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A Mere Mortal by Ramkumar Menon Tabor is old, helpless and all alone. He takes a journey through mystical paths and .... Read alo... [3,753 words]
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When I Lived In Sodom by Musau This is a story that tries to get under your skin but keeps you curious in spite of it. [2,472 words]
To Understand The True Meaning Of Meaning by Musau This is strictly for adult reading because of language and implicatio... [5,480 words]
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Until Tuesday by Alif Muhammad It is a work concerning a life that is altered completely by an event that reveals itself slowly ... [6,761 words]
Under The Whether by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [1,626 words]
They Stole It From Me by Peter Izdebski A moment stolen; one which could have answered all that I needed to know; a moment which ... [960 words]
The Video Store Girl Part 1 by David MacDonald An employee at a video store meets a man who has different tastes in movies than sh... [3,786 words]
The Magic Mirror by Kurt Kitasaki A short story on the real priorities of athletes. [211 words]
The Joker by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [2,032 words]
The Hour Of Its Birth Is The Hour Of Its Death... by Bruce E Losis Jr A short story... [667 words]
The Eleventh Child by Seventh Star Personal experiences from being the "baby" of a large family. [858 words]
Sunglasses by Fergus O'Ferguson The Sun can be hot. This might leave you feeling very cold. Sunglasses often help if your eyes are h... [3,311 words]
Scars On Scarlet by Andrea Diane Brown This is a short story I wrote on self mutilation. [804 words]
Part 4 Conclusion by David MacDonald The conclusion to The Video Store Girl. [3,679 words]
Part 3 by David MacDonald The Third part of The Video Store Girl. [2,934 words]
Part 2 by David MacDonald The Second part of The Video Store Girl. [3,994 words]
Once by Lawrence Peters For you. Always. [317 words]
Machines - A Short Short Tale by David B Doc Byron A freelance strongarm protects the tenants in his building. [499 words]
Life In Puerto Rico by Kelly McMonagle This is a short story about the three years I lived in Puerto Rico. [575 words]
Life Drawing by David MacDonald A woman, a model for a life drawing class, meets the man who drew her figure the best. [4,195 words]
Keep Your Enemies Close by Hope C Clarke - [3,437 words]
Handicapped - A Short Short Tale by David B Doc Byron An internet pornographer learns the errors of his ways. [554 words]
Ghost Town - Part Two by David B Doc Byron Lexxus Machine, the sorcerer who overlooks the ghost town, awaits the Darkman's arrival. [406 words]
Ghost Town - Part Three by David B Doc Byron Lexxus and the darkman finally meet on the streets of the ghost twon for the final show... [314 words]
Ghost Town - Part One by David B Doc Byron A futuristic bounty hunter seeks a legendary ghost town where a sorcerer supposedly can a... [527 words]
Genesis by B M Gerstenblith A symbolic parable, set in our time, meaningful throughout time, comtemplating the very end of time. [595 words]
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Daynight by Adam Lear A world in which true destinies are unknown until just the right time. [4,128 words]
Darkness In Death And Dissolution by Norman A Rubin Retribution through the power of the judge of hell upon the act of murder. [2,447 words]
Contemplation by Musau This little story was written in rhyme over twenty years ago. Basically, the title sums it all u... [754 words]
Chipping Away The Truth by Jonathan McCullough I wrote this short story when I was supposed to be writing an essay for english. I woul... [1,217 words]
Bio Incubus by Michael S Upchurch A subterranean nightmare with catastrophic effects. [2,494 words]
A Tiny Mistake by Rachel V Hatch This is a funny, true story that actually happened to the author in her younger years. [205 words]
A Beautiful Thing by Ben Jonjak A girl picks a flower in a park despite her boyfriends objection and finds there is an unexpe... [996 words]
The Wildwood - A ''Short Short'' Tale. by David B Doc Byron After hundreds of years of being hunted for sport by man, wild animals p... [423 words]
The Red Moon - A ''Short Short'' Tale. by David B Doc Byron An ancient werewolf plans to plant hia seed in a new bloodline. [440 words]
No Good Bye by Rick Mantilla Just a story. [1,878 words]
Nasal Therapy by Michael S Upchurch Spooky story about a doctor's last day on the job. [1,657 words]
Interlude by Judith Goff Chance encounters can be dangerous.... [172 words]
Goldy's Last Goose by Gerald L Bosacker GOLDY�S LAST GOOSE (1666 Words) Bill Seeger sliced the home made bread carefully cutting... [1,681 words]
Gazabelle's Last Spell by J Brian Chamberlin Gazabelle is an aging wizard who finds he no longer fits in the new ways of the world. B... [7,691 words]
Belt A Fat Comedian by Gerald L Bosacker While attending the University of Minnesota, I was side-tracked from academics by economic ... [2,333 words]
A Sandy Surprise by Sara Burling A young girl in search of something she lost long ago. [807 words]
A Funny Memory by Jacqueline Anel Sheppard Chris gets stuck in a tree... how do his sisters pull him out? [639 words]
Soliloquy by Judith Goff A woman seeking love, finds more than she expected. [173 words]
Zipperhead by David B Doc Byron A woman attempts to hide the fact she has a son who's tastes in food tend to lean towards... uh... t... [2,186 words]
Watching And Waiting by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [1,253 words]
Tusk by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [1,012 words]
Tiny Pink Pills by Sunny Ain't life a bytch!!! [757 words]
The Weapon Of Hope by Jeffrey (George) Winter When all else fails, there is hope. Three short stories reveals where lies ours. [1,385 words]
The Sacred Cup by Francis James Chudley A short story set in a magical world the story revolves around our young hero Lippin. I wont tel... [5,513 words]
The Day Of The Sun by Kelly Allen Well, let's see. I swear I was possessed when I wrote this... this is not how I normally wri... [861 words]
The Day I Was Destined To Fly by Francis James Chudley This is the story which goes with the poem Casualty. It is an account of when I h... [1,185 words]
Swimming Lessons by Alan Johnson A short story about the life lessons I learned at swimming as a young boy and how I applied th... [1,131 words]
Strawman by David B Doc Byron A scarecrow comes to life and desires freedom. [960 words]
Slug Jam For Grown-Ups by Rowan Davies Jessica is a perfect, pretty fourteen year old girl. After years of over-protection from... [5,502 words]
Redemption Part Two by David B Doc Byron An ex-hitman grows a heart. [203 words]
Redemption Part Three by David B Doc Byron An ex-hitman reflects back on his past. [683 words]
Redemption Part Four by David B Doc Byron An ex-hitman recieves an offer he cant refuse. [345 words]
Redemption Part 0ne by David B Doc Byron A hitman looks back on his past to realize he possess's something he didnt knew he had; a h... [869 words]
Our Friend Steven by John J Yezman My story speaks of the special relationship of three Catholic elementary school friends set i... [3,268 words]
My Uncle Louie, The Goniff by Norman A Rubin A humourous piece of a man who finds hard luck in the committing of criminal acts. A... [1,847 words]
Milk by Robert Hansford Everyday life isn't often easy, especially when you have a drug addiction, even if it only milk. [376 words]
Memoirs From The Row by David B Doc Byron A man in prison awaiting death reflects back on the reason he was doing time. Killing. [1,241 words]
Meat by David B Doc Byron A man loses his grip on reality after a tragic accident. [704 words]
Losing Control by Alicia Jones A girl's struggle to gain control of her life. [4,070 words]
Jingle Bell by Sunny Even simple liquieds have adverse effects on this universe. [537 words]
Her Name Is ... by Austin Oghenekevwe Osoroh Leoman Valloway It is a story centred on the emotions of a crippled woman; it is a perspEctive into the mind se... [1,245 words]
Headshot by David B Doc Byron A drug crazed lunatic on the run from the law hides out inside a wax museum. [1,055 words]
Hannibal, Revisited by David B Doc Byron Hannibal Lector recieves a very surprising phone call from an old friend. [515 words]
Grandma's Garden by Ken Whan Childhood. [1,937 words]
Go To Sleep by Michael S Upchurch A man with amnesia struggles to retain his sanity in his surrealistic world. [3,120 words]
Freakazoid by David B Doc Byron a man with a grudge becomes unhinged and plans to get revenge on the people who exploited his deform... [301 words]
Frankenstien by David B Doc Byron Two hitmen are in the process of disposing of a body, when the tides are turned with a twist endin... [880 words]
Feverblues by David B Doc Byron A small group of people left after a holocaust find ''alternative'' ways to survive. [1,333 words]
End Of The Search by Ramkumar Menon An Indian Boy. Lost Childhood. Search for the bygone days. The search was on. Is Ramu success... [1,202 words]
Dolls by David B Doc Byron Dolls in a toy store come to life under a witches spell and wreak havoc. [1,226 words]
Devronne (Sample Work) by Jacqueline Anel Sheppard Devronne is obsessed in obtaining his deceased wife's manor and nothing will get in his ... [2,814 words]
Devo-1959 by David B Doc Byron A man attempts to teach his robot how to drive a car. [835 words]
Champagne Secrets
Bloody Retribution by Rowan Davies A man avenges the death of his father. [493 words]
Ant's Fortune by Michael S Upchurch Vacationers have a big problem with an ant covered fortune cookie [2,326 words]
Another Dead Weekend by David B Doc Byron A bored man wanders the streets of his hometown looking for a way to cure boredom. [509 words]
Abra Cadaver by David B Doc Byron an evil ventriloquist turns a man into wood. [874 words]

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Champagne Secrets
The story of two star crosses lovers enjoying an evening of passion and love.
[953 words]
Sassy Writer
[September 2002]
[email protected]
Champagne Secrets
Sassy Writer

It was all fun and games until he changed the pace. Tom heightened the atmosphere by having a few tricks up his sleeve, one being edible body lotion. Another one was a blindfold and ice cream. She took the ice cream from him. Melissa put the blindfold on Tom. Very slowly and deliberately she placed small dips of his favorite ice cream along a line from his navel to his chin as he lay blindfolded and strapped to the bed. She positioned herself to be in the distance of his hands and mouth. Before she put the blindfold on him, he squirted the body lotion on her. Slowly he licked circles around her nipples with the wet tip of his hot moist tongue. He continued to swirl his tongue around her nipples...... loving the way they hardened as the tip of his tongue left a wet trail circling her breasts. He lightly caressed the tips of her nipples.... so that they moved and jumped, then wrapped his warm, wet tongue around her nipples.... and teased her to incredible hardness. She wanted more; she couldn�t take the torturous teasing anymore. She made him stop and she started putting more ice cream on because it was now a soupy mess. She first started on the chest near his nipples and worked down. Then put whipped cream on his stomach. From the coldness and his hardness he felt like molten rock and that he would explode soon. Then Melissa put some in his mouth. She took the toppings of his choice and drizzled them over his body. While she was doing this it just heightened her excitement and his arousal. She then puts a cherry in his mouth and puts one in hers and they started French kissing. She then put another cherry wherever he wanted. She started licking, the ice cream off his chest then lower she went teasingly at first to just give him enough to make him stir and then with more of a purpose. She descended down to his navel and delved into his belly button while he squirms with anticipation of what was coming next. She started tracing circles up and down his body making him harder, licking, scratching, and gave him love bites. Ever so slowly she teased him with her tongue to just taste the whipped cream having traveled up to his mouth and kissed him with the whipped cream in her mouth. She travels back down and laps him up very gently and softly like she is drinking from a water fountain. Melissa stops near his stomach and she starts raking her nails up and down his stomach when his muscles start to clench, Melissa takes his penis very slowly into her mouth teasing it very lightly, kissing, blowing, sucking, and caressing ever so slowly to drive Tom to distraction. Tom can�t take it anymore and grabs Melissa to stop her from teasing him. Melissa doesn�t know that Tom has something up his sleeve. He held her close, skin to skin. He caressed her breasts, deftly fingering the nipples. He lifted one to his mouth. His lips enclosed it. His rough, damp tongue finessed it into a tight little peak. He murmured something about sucking it before he matched action to words. As his soft, wet mouth caressed her, Melissa began to move restlessly beneath him. She arched her back, pushing deeper into his mouth. She ran her fingers through his dark hair and held his head against her. She doesn�t see the champagne bottle that he put in an ice bucket to the side of the bed. He takes the champagne bottle and opens it, and starts pouring it over Melissa�s body. It funneled from her belly into the V of her thighs. Its icy bubbles glistened in the tight, glossy curls before warm lips sipped them up one by one. To Melissa it felt like divine ecstasy. When he parted her thighs and caressed her, she was already moist, but he kept caressing his fingers inside her until she was slippery and almost incoherent with need. He entered her with one smooth stroke and lay motionless for a long while, relishing the way her body tightly enveloped his. He kissed her mouth, then her breasts. He began to move. Faster. Melissa felt Tom�s pulsating length inside her. He was hard as a rock but was smooth as silk when he was engulfed in her sweet moist wet softness. To him it felt like pure hot bliss. Melissa started grinding her hips against his making soft meowing sounds almost like a little purrrrrrring sound. She increases the tempo a bit faster every time. Tom pulsates in and out of her velvety wetness. Melissa�s muscles start to contract and she starts squeezing her vaginal muscles to make him feel the power she has over him and to feel him squirm inside her. She thinks this is pure bliss having him under her spell she has weaved. Tom�s back and stomach muscles start to arch and grow taut. He thinks he can�t stand anymore of the torture and just as he thinks he will cum Melissa puts an ice cube on his balls and it�s just all he can take. Her body starts to quiver and shake just as she claws his back, he loses all control and spurts into her silkiness and is totally and utterly lost. He thinks that this has had to be the best dream he has ever had in his entire life. He tries to pinch himself and realizes he isn�t dreaming. He is so happy that he has found someone like Melissa as he takes her in his arms they fall asleep together.



"This is proof that words create a better image then images, this is a very sensual poem that seems to take the heightof everyone who reads it. Fabulous peice and beautifully written." -- Chloe.


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September 2002

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