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The Wind Blew
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The Wind Blew
A world that is only a prison, a man who hates it. He wants to escape...
[235 words]
Science Fiction
Ian Goodall
I am a person who likes to write stories about different worlds. I love reading and writing, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I love learning about different worlds that don't really exist.
[May 2003]
[email protected]
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The Wind Blew
Ian Goodall

The wind blew, harder than usual.
The time on his watch was going backwards.
"What is happening?" he thought.
A small cloud settled over him, revealing the sun, which was a dark shade of orange.
"Do not resist me!" shouted a commanding voice, not very far away.
"Why should I give in to you!" he replied swiftly.
 It had been years now, and the man was not going to give in so easily. He had to find a way to escape the horrid prison. But it was almost impossible.
"Because you are my prisoner and you must do as I say!" the voice grew even more eerie every time it was heard.
The entire world was one large prison. Covered by a vast sea and only one island, it was ideal for it.
The man's name was Pete; he had been sentenced for four million years in jail for stealing a small piece of bread. Of course, in this Universe stealing even a grain of sand was a lifetime sentence.
Pete had been in jail for fifty years and he was tired of it, he just wanted to go home and see his family again. He tip-toed towards the broken window of his cell and picked up a sharp edge of it,
"Now it is my turn!" he bellowed, and flung the edge into his heart.
Blood stained the wall and floor of that cell and the wind blew, harder than usual...





"All I can say is...odd. Interesting, but very odd. Very very odd. But it wasn't that bad, just supremely odd. Good premise, but I feel that the life inside of the prison could have been extended. Odd." -- Jack Brown.
"Yes it is odd, I think you are right Jack. But hey, its meant to confuse people and make them think of it as "Odd". So thanks for saying what I wanted you to say. " -- Ian Goodall.
""If your dialogue is good enough, it should be unnecessary to use dialogue modifiers such as 'bellowed' 'yelled'," she lectured (see what I mean?). I would have found it helpful for you to develop your characters more so I could understood the conflict between the two people, not just guard and prisoner. Also, why would he stab himself if he thought he wanted to be with his family again? Is his family dead? I think this line could be changed slightly." -- Rachel.
"Yeah I know this story doesn't make sense. I wrote it in a few minutes and I wasn't really thinking about the story. " -- Ian Goodall.


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