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Everything's Falling Into Place by Paul Leighland MacLaine As his girlfriend throws all his possessions from a balcony, the man realises t... [946 words]
Sky Bound by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 8. Five years after Anne and Andrew marry, a crisis in the making forces them t... [3,501 words]
The Way We Actually Were by Jeffrey (George) Winter Recollections from a veteran of the Third Reich. [1,337 words]
Wisdom Dug Out Of Dirt by Jeffrey (George) Winter The wealth possessed by a poor, old farmer. [1,032 words]
You've Got Mail by David B Doc Byron A parody of the secret lives of movie critics. [358 words]
The Spirit Tree by Paul Leighland MacLaine A small boy was living with his Aunt and Uncle on their farm discovers a magic tree, and a mira... [4,197 words]
The Secret Of Pimples by David B Doc Byron You'll never see this one coming.... [362 words]
The Caged Introvert
Sleep Tight. Nighty Night. by Alessandra Mace This story I wrote before 'Big things come in small packages' see how is has matured... [1,282 words]
Nothing Fits, Anyway by Daniel Taylor A short story. [1,610 words]
Night Bite! by Frank Dunsmore Some believe in vampires and some wannabe vampires but Lieutenant Schmidt and his detectives are un... [3,812 words]
Cutting Critics by Frank Dunsmore We've all heard the debate: what is the responsibility of a reviewer? Is it primarily to tell t... [5,146 words]
As Told By Me by Parker Short Story about a kid that gets caught up in the wrong stuff. [6,534 words]
A Poignant Goodbye by Anne Stewart A very short story about internet relationships. [597 words]
A Pocket Full Of Stones by Paul Leighland MacLaine As he walked through the darkest part of his town, he allowed his thoughts to get the b... [929 words]
The Legacy by Paul Leighland MacLaine Abandonment is a terrible way to end a relationship, especially when it is in favour of your best fr... [3,561 words]
The Cool Clique by Pearl S I actually did some reasearch for this, interviewed a few older friends... they don't understan... [837 words]
Sweetchild by Paul Leighland MacLaine Sweetchild is the story of interracial love, a tragic story of a Romeo and Juliet. [2,387 words]
Story Of A Ghost by Matthew Mercieca A short story, about a man who goes through life being consumed by hate. [1,130 words]
Special by Pearl S - [1,338 words]
Space Walk by Sue (Sooz) Simpson May Cause offense. [1,290 words]
So This Is My Life Then by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [517 words]
Renting by Paul Leighland MacLaine Sometimes letting go can be harder than holding on. [390 words]
Remington, Underwood & Royal by Paul Leighland MacLaine Will Kingsway has just purchased the solution to his writer’s block – a black, Rem... [4,378 words]
Pulp-Affliction by David B Doc Byron You figure it out. [568 words]
Podunk by David B Doc Byron A small group of rednecks find out what it's like not to get the last laugh on a minority. [763 words]
On The Singularity Cusp by Matt Tracy Learn the lengths to which humans will go to reach immortality. They reach for the star... [2,287 words]
Newsworthy by Vyacheslav Yampolsky A short story. [1,459 words]
Just A Bloody Card Game by Jerry Vilhotti A strorella. [979 words]
Involution Melancholia by Paul Leighland MacLaine Mead wakes to find he has been sleeping on a bar. The room is filled with people and smo... [1,859 words]
Hickory, Dickory, Dock by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [991 words]
Four Minute Warning by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [476 words]
Close? Only When We Danced by Paul Leighland MacLaine Secrets and promises are often the hardest things to keep. They have a habit of slip... [908 words]
Cherry Blossom by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [435 words]
Big Things Come In Small Packages by Alessandra Mace This story is about a boy who loves playing the piano and wishes to be a pian... [2,075 words]
Anything Has To Be Better Than This by Paul Leighland MacLaine Nixon lives a quiet life, he minds his own business, keeps to himself...it’... [952 words]
Grounded by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 10. Seven years into their marriage, life presents the Crance's with a few welco... [2,957 words]
Fatal Flight by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 9. Reacting to Eric's death, Andrew, Eric's first flight instructor, and pro... [3,852 words]
Instrument Meteorological Conditions by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 6. Built on friendship and common interest, Andrew ... [2,464 words]
Worlds Biggest Loser by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [114 words]
Watch Out, Henry! There's A Hole In That There Bucket! by Pearl S The English Essay I Had Way Too Much Fun Writing. [4,772 words]
Warring Faiths by Ami Another dream... [1,503 words]
Volunteer by Scott Turnit Red Scottturnitred The Empire Falls into civil war. Hard decesions must be made. [2,654 words]
Violet Glowing by Jason Richard Mercer The prelude to a story about an emotionally drained nymphomaniac with the soul of an angel. (I g... [594 words]
Twenty-First Century Mankind by Eric A Hofmann I chose to write a modern day myth which tackled subjects that I thought should be... [1,273 words]
Torn Over Ben by Tracy N Van Brocklin This story is an overview of a young woman's feelings about how she must give up what has been ma... [3,667 words]
The Wrong Love by Samuel James Chase When is love wrong? A story told from the point of view of a person who feels he is the victim i... [2,425 words]
The Music Of Zetaph by Rachael E Bills An intriguing outlook on a futuristic world where aliens from the planet Zetaph have interg... [3,218 words]
The Dinosaur by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [1,523 words]
Rebecca by Tammi Goyns A short story about supposed insanity...read into the mind of a madman and how he finds society to be c... [1,034 words]
Naughty Bunny Goes To Ibiza by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [552 words]
Lake Of The Woods by Stephanie Black A story about man vs. nature. A young boy must face a bear in the middle of nowhere during ... [2,492 words]
Insideout by David B Doc Byron A woman born deformed longs to be beautiful. [791 words]
His Prospects by Caitlin Conaway Repressed Victorians! Plus Antarctic Explorers, a pretty Oxford reject, and a little morphine. [3,535 words]
Four Months by Hopii Canterfield This is not meant to be a trite romance, although I know that it can come off that way. It's just ... [666 words]
Experience As In Dostojewski by Stefanie Aschmann The narrator is a rich, middle aged woman living in Germany. Her outlook on life t... [2,023 words]
Dropping The Red Doll by Paul Leighland MacLaine He hasn’t seen his ex-wife in three years but suddenly she is back in his head and back i... [822 words]
Don't Be So Quick To Pull The Plug! by Ami Imagine yourself in her position and SHIVER! It's kind of creepy, a trigger... [1,658 words]
Cat's Chorus by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [1,332 words]
Cancer Of The Circumstance by Paul Leighland MacLaine When a man meets a friend in the street, a long lost friend, he sees that he is dyin... [1,424 words]
Blue Pill by Scott Turnit Red Scottturnitred Deep Space Romance. [4,499 words]
Anne by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [707 words]
After She Left by Paul Leighland MacLaine When a relationship ends and partners go their separate ways, the memory of the lost love begins... [708 words]
A Twist In The Tail by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [963 words]

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The Caged Introvert
A shy, unattached man's journey for love...
[3,644 words]
Michael Harris
African American male. Accepted Christ as savior as I have been born again since August 1st of 2002. I have been writing on and off for about 10 years though I'm pretty determined to keep at it this time.
[August 2012]
[email protected]
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"Hello Michael, using a common practice for text when HTML isn’t active I have copied your piece verbatim, and have placed commentary in stars, so it will appear ***just like this.*** The Caged Introvert Michael Harris ***The first thing I will assume is that you have no or very limited formal training in fiction writing, therefore I’ll try to go easy on you, instead of picking out every little thing. Since I have the impression you have life experience, but not so much writing experience, I’ll concentrate on the big general things first. Later in time you will then be able to receive critiques by me or others which are far more specific.*** There lives a young man who, by no means of his own inherent powers, finds it stingingly difficult when relating to members of the opposite sex. ***The most noticeable thing about this opening is the use of tense. Here you have used present tense, which is very rarely used, and then only by the most experienced of writers. Present tense usually makes a piece sound a bit weak and foofy. In most prose it is best to switch to the use of past tense. So here is how I would rewrite your first sentence “There lived a young man who, by no means of his own inherited powers, finding it stingingly difficult when relating to members of the opposite sex.” It sounds better that way, bolder. I’d suggest a tense change for the rest of the text as well.*** It began some years ago, back in elementary school, when an ocular beauty by the name of Iris would literally propel him into an awe stricken state whenever he could be found in her presence. His memory of the said charmer was vivid, akin to how one remembers the sun sets in the west or the details of a bright and warm summer day. She was of African-American descent herself ***”herself” is an opposition word, suggesting something is being compared against the subject, but here we have no evidence of comparison. Example of opposition/comparison: “Marge thinks she’s so great because she’s dating a fullback, but I’m dating the quarterback myself, so it’s nothing special.” Thus using “herself” would suggest she’s being compared against something that has already been presented, but that information is not shown to the reader.***, but mixed, as her mother was a descendant of the Europeans. Her skin therefore carried with it a lightish-brownish ***Neither base word in this conglomeration is entirely grammatically accurate, but the double “ish” has got to go. Try changing to “lightish-brown” or “light-brownish.” But for maximum performance change to “… carried with it a light-brown complexion…”*** complexion, and her hair, crinkled and free as it was, bore with it a dark and brownish coat. She was, in his own young and impressionable mind, the quintessential beauty. This fascination with a young beauty would last him some three years, until Iris ***It might be wise to mention her name immediately when introducing her, rather than putting off to the very end.*** and her parents packed up and moved away. He could never, in those early years, find or muster the courage needed to confess his infatuation with her, and this same hesitancy that began those long years ago remained with him through middle and high school--and has since matured--thus producing a most pitiable creature. Now in his second year of college, he hopes to finally find love with a new and recent finding, one Gwendlyn Moors. Our protagonist's name is Marsellus Towers, and he is The Caged Introvert. ***This is more of a speak-style. This kind of language such as “There lives a young man in the fantasy village. Our hero is Jon the Brave. What will our hero do?” is the realm of storytellers, not fiction writers. I’ve known some very gifted storytellers in the performance art community who can enchant an entire audience of children, and the masterful can even keep adults spellbound, performing a story with his/her voice and actions, but most of these story-tellers cannot write prose. It is two very ways of displaying a story, a storyteller tells and performs a story, while a fiction writer shows a story. In order to really understand the difference, ask yourself if the reader will be able to fully appreciate the story if you are not in the room performing it for him or her.*** Marsellus lives in an apartment with a friend named Donovan Tillet. Donovan he met when he was just entering high school, as the two became acquainted with one another through the high school chess team. To his credit, Donovan has--on many occasions--attempted to help Marsellus rectify his situation by giving him hints or whatnot ***I might alter that slightly from “or whatnot” to “and such”*** , as it relates to relationships and how best to approach women. Indeed, a true and stalwart fellow is Donovan Tillet. It has been Donovan planting the seeds of encouragement in the young lad all these years, and it was Donovan--as a matter of fact--who first introduced Marsellus to the visual splendor that is Gwendlyn Moors, having known her from some time past, in middle school years to be precise, the two keeping in touch despite attending separate high schools. And therefore because of Donovan progress ***Plant commas around “because of Donovan” since the phrase is a momentary aside to the rest of the sentence, for instance you could say “And therefore progress has been made…”*** has been made on the Gwendlyn front. The trio share a chemistry class and Marsellus chats with her from time to time, always--though--about small and trifle ***Drop “and trifle” since it is redundant. You wouldn’t say “small and little things” or “small and relatively insignificant things”*** things like weather, or apprehension toward facing a new assignment. Never has Marsellus been able to approach Gwendlyn with words leaning towards his interest in wanting to know her better as a person, as the stifling predicament of his youth has piled up upon him, preventing him from revealing his true feelings. As to the visage of our protagonist, he is quite the looker himself, ***Here you are just telling the reader what Marsellus looks like. Example: “Here’s Bob. Bob is a guy. Bob has long hair and a mustache.” By now your reader will be yawning. When revealing details about a character’s appearance it must never be too darn obvious. For example I’d say: “Marsellus felt the gaze of the woman on his russet skin, and he saw her smile, though he was too shy to return the look.” It takes a certain finesse, Michael, to work the details into the story, instead of lumping it out there and saying “here it is.”*** though it hasn't been brought up much, save by a few aunts, and a grandmother here and there. He is black--but browned skinned--and his hair is semi-curly. His eyes share some resemblance to those of puppies ***Much of the narrative in this story can be cut, and you may find yourself doing so in later revisions, but this is one phrase you really ought to keep “His eyes share some resemblance to those of puppies…” since it not only strikes a comparison between Marsellus’ eyes and that of a puppy’s, but also makes the reader draw the conclusion of a comparison between Marsellus’ shyness and that of a puppy’s.*** , and his skin is free of all physical defects whatsoever ***So he’s perfect? Consider that awhile Michael. How many completely physically perfect people have you met? Try and stay with the literary fiction nature of this piece without skipping over to the genre category of Fantasy. He may be handsome, but is he genetically engineered?*** . Truth be told, on many an occasion a young lady has been intimidated by him, which has not aided his cause much of any, ***”of any” is unnecessary and won’t be missed if you decide to yank it out of there.*** but has rather stifled it, seeing as how he also suffers from intimidation. And then too, Marsellus is a moral man, it is not sex that he is after, but rather companionship. But he is very much ignorant of the fact that he is a good looker, which--had he known it--his confidence level might have superseded ***Spelling correction “superceded”*** all his hopes and dreams. Well, on no particular day, while laying ***While this is incorrect, I’ll let the whole laying/lying/lain thing lay for awhile, and concentrate on the big stuff.*** in bed, Marsellus determined in his mind that he was going to ask of ***Change “of” to “for”*** the hand of Gwendlyn Moors. As he thought on ***Change “on” to “of” or “upon”*** the daunting task that lay ahead of him, it came to his mind that it would be best if he consulted his friend and consulate Donovan Tillet on the matter. And so he did, their conversation being as follows: ***Here’s another regal example of letting the storyteller in you overwhelm the prose. You want to avoid saying “Here is the scene. Bob enters into the room and says something to Harry.” You need to tell a story in printed words not spoken words, and you need to avoid stage directions unless you are directing a play.*** "Donovan?" "Yes, Marsellus?" "I've been thinking...I mean...seriously thinking. If I were to...ask of Gwendlyn, what do you think she would say to me? How would she reply? Do you think that she would even have me?" "...Are you...really considering this?" "I am." Donovan paused for a moment. He then began pacing the room, pressing down on his bottom lip whilst lowering his eyebrows. It was as if he was contemplating a great matter in that domed head of his, or so that is what Marsellus perceived. Finally, after much moving about, he spoke. "I think...I think that you should go for it. I may be wrong, but I'm certain she has an eye for you, or in the very least she's fairly interested. Yes, I think you should go for it." Marsellus smiled a smile that would lift even the most discouraged soul to a state of supreme happiness. And now that he possessed the go ahead, it was time to practice what he would say, and that he would do for the next two days. Now, it is perhaps presumed that Gwendlyn is flawless in nature, and this is only partly true. Looking upon her, one would--in fact--liken her to a pearl beset amongst a host of clam shells. ***clamshells*** Her hair is wonderfully long and as soot ***This word, while it may accurately capture the likeness of what her hair is either colored like or textured like, that you may be trying to achieve, it is perhaps not the best word to use when describing something attractive, unless you find something particularly attractive about ashes that stick to the lining of a chimney.*** and whenever she enters a room the light from the fixtures on the ceiling refracts off of it, producing a most eye-pleasing effect. Her skin is candy-coated with caramel, and produces no ill effects whatsoever. ***I’ve noticed you created two perfect people, physically anyhow. This may be a way to off-set their inner-selves, but still it should be pointed out the creation of perfect people in stories is a long out-moded way of creating creators, and has been dead for several centuries now. Very few people wish to read about the perfect prince or princess in modern reading. They prefer to have their heroes and heroines more realistic. At least you made these main characters average individuals, though interestingly enough you do mention the word “prince” in the next line.*** She is petite in size, but possesses ample subsidies in all the right places. She is gorgeous, and a prince alone would do by her side. But see if not her true nature can be perceived in the following passage where she is courted by a nameless young man. "Gwendlyn! Hi! Hey...umm...listen, do you think that you and I could ever like...go on a date sometime? I know we've only just met, but I'd like to get a chance to know you better...if that's all right with you." "Well...it depends..." "Depends? Depends on what?" "A lot of things...Like, where would we go? Or what would we do? All this doesn't come cheap, you know. But..." And as she said this she drew very, very close to him. "...if you're willing to shell out, I promise to you that I'll make it worth your wild." And so with those words Gwendlyn Moors racked up another victim to her long list of male companions. Truth be told, Gwendlyn Moors was skillful in the art of manipulation. Mostly she would use men for money, or extravagant gifts, sometimes even for sex. She had to repay them at some point if she was to ever lay hold on them for any extended period of time of course. Indeed, Gwendlyn Moors was a member of a very dishonorable bunch. And just who is to blame for allowing the esteemed Marsellus Towers to fall for one like Gwendlyn Moors: certainly not the helper that is Donovan Tillet. Donovan never was a great perceiver of the character of a human being, and in truth, Gwendlyn never did anything that would give him any indication as to her true being. However, the situation that Marsellus is about to engage in isn't purely by chance. We are in the acknowledgement of the higher power, and the fact which being that some bad things that happen to good people only help to bring about a stronger person in the end. With that said, Marsellus--over two days time--made it his mission to affect the heart of Gwendlyn Moors, planning his method of approach most extensively. He wrote things down, practiced in front of mirrors, and even received input from long-time friend Donovan. It was an exciting time to be sure. Marsellus was on the brink of overcoming a weight which had bogged him down since early childhood. But when the big day came there were still jitters and apprehensions which he could not overcome. His heart would beat irregularly, and his palms produced sweat. He felt altogether uneasy, and in his mind the thought kept resurfacing that Gwendlyn would reject him. But he held steadfast. Regardless of how he was feeling, he was determined to go through with it this time, after so many thwarted attempts. And so he approached Gwendlyn after class one day. Their conversation being as follows: "Gwendlyn! Wait up!" He hastened toward her. "I wanted to talk with you." "Talk to me? About what?" Marsellus took a deep breath. He looked from side to side and saw Donovan walk past him, motioning signs of encouragement. He had prepared hard for this moment, and now he could hardly get out what he wanted to say. "Listen...I was wondering...Well...I'm interested in you...deeply...I have been, ever since I laid eyes on you. And...I thought it might be nice if you and I got to know each other a little better." Marsellus went on, building his case and giving Gwendlyn no time at all for a reply. He stated that he wouldn't dare dream of violating her and that he was interested in companionship, something which shocked her immeasurably, though she betrayed not a hint of her inward manner. Finally, after much talk, Gwendlyn smiled, which in turn left Marsellus' mouth gaped wide open. She then spoke. "Oh Mars!" She said, stroking his cheek in the process. "I'd be delighted to go out with you." The cogs in her mind were running in overdrive. Normally, she would have rejected him because of his professed abstinence, but she was secretly very fond of Marsellus, and wished to lay with him ***This is a “very” old biblical term. I’m pretty sure “sex” is no longer deemed a dirty word by the Christian church.***. Indeed, Gwendlyn Moors had plans for Marsellus Towers. So they set the date for a Friday night, and all the while the excitement of Marsellus reached feverish peaks. Just before he was about to leave for Gwendlyn's, Marsellus consulted Donovan on proper behavior. "Now, it is probably best if you don't bring up the fact that you've never been out on a date before." "Why not?" "Because it'll put unneeded pressure on her at this point. You don't want to do that, do you?" Marsellus shook his head. "Just be yourself. She's not out to get you. She's a person just like you and me, ya see? You don't have to put on any fronts." Marsellus nodded his head. "I see. Well, I'm off. Will you be up when I get back?" "Maybe. I am kinda interested to see how it all turns out." And so with those words spoken Marsellus headed for the exit and left. Gwendlyn, like many other college students, still lived with her parents, and had given Marsellus her address: 13575 Biltmore Street it read. Marsellus had no trouble finding it, as he was familiar with the neighborhood. When he pulled near the curb of the house, he found that Gwendlyn was already waiting for him on a porch bench, her hair sparkling in the moonlight. She was clothed in a very tight ensemble, and hoped that through her dress Marsellus would decode her secret message. Marsellus thought it befitting of her, but wasn't about to engage in anything that went against what he stood for. Marsellus got out of the car and opened the door for her. "Hi!" He said. "You been waiting long?" "No. Not particularly." "That's good." There was a small smile on her face, which Marsellus noticed. This would be a night to remember. As they made their way to the movies (which is one of the places they agreed upon going, later they would go to dinner) they talked on a variety of subjects: like school, family, each others ***other’s*** private interests. Gwendlyn was quite fond of baking and Marsellus confessed that he was quite fond of eating. The two shared a healthy laugh from that episode. But there were some things brought up and noticed which utterly disengaged the interest of Marsellus, like Gwendlyn's vanity. Whenever he'd turn to gaze at her, it seemed as if she was constantly looking in the mirror. Also, she talked most extensively of past relationships, and how she was treated by other men, in terms of their willingness or unwillingness to spend money on her. This gave Marsellus a very mixed impression of the one whom he had become so infatuated with. The movie they were going to go see was a romantic comedy. Neither of them had seen it, so they were both fairly interested. Marsellus, though, was concerned chiefly about the possibility of them building a relationship, and he felt strongly that--after considering and dismissing the absurdness of it all--Gwendlyn could be the one he'd marry one day. But this feeling would only last for a short while, as he was highly disappointed when another man, whom Gwendlyn knew, came and spoke with her. It happened at the conclusion of the film. He had no date, or at least that is what Marsellus perceived. And he might have forgotten about the incident altogether, had it not been for the way in which Gwendlyn handled it. She talked and laughed with him, carrying on as if Marsellus wasn't even there. Finally, she did introduce the two, and said that he was only a casual acquaintance of hers, which, after observing the way they interacted, Marsellus wasn't too inclined to believe. As they made their way from the theater to dinner, there wasn't much of anything of importance discussed. Marsellus found it difficult to converse with her after the way in which she had treated him. He tried to conceal it, but Gwendlyn noticed, and perceived that he was genuinely hurt by her actions. She would have to turn her charm up a notch if she was to ever have him, and that is exactly what she would do. As they arrived and made their way to their tables, Marsellus determined in his mind that he would forget what happened at the theater, if for no other reason to give Gwendlyn the benefit of the doubt. Marsellus therefore attempted to spark conversation. "What are you ordering?" He said, as he flipped through his menu. "I don't know yet. What about you, Mr. I-Like-To-Eat-A-Lot." Marsellus smiled. Gwendlyn did the same. "Probably their steak. I hear its ***it’s*** nice. So says Donovan." "Then I'll have the same." So they ordered and ate and had stimulating conversation throughout. Gwendlyn even confided in him that she was secretly very fond of him since the beginning, and Marsellus was now feeling so comfortable talking with her, that he decided to forego advice given him by Donovan. "You know," Said he, "you're actually the very first girl I've ever been out with." "No." Said Gwendlyn, in a very shocking manner. "Really?" "Yes!" He said. "I wasn't supposed to say anything, says Donovan, but I feel greatly relaxed while talking with you." She smiled. Secretly she was very pleased with this. Now she knew him to be ripe for the picking. She even thought of caressing his leg with her own, but later thought better of it, seeing as how he was committed to abstinence. She did not want to upset him or scare him away. But she would not let the night pass without giving him a firm indication as to her intentions. So Marsellus paid the bill and they left the restaurant on a happy note. Marsellus was very pleased with how things were going. She is marvelous, he thought. Simply marvelous. After pulling into her driveway, Marsellus got out and walked her to her door. "I had a wonderful time." Said he. "So did I. It was very enjoyable." "How does next Friday sound? We can go bowling." "Oh, I'm not that good," She said. "Neither am I. But that's what will make it fun." "Fine. Next Friday we'll go bowling." She said, laughing. She then became serious, romantically so. "Can I...kiss you?" She said. Marsellus saw no harm in it, and said yes. So she kissed him, and he kissed her, and as she did so she touched him inappropriately, which startled Marsellus immeasurably. "I'll see you in class," She said, as she entered her house. Marsellus was left there standing in amazement. Finally he got hold of himself and headed for home. It was, to him, a very sensitive topic. That she would do such a thing after he expressed his disinterest, was distressing. Still, he was not ready to end the blossoming relationship. He would simply tell her that her conduct was inappropriate and never to do it again. That is what he would do. Well, as he was heading for his apartment, he couldn't help but think on how great a night it had been. Apart from the two finding a good deal of chemistry, he had conquered his ***Delete “being shy” and replace with “shyness.”*** being shy. And this is only the beginning, he thought. Only the beginning. When he got back home he found that Donovan was fast asleep. An unfortunate incident really, because he was dying to hear his own take on the matter. ***That would be quite impossible. Mars’ could hear Donovan’s response to the night’s events, but Mars’ could not hear Donovan’s take on them, because Donovan was not there.*** So the next morning came, and as he was getting ready for class he explained just how fantastic a night it was. "It was incredible man. We had great chemistry together. It was like we knew each other from years past or something. We're gonna make a great couple." "See, I told you didn't I? Now what we need to do is build upon the foundation. Lets ***Let’s*** you and I go out tonight. I know a great club on the Northwest side of town. You shouldn't go looking for another woman of course, but it'd be nice to just mingle, ya know." And Marsellus agreed, thinking it good for him to get out and live, after so many years of death. The two left for the club at around 10:30 at night. When they got there, they had to show identification, as the bouncer wasn't convinced that they were over eighteen. The club was lively, there was a great many young people there, some dancing, others sitting at tables whilst having drinks. Marsellus and Donovan went to an empty booth and seated themselves. It was very difficult to hear one another, with all the noise and whatnot, but they spoke anyways. "Ya see," Said Donovan, half hearing himself. "Its pretty intense here isn't it?" "Yeah," Said Marsellus, speaking far loudly than what should be expected of him. "Yes it is." "I'm going to go see if I can find someone to talk to. I'll be right back." Marsellus nodded whilst smiling. He sincerely appreciated the friendship of Donovan; how he stuck with him over the years, even when at times it seemed like he was resisting his methods. But he was only being shy. And true, it was still with him to a degree, his shyness, but not to the stifling degree with which it began. He took in his surroundings. It wasn't the place for him, this club. He couldn't put a finger on it, what it was which didn't set with him. But he knew this wasn't a place that he would frequent. He sighed. And now his thoughts moved toward Gwendlyn. Ah yes, the great splendor that is Gwendlyn Moors. How long would the two date before announcing their engagement? Two, three years maybe? He would have to meet their ***”her” parents, I assume he’s already met his own.*** parents first, and she his of course, but there was really no harm in thinking about future events, ***You may drop the totally redundant “he thought.”*** he thought. And then what, after marriage? Children? How many? Three? Four? Five? The two had their whole lives ahead of them, but they would grow old together. Together. The two of them. Growing old. How wonderfully romantic ***”sentimental” would be the best word of choice.*** , he thought. He stood up, seeing if he could not spot Donovan. The great intermingling of people was really something else. He was not saddened that he himself didn't fit into the mold of every one else here, but rather grateful: grateful for who he had won ***It strikes me as odd, since Mars’ is such a devout guy, that he would consider his “future wife” as a prize or something to be owned.*** , and grateful for what he had overcome. Donovan couldn't be seen amongst the host of individuals, so he decided to just sit back and wait for his return. ***Poor association. The former sentence is what is known as poor association, especially since the protagonist Mars isn’t mentioned in it directly, only referred. The way it reads now, Donovan is the subject of the sentence and he, not Mars, is the one performing all the actions such as sitting back and waiting. I feel this is not what you intended, but this is what you have said.*** Then something happened. Something which utterly sank the heart of Marsellus ***Add a possessive apostrophe*** Towers to the deepest depths of his inner being. He saw Gwendlyn, dancing with another man, and it destroyed him. At first, he was unsure of who it was, but as he zeroed in on her, he became sure. NO! What did he do wrong? Didn't she enjoy the time they had spent together? Why would she do this? He couldn't stop thinking about it. She had betrayed him. Donovan came back to the table and saw Marsellus with his head bent in miserable reflection. Marsellus explained to him what had happened, and the two left the club. Class with Gwendlyn didn't come again until four days later, but when it did Marsellus made good on his promise to confront her. She said she was sorry, and that she didn't mean to hurt him, and that it meant nothing at all to her. But Marsellus couldn't get past the fact that she would do such a thing, even after the splendid time they had together, and so he called off their formerly announced engagement. There would be no future for them afterall ***after all***. How utterly depressing for him. The semester had come to an end, and that gave him some much needed time away from the face of Gwendlyn Moors, allowing for healing. And by the time of registration, he had healed a good deal. So he went to register for classes, and as he stood in the cashier's line he caught site of a gorgeous young woman, whose face was lightish brownish in complexion and whose hair was crinkled and free. He introduced himself and it turned out to be Iris from elementary school. She smiled, remembering him well, and at that moment he realized he had been given another chance at winning her over, and now, with everything that he had learned, he would make good on that opportunity. ***Interesting story about human weakness and naivety, but ask yourself during the rewrite process exactly what lessons did Mars’ learn from the incident that would help him with future romantic relationships, and can you relate exactly what that was to the reader? Did he learn some women just can’t be trusted? Did he learn you can’t change a person who doesn’t want to be changed? Did he learn to wipe away illusions? Or perhaps he learned all of the above? Your strengths, Michael, lie in your spelling and your choice of subject. If ever you find yourself needing a critique in the future for other pieces, or a redraft of this one feel free to post to a critique-oriented site at www.writersbbs.com. If you have any difficulty whatsoever maneuvering around the site, feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will personally guide you in the posting process. I feel you would be interested in that particular site due to a chat forum and a writing forum both dedicated to religious material where a group of helpful and friendly (mostly Christian) members engage each other in conversation and critique. In closing, Michael, I hope my critique of your work has been in some small way helpful to you. " -- JA St. George.
"JA, you put that whole "superseded/superceded" thing backward. That's why I hate a lack of HTML too. Everything thing else is mint though man, which is surprising for a review this long. You rule man!" -- Rags.
"This was a very nice story Michael." -- Deletia Thomas.
"Wow! I don't think I have to say it, but I will anyway: that was the most helpful and in-depth review I've ever received! Thanks a whole bunch! And yes, I am relatively new at writing, there being only three other stories that I've written besides these. And yes, I guess I have kind of adopted the habit of being a storyteller instead of a fiction writer, a habit that I must overcome, of course. This is most apparent in my other story, "Octavia's Obsession." It's just something I have to work on. But everything you said was and is most appreciated. Thanks! " -- Michael.
"You're welcome Michael. I should however clarify two points, since they were omitted when the extra-long text was printed without the aid of any HTML. "Superseded" as you have it printed in the story is correct. Many times, especially in British text you will find it "superceded" but that is never correct, even in British dictionaries. The second point is as follows: Something which utterly sank the heart of Marsellus ***Add a possessive apostrophe*** Towers to the deepest depths of his inner being. --End Quote-- A few words got lost here. It is meant to say if you place "heart" after Mars' name, which would look better, then you will need to place an apostrophe after Towers, but otherwise don't place an apostrophe. In conclusion, use the above-supplied email address, and website address, if you are interested in improving your work, and good luck." -- JA St. George.
"Here is a few responses from those who use the WWW.WritersBBs.com Religion Forum: The only way I know to join in is to just...join in. Seems as though the forums are all sorta quiet right now. People busy working or trying to stay warm. So, there isn't much going on in here or anywhere else, actually. If you come in and you don't get a response right away, just understand that it's downtime in here and don't be discouraged. :-) -- Meema It would be nice to have more people here and at the religion forum to talk to ... all subject are fair game and everyone's invited :-) -- Crystal Just check us out. We don't have membership cards. And a person can belong to multiple communities. -- David We don’t bite. You should show up and introduce yourself. We're mostly harmless. I know that I and others here are very interested in writing work with a faith slant, and talking about issues of faith and whatever else comes up. I hope that we would live up to our name as religious people (christians, at least most of us) and be a welcoming place to be :) -- Bethaniqua " -- JA St. George.
"Hey, thanks again. The next story that I write I'll most definitely will be placing it on writersbbs.com. But until then, you're welcome to pick apart some of my other stories if you like. Thanks." -- Michael Harris.
"You're such a lucky dog Michael getting a review (and a big one at that lol :-) ) from Jerry A. St.George. Next you'll end up getting one from Stephen King or Michael Chricton (sp?). I'm so jealous! Anyways, I saw your messages about needing people to review your work. Sorry I'm a little late to respond, I've only seen them recently, but I'm looking through all of your work. Got to say I'm pretty impressed by much of what I've seen. I don't think I can give you any good advice that you haven't already gotten from Jerry A. St.George and others, so listen to them they know. Also I've checked out this www.writersbbs.com mentioned above myself and I gotta say that's a good place for learning the craft too. Keep up the good writing Michael." -- kellie barqs.
"Hi, Kellie! Wow, I just got a review and feedback for a pretty old piece. I'm thrilled! Thanks so much and I'm glad you like what you've been reading so far. " -- Michael Harris, Detroit.


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