breath got heavy again. This was a trick. A violent trick. This man was trying to kill him. Remove him from the face of the earth. He was leading Daniel into a trap. His conscious yelled at him. Follow the light. Follow the light. Don’t turn into the darkness. But it was too late.
Daniel leapt in the direction of the light, pushing the man down as he did. He grabbed the throat of Lou and squeezed. His conscious silently slipped away, as the gasping breathes from Lou got slower and slower. He punch Lou in the face. Blood began to flow from cuts at the corners of Lou mouth, all the while his breathing became increasing non-existent.
Daniel grabbed the flashlight from Lou’s dead hand. Wildly hitting his dead body over the head with the metal end of it.
He fell backward, the light at his side, spreading it’s gleam over the corpse. Daniel breathed heavily, and let his heart return to normal. He laved for a few moments. Sweat glistened at the top of his forehead.
He sat up again. Grabbed the flashlight, and looked at his hands. They were covered in blood.
He yelled at the top of his lungs. The noise spread over the forest. Reaching end to end.
He got up and ran. Dropping the flashlight as he did. He ran for a long while. Yelling the whole entire way. Yelling at the top of his lungs. Never stopping to breath in more air.
He tripped. He tripped and went sailing into the air. His head brushed up against the side of a tree.
He was knocked out. Cold once again. He lay next to the tree, a fresh bruise at his forehead.
Away off in the forest. The flashlight somewhere went off. The corpse of the Lou began to decompose, and night continued on.
Later, much later he awoke.
There was no way to tell where he was now. Everything was dark. Nothing mad sense either. Blood all over his hands. He wiped them in the leaves.
He had no food. No water. Nothing. Alone and dark and cold.
“It’s been days now.” he said aloud. “When am I going to find my way out of here.”
He had been lost for several days now. At first he thought it was a joke, just a cruel joke…


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