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The Blues And The Greens by Steven Gilbreath A story of waking up from under the electric blanket of modern life. [1,804 words]
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The Man Who Walked Unseen by Michael Harris An account in the exploits of the life of the unseen... [1,457 words]
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Solef by Wolfa Genetically modified monster escapes onto the surface of a harsh alien planet. More sci-fi. Wee. Consi... [1,684 words]
What A Night by Stephanie Ostrov This is a short story I wrote about a fraternity guy and the trouble he is going through with this... [1,260 words]
Victory City 2 by Matthew Little In the future, an enemy from Cool's past decides to turn the civilians of Victory City into his ... [5,645 words]
Veiled Enigmas by Reagan Rothe Vieled Enigmas is a twisting, turning mystery with surprise lurking around every corner. The rea... [4,972 words]
The Trinity by Silas Montgomery The galaxy is in chaos, systems at war with systems, and revolution within systems. The Lord of a p... [2,360 words]
The Spark by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [557 words]
The Rosary by Sue (Sooz) Simpson May cause offense. [422 words]
The Parallels by Jason Richard Mercer - [1,247 words]
The Marching Man by Norman A Rubin A holocaust survivor driven to madness in search of his family lost in the melee of the second... [2,001 words]
The Beloved Child by Julissa Gayle Raven A short story about vampires. I made up my own rules. Hope you like it, it's probably going... [1,287 words]
The Beloved Child (Chapter 2) by Julissa Gayle Raven Chapter 2 my story. It should open upa world of comprehension to the readers. [1,210 words]
Terrarium Life by Wolfa Surrealistic dystopia. More sci-fi. Needs improvement, of course, but I decided to post so you... [1,684 words]
Solitaire by David B Doc Byron An abused child seeks solace in her own little world. [952 words]
Sally by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [2,268 words]
Rush Hour by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [419 words]
Play With Me Please. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [322 words]
Octavia's Obsession by Michael Harris This story is about... Octavia's obsession... [2,237 words]
My Other Mother by C Crawford Very short story on my thoughts of adoption. Written in 10 minutes. [619 words]
Money Shot - Chapter 1 by Rob Nhim Old con and bank robber extrordinaire Fred Cantrell just can't resist trouble. Doing th... [1,082 words]
Lookingthrough The Window by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [401 words]
I Dreamed... by Ami I dreamed this bizarre, surreal scene, and when I woke up, I ran from my bed to write it down. I ... [1,886 words]
Hearts by David B Doc Byron - [264 words]
Glory Days by Kelley Sullivan A short story about a father who loks back to his childhood years of football and now he is watching... [862 words]
Cold Wonder by Julissa Gayle Raven Another short story I wrote on whim. Its written from a man's point of view just to let you know. ... [427 words]
You Have Been Pre Selected... by August Bondi The dream that everyone has about "the one that got away." [673 words]
Wheatley's Last Wish Chapter Two by Drakeman Robert Kincaide - [1,013 words]
Uncle Marty by David B Doc Byron An invalid Uncle pays another visit to his favorite nephew. [1,165 words]
The Long Ride Home by David B Doc Byron An alien from another world gets captured and examined. [574 words]
The Colonel by Dustin Rhodes The tale of a Confederate Officer at the battle of Fredricksburg. [2,729 words]
The Accident On Lane 17 by Steven T Andy Clannons friends Sharon and Maggie are causing chaos during a field trip to a bowl... [4,154 words]
Tears Of Red. by Julissa Gayle Raven Originally a school assignment, but I took it a step farther. All my friends (and that's a lot) ... [3,565 words]
Sister by Cass About a girl who loses the person who she adored the most-her sister, during a war but when her sister r... [1,594 words]
Our Trip To California by Michala McMonagle This is a short story about my family trip to California [431 words]
My Summer Vacation by S Spencer This story is about a child's special vacation with his family. [366 words]
My Inspiration by Amy Mondure Lioncourt About how in the end the smallest things can mend the biggest wounds. [247 words]
Mold My Brain by Ana Soto The following story illustrates how a child needs to be molded in order to become a successful ad... [324 words]
Just Me by Stormy The story of a little girl home from the hospital. You would think her parents would be happy to see he... [888 words]
Gulf by Ed Bruce How the Gulf Stream united two families from different continents, only to find that their family problems... [3,862 words]
Good As Gold by Stormy Getting good grades in high school shouldn't have been a bad thing. [2,359 words]
Gamepoint - A Short Short by David B Doc Byron a fighter narrates a story about his life in the ring. [546 words]
Ekim by Katherine Gehl Donovan A short story about a guy at my school who I am really close to. Or was. [1,061 words]
Day In The Life Of The Clinically Insane by Jessica Ann Zidik For: All of those who thought they knew me. [2,232 words]
Cuban Term Paper Crisis by Kurt Kitasaki A satire on Cuban-American relations. [2,845 words]
Celebrating Life by Rowan Davies A collection of stories through the viewpoints of different people that interlink to show how ... [6,755 words]
Blood Is Thicker Than Water by David B Doc Byron Two vampire siblings learn how to help each other in their time of need. [674 words]
When Its Not Set In Stone by Alla Lapidus A 3-part historical fantasy set at Stonehenge. [8,546 words]
What Are You Thinking About?
Victory City by Matthew Little Many years after a hero fell to his death, his legacy will continue on in a child to fight a deadl... [5,719 words]
Treats From Heaven by Ashley Cook Lily dies and goes to Heaven. She has to decide between two doors. This is a sort of Alice i... [2,533 words]
The Myriad Slip by Salai G Prit Narcotics, sensuality, cruelty and a flat full of people asleep... the musings of a christmas m... [695 words]
The Mark Of Jack by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The start of something maybe. [1,044 words]
The Jax (Episodes 1-5) by Matthew Little Creatures taking over the human race and only few people know of the impending doom. Us... [4,382 words]
The Fear Within by Musau A former hit man goes back home to reflect on his career, and then he is thrown aback! [1,740 words]
The Butterfield Stagecoach Mystery by D Donely This is actually a story written by my father. It is based on the legends of... [698 words]
The Birth Of My Baby Brother by J Labarre A college student looking back and remembering what it was like to have a new baby... [972 words]
Teeth by Fergus O'Ferguson Sometimes, with regard to the imagination, it is frighteningly easy to become a fool. One man here become... [1,344 words]
Sleeping Silently by D Donely A girl tries to discover who killed her best friend. [3,429 words]
Simple Jack by Norman A Rubin A backward youth had been jailed for the accidental death of his mother he committed by crushing he... [3,144 words]
Signs by Gina Smith - [1,005 words]
Pandora's Bottle by Judith Goff First love, last love... [5,004 words]
One Night In Bangkok by A Johnson A partial chapter of my unfinished novel of the same name, this story relates the protago... [1,670 words]
Of Peppermints And White Knights by Stormy I took my first drink at age 10. [2,179 words]
No One To No Where by Alina Marquez Short story about a woman on a greyhound bus to El Paso. [1,269 words]
My Life And Some Stuff by Jerry Puryear - [740 words]
My Best Friend by S Spencer "My Best Friend" is my twin sister. I share with you the joy and uniqueness of baing a twin and ... [567 words]
My Best Friend Colleen by Mary Belletatto How two people meet and become best friends through college. [1,478 words]
Ivan's Out Of This World Odyssey by Alex M Sam Young boy elf and friends travel to the land of the dragons. In order to retur... [1,941 words]
Image by Beth Foley A short story. [574 words]
I Have A Problem by Christina Soderberg I was addicted to diet pills. [928 words]
High Tension by Norman A Rubin The short story tell of an elderly woman who thinks light bulbs leak. The copy will give the backg... [1,901 words]
Girl Scout Adventures by Sarah This piece was written for my Reading and Literature in Elementary schools class that I a... [729 words]
Dine In... Or Take Out by D Donely This is a short little story I wrote when I was bored. It's about a Detective trying to ... [1,597 words]
Cape May by Bastiani - [612 words]
Agony 2 by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Morew from the irrepresible Aunt Nasty (May be deemed offensive). [1,077 words]
A True Best Friend by Colleen Klose Story about the impact of my sister on my life. [537 words]
A Mermaid's Heart by Teresa R Lucas The tale of a mermaid's love and how it was lost and found. [1,984 words]

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What Are You Thinking About?
Has your girlfriend ever asked you that question before? The usual response from a man is "nothing." Of course this can lead to trouble.
[1,028 words]
Darcy K Metz
[December 2006]
[email protected]
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What Are You Thinking About?
Darcy K Metz

She was sitting there on the bed across from me, staring at me blankly. Drove me nuts it did. Why couldnít she believe me when I said that nothing was wrong, that nothing was on my mind? ďWhat are you thinking?Ē she would always ask in that inquisitive manner; an expression on her face of anticipation like a child, no, closer to the look my dog offers me when I pick up the truck keys or put my shoes on.

What am I thinking? Ė What sort of a question is that to ask a man? My thoughts are my own. If I desired to share them with you I would. She looks at me like sheís expecting the word of God to spew forth from my oral cavity. Give me a break! Iím just your average guy with an average job with his average desires and average goals in life. What could I possibly ever be thinking of that is profound and life changing? What could I possibly be thinking of that could alter the course of history? Sorry to disappoint you, but no I havenít come up with a solution to the Middle East crisis. Sorry babe, but I donít know why Nicholas Cage keeps making movies; and no, I positively donít know where you put on those ten pounds.

She didnít have to get out of bed over this. I mean she didnít have to go and sleep on my couch, the couch that sheds thanks to my efficient fifty-kilogram canine hair manufacturer. My girlfriend shouldnít have to sleep on my couch in my house over something so stupid. In the eight months that weíve been together she has never done that except for when my methane emissions require a window to be left open. I expect sheíll be gone by morning since she has to work at the bank.

What right does she have to be upset with me? As far as I can tell Iím an excellent boyfriend. Iím no pushover either. I wonít do something I really donít want to, but Iíll sometimes do something I hate to surprise her. Oh, like the time I stayed home and watched the final episode of Big Brother with her when I could have been pounding back jugs of draft at the pub with the guys. Or that night I watched both Grease and Hope Floats with her and managed to keep my DVD-like audio commentary internalized. I had that Greased Lightning song in my head for weeks! What kind of a boyfriend would spend a day at the mall with his woman furnishing opinions on no less than the 18,500 pairs of shoes she tried on? ĖThatís right, one hell of a boyfriend thank you very much. Well she knows that Iíll never sit in on a Pampered Chef or candle party again after she denied me access to the sex toy party she hosted.

Damn, itís 1:12 am; sheís been on the couch just over two hours now. I know her, and I know that she isnít sleeping yet.

Iíve done the things that Iím supposed to do as a boyfriend. I mean she knows how I feel about her, I let her know continually. I told her I missed her when she went on that spa weekend. I tell her how excellent it feels to wake up next to her in the middle of the night. I continuously let her know in numerous ways how good she feels. She knows I would never be insincere about such things, how she is too important to me. Then why do I feel so terrible here alone and awake in my bed, as she certainly is awake also on the shedding couch?

Nothing has ever felt more caustic, more unsettling than knowing Iíve disappointed or upset someone I love, and I made the woman I love cry and leave my bed!

I canít believe I did that. She just wanted to hear me tell her I love her. I was thinking to myself how much I love this woman at the very instance that she asked me what I was thinking. So I tell her I wasnít thinking of anything, what a stupid fool thing to do. Oh no, I canít believe it. She has never heard me say that before. Iíve never actually verbalized to her that I love her.

What was that? Great, door slammed means she went home.

Donít believe Iíll be able to sleep well now, of course thatís my own stupid fault. Wow and I always thought I was a real manís man. I even own a full sized Dodge Ram pickup. Afraid it looks like Iím nothing more than a coward hiding behind the guise of being a man, and in doing so Iíve avoided all risk involving expression of my feelings. Why would I be so afraid? So what if Iíve been rejected before, everyone gets rejected. Weíre all a bunch of rejects!

No, I refuse to lose this woman. I have to tell her, itís long over due. Sheís told me before. First time she said it to me I felt so good, so important, so wanted and now that I think about it, so scared too. But I never said it in return at the time, I just smiled at her and held her close and kissed her. That was three months ago, and she hasnít said it lately. Itís still there though in the way she looks at me when she first sees me for the day or the way she exudes relief when I hug her after sheís had a lousy day.

I should phone her. No, wait until morning; be sure to catch her before she leaves for work. Yes, head over to her place early and just tell her, just say it, just make sure she knows. Iíll tell her I love her and tell her how important she is to me. Iíll tell it like it is. Iíll tell her what she should have heard by now, what she more than deserves to hear. So simple too. Iíll tell her I love her.



"This is good, it made me laugh. But I wonder - is there a touch of wishful thinking here? Either way it makes little difference, I read it from begining to end and enjoyed it, maybe it's 'cause I like those 1st person things. I'll probably read another one when I get time." -- Fergus O'Ferguson.
"Darcy! Wow! For such a simple "man's man" you have a profound spirit. Great job with the story. It was thought provoking and well written." -- Karen.
"good writing, slightly too long. i like it, but a little too sappy." -- sunny, DC, USA.


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