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Space Walk
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Space Walk
May Cause offense.
[1,290 words]
Sue (Sooz) Simpson
I'm thirty nine, recently single again. I have two boys Cli' (pronounced clee) Real name Christopher and Mark. I'm a care in the community nurse and formerly (when I was married) an occupational Therapist working with the mentally ill on a secure unit. I love reading and writing and meeting people. I hate offal, seafood and intolerance. I keep dog, cat, polecats, rats and reptiles. And for seven years ran the second largest reptile sanctuary in Britain. Apart from having my lads, I think that's probably the most worthwhile thing I've ever done. Writing wise, I've been the main fiction writer for Legends magazine for three years.And have two books published 'Lizard's Leap' published by Quillusers, and 'Better the Devil You Know' soon to be released by Bestbooks.Um I drive a knackered old Astra, and ride a two litre trike. I live in the lake district of England, and am happy. :-)
[January 2003]
[email protected]
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Space Walk
Sue (Sooz) Simpson

“It’s a space walk man” Giggled the pimply youth. He was sprawled on the floor leaning his back against the far wall.
“Get your moon boots on and take the trip man”
It seemed all his sentences ended with the suffix “Man”
“Wow this is wild man”

 A thin line of spittle flew from between cracked lips to land on his chin. There it remained to slowly congeal, and harden. The boy who’s name was Phil, suddenly became incapable of speech, he let out a whooosh of air. His already unfocused and glazed eyes, shot into the back of their sockets so that only the whites could be seen. His head slumped forward to rest on a dirty matted jumper. He vomited, and a reeking stench permeated the air.

    Alerted by the smell Rob looked over like a concerned mother. He touched him gently, automatically reached for pulse point and checked that his airway was open. It was, so he aimed a hefty kick, at the unconscious lad, catching him in the kidney region.

 “Bastard, stinking the fucking place out”

   Phil slumped, becoming prone on the floor. Rob found movement difficult, but with slow motive, deliberate movement and will power, he leaned across and hefted Phil’s body over, so that he was well onto his right side. Once again he pulled his friend’s head up so that his airway was free.

   Rob loosened the tourniquet from around Phil’s penis, and attached it to his own upper arm, pulling the rubber and webbing strap tightly. He flicked the skin of his inner elbow viciously to raise the vein. With short temper he swore, while hunting for the syringe, He realized it had probably been knocked out of Phil’s penis as he had released the torni`. Phils addiction was much further advanced than Rob’s. A whole three weeks further. Phil had virtually run out of veins with enough wall to hold them from collapse. All that was left open to him was the thick infected vein in his penis and that was fast becoming broken. The other sunken eyed youth stared in recognition at his future three weeks hence.

   As Rob was preparing his fix from the heated smack, the coded knock came on the door, and a voice shouted “It’s us get the bastard door open will you, he’s heavy”
Jed who had been drifting in the corner, lurched unsteadily over and unlocked the door. Howie and Mick stumbled through with Joe hanging loosely between them. They allowed him to slump unceremoniously onto the floor. There he lay convulsing and jerking, the stale stink of pee, and excrement, beating hands down, the smell of Phil’s vomit.

   Joe had been a speed freak, and glue sniffer. Now he was Just a freak: Death was but a matter of days away. His central nervous system had folded in upon itself, to the point where he no longer needed the drugs. The others kept him, alive, ‘nursed’ him in the loosest possible sence of the word, and carted him around town in a baby’s push chair. This enabled them to present him at the clinic everyday, where they could obtain his daily script of Methadone, and share the spoils between them. Without their care Joe would already be long dead.

He had lost his speech, his sight and his continence. His body jerked, and shook more violently than the worst affected Parkinson victim, shook as only the body ravaged by speed and glue knows how.

There was a strange code of conduct between these homeless junkies. They lived for the most part a harmonious existence, shared everything they had and everything they stole. When one was sick, strung out or incapable, the others took over the care of him. They looked out for each other. They were family and when ‘Space Walking’ each relied on the others for survival. They never all jacked at the same time, one was always straight to check on the status of the others. If Joey’s score dried up tomorrow nothing would change. They would still care for him, because they all knew they were staring THEIR OWN future in the face.

   “`Bout time you fuckers got `ere, my bloody arms droppin` off”

 With that Rob sunk the point of the sharp slowly into his vein. He smiled and began to push the return slowly home. He smacked his lips a couple of times, and then exactly fifteen seconds later the fix hit home.

 “ Oh Man Yeeees” He moaned as he writhed in an ecstasy more powerful than a thousand combined orgasms. Thirty seconds after that he was out of it.

  Three of the six were ‘out’ Joey was Joey. That left Mick and Howie to take watch. Howie was almost strung. He constantly smacked his lips, and was beginning to shake visibly. It just wasn’t lasting the way it used to, but he had to hang out just a little longer. Just a little longer.

  Jed was on his way down after being up for hours. His eyes were wild. He wasn’t yet completely back from his high and already the cravings were gnawing at his nervous system, making him jerk slightly. He looked over at Joey still convulsing on the floor and muttered “Bastard” As though he had caught, this terrible affliction from him, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with his own will, or the fact that he stuck a needle full of poison into his veins every day.

 Mick began to attend to Joe, where he lay in the middle of the uncarpeted floor. He was partially aided and partially hindered by Howie and Jed, each of them knowing without needing to be told the importance of pulling their weight.

They took off the soiled incontinence pad, balled it and threw it over into the corner, where countless previous soilings had been thrown. The stench of these ‘Nappies’ in the squat would have been overwhelming to anyone coming in, but they had become accustomed to it. As the pile had risen, so had their tolerance to the smell. It was Winter, so at least they weren’t bothered by flies.

  Joe’s rectum and testicles were red and bleeding. The end of his penis was swollen and blue, infection had settled in and made itself at home. It was only a matter of hours now before the urethra closed completely, leading to a back up of urine in his kidneys. This would deteriorate over a couple of days, leading to scepticemia and death. The self appointed nursing staff roughly applied a new pad without any cleansing or washing, then sat back to have a spliff before they began the task of feeding him. Mick wiped a fingerful of feaces onto his jeans, then sniffed at the offending finger before taking his turn on the joint and inhaling noisily.

  Later Mick went over to check on the others. Phil was dead. nobody showed any surprise at this. Jed was living his own kind of hell. Stomach cramps and sweats had now begun to wrack his body, and he was counting the seconds to get him through to his next fix. Howie was high though not out of it, Joe was Joe and Rob was ‘out’.

Mick knew that when Rob came round, the two of them would have to take Phil’s, body and dump it in one of the alley’s.

 “One more homeless junkie O.D’d on smack”. They’d say as they swept him up from the gutter and poured him into a body bag.

  The squatters could share out his script, then at last it would be Mick’s turn to trip.
  He glanced without expression at the slumped form of Phil
“Keep Space Walking Man ...you lucky Bastard!”



"I have to admit, I was a little taken back by the lingo used. It was the same kind of things I heard years ago. There are several punctuation mistakes, but they didn't stop me. (I do have a reading problem that slows me down)I have a messed up past, but seeing my own Phils and Joeys stopped me. You told it shockingly well, being such a shaded subject. My hat is off to you. Bravo!" -- Sylvia.
"I too was taken off guard fuckers , but I thought the story was pretty sound." -- James.
"BTW I didn't call anyone "fuckers." It seems that HTML is overridden on this site. Since it is it would be "very" difficult to give a critique. " -- James.
"I know what you mean James, if you attempt to give an actual critique on this board, all the words pretty much run together and look the same. Without the author being able to decipher which parts of their work are critted and which one's are the parts they wrote, it becomes a hopeless mess for the writer that's being critted." -- Pegged Meg.
"I like to pimp my hoes!" -- Pimp Daddy.
">" -- **Smiles**, Flint, Michigan.
"I guess James and Pegged Meg are right "you can't" use HTML on this site. How in the world is anyone supposed to give any kind of critique??? Oh well. What I tried to say in the previous post was "Just how is "that" a review" in reference to Mr. Pimp Daddy!." -- **Smiles**, Flint, Michigan.
"///You just jealous because you want to be pimped out by me too, but I don't accept just any ole skank to be pimped out by the mack daddy Pimp Daddy///" -- Pimp Daddy.
"***Whatever***" -- **Smiles**, Flint , Michigan.
"Hey Sooz, I found one of your idiots here. Does this mean I win a cookie?" -- Insane Man.
"I would like to ask you this Sooz, since you seem to have more than the average number. Why is it that the intelectual elite seem to be the silent minority so much of the time, yet the judgemental necrotic microchasm speak so loudly? Just curious on your take." -- Sylvia.
"Sooz, death and feces notwithstanding, I really enjoy your writing style. Great attention, vocabulary and details. Your writing quality, proffessionalism and effort are plainly evident. I look forward to reading more of your work." -- Bronwyn.


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January 2003

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