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What A Night
This is a short story I wrote about a fraternity guy and the trouble he is going through with this girlfriend. He is indecisive about his feelings toward his girlfriend of two years. He is faced with a decision that will change their relationship, he has to choose the right way to go.
[1,260 words]
Stephanie Ostrov
I am a Junior at the state university at cortland. I am a Elementary Education major with a minor in English. I am currently on the dance team known as kickline at Cortland.
[December 2002]
What A Night
Stephanie Ostrov

"Yo man hand me a slice of that," said Steve

"So what are we doing tonight guys, I was thinking either going to the bars to scope out the chicas, or get some beers and watch the game?"

"Well I bet Dave will be too busy with Morgan to go out with us," said Tommy one of the Kappa boys.

"Shut up you homo, Morgan and I hang out on my terms not hers," I said firmly. I am so up for checking out the new girls that just got into Gamma. I grabbed a piece of pizza and went out the door. I could hear Tommy yelling in the background, "Dave youíre coming out tonight to the sorority house if you like it or not."

As I was walking up the fraternity stairs, I thought to myself of course Iím going. Iím not going put my life on hold and not do something I want with my friends just to please Morgan. The way I feel for her is hard to explain, I do care about her but I want to be able to do what I want without being lectured. It makes it seem like I donít care about her, I keep saying I do, but sometimes I wonder do I really? Morgan and I had been a couple for almost two years. Donít ask me how Iíve kept a girlfriend for so long. I am in a fraternity, and always have beautiful girls around me. I could get any girl that I lay eyes on, not to be conceited. But Morgan and I me have known each other all our lives. We have good times, and yes there are bad times too.

I decided to listen to Tommy and go out for a few with the guys. Morgan did not like that idea very much. She always wants to hang out all-day and everyday. She wants to do cute things as she calls them, like candlelight dinners, picnics, and snuggling while watching television, a movie, usually a chic flick. I mean come on; on a Saturday night do I want to sit home and watch some chic flick, or hang out with my boys and have a couple brewskies. Do you know how long I would get harassed if I told the brothers I couldnít go to the bars because I had to sit home and watch Dirty Dancing? Iíll tell you right now that will never happen.

The night was finally here, we had a party with Gamma in honor of the new sisters. I saw one of the sisters glancing over in my direction. Iíve seen her around campus a few times, but never thought much of it. She is kind of cute, I thought to myself. Morgan decided to have a girlís night out, so I was free for a few hours to hang with my crew. Morgan and I sometimes meet up at the bars later on in the night. I told her I would see her when the party was done. Weíll see if I keep that promise tonight. I had other things on my mind. The Gamma girl started walking toward me.

"Hey there, looking good", said the Gamma girl as she gave me a seductive look.

I had only a couple seconds to think of a smooth line when all that came out was,

"Donít you know it baby", UmmÖ did I say that out loud, I thought? Oh god she is going to think Iím such a nerd who replies with a comment like that.

The next thing I knew she was giggling while giving me a flirtatious glance.

"So are you here alone," she asked.

"Nah, Iím here with the boys."

"Oh, I meant are you here with that girl?"

" What girl?"

"The girl that is always with you on campus."

"Oh, so you see me around campus do you."

"Anyways, lets not worry about her. Why donít I go and get us another round of drinks", I said with a chuckle. I quickly answered, trying to get off the subject of my girlfriend. As we were talking I started thinking about Morgan and how she was waiting for me at the bar. I felt bad that I am spending time with another girl, and thought to myself that, I really donít miss Morgan but feel more guilty making her wait for me downtown. Most people would say that it is time for me to get rid of her. But thereís something about her that I do love, and donít want to let go. I may not admit to the guys my real feelings for her; maybe it is because I am trying to convince myself that I still love her. Sarah, the Gamma girl asked me if I wanted to go upstairs and see her room. You know what that means. There is something new, and mysterious about this girl that makes me attracted to her. I could say stupid things around her, as you just witnessed and she laughed like I was the funniest person around. I decided to go upstairs with her and take a tour of her room. Take a tour of her bed maybe. As we walked up the Gammaís spiral staircase I was thinking about how I could get lucky if I wanted to. This girl had the hots for me I could tell. I looked at my watch and realized I was not going to meet Morgan at the bar. By the time I would get there she would already be gone. I decided to hang around the sorority house for a little while longer. Who knows if I am going to regret this decision? It seems right as we walked up the stairs, but I have a weird feeling inside that I canít let go. Could it be my conscience telling me that Morgan is something special and I will regret losing her, or is it just nerves hoping I can get it up after all I drank?

"Wake up, Wake up you canít stay here", is what I heard as I woke up after a great night. I looked over to see this beautiful girl with the biggest grin on her face. I could tell the decision I made last night was the right one. Iím glad my heart took over my hormones. I thought to myself the minute I see Morgan I am going to get yelled at for standing her up at the bar. As I continued to walk home last night I realized that she is something special and I shouldnít care what the brothers think. It is time I stop fronting because I do care for her. I do like being able to do my own thing but at the same time I need to admit I do care for her and make it known. I am a little upset I didnít get a piece from the sorority chick, Morgan would never of known. I am glad I left before something happened; I guess my conscience kicked in and made me think of Morgan.

"Come on hunny, you have to go. My parents are coming any minute. Donít you remember I told you a week ago?" They are coming up for the day, and my dad will kill you if he sees you in bed with me." By the way I didnít forget that you stood me up at the bar last night. I will deal with that later, after the rents leave.

Maybe Dirty Dancing isnít so bad after all, I said to myself.



"Clever and interesting story you have there. Cool. Wath your punctuation a bit, but over all it was brill." -- Laura Axinte.
"This was a great story. I was very impressed. Creative, entertaining and realistic. Way to go!" -- Dr. Miles, Park, MN, USA.


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© 2002 Stephanie Ostrov
December 2002

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