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Operation Hausberg by Bobby Cude "Operation Hausberg" is a fictionalized action filled suspenseful drama thriller about an Am... [1,667 words]
Kissed By The Wind by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 2. Andrew, involved in his piloting work, and Anne, living her life as... [2,664 words]
The Settlement Project by Ian Goodall Memories of a time not so long ago, something funny to scare children about high school ... [583 words]
Uncharted Skies by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 7. Time has passed since Andrew's admission to Anne. Now a crucial decis... [4,715 words]
Preflight by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series Story 5. Andrew on one of his cross country flights begins a lively correspondence wi... [4,411 words]
Wine Coolers And Chocolate Chip Cookies by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series Story 4. christmas serves as the backdrop in which we ... [4,067 words]
Accident by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series Story 1A, Flashback. We step back in time to the day of Andrew's accident and the beg... [2,756 words]
Course Correction by Shelley J Alongi Aviation Series story 3. Can one night change Andrew and Anne's relationship from friendship ... [3,369 words]
The Fighter by Ian Goodall Gary, a boxer who lives in a Dome in space in the distant future is fed up with his life. Little do... [2,283 words]
Who's Who by Achmyd Uajay A weird story about relationship and human nature. [1,756 words]
The Wind Blew by Ian Goodall A world that is only a prison, a man who hates it. He wants to escape... [235 words]
The Whole Truth by Ted A suspenseful mystery in which a man with memory loss is accused of murder. Did he do it? Even ... [2,507 words]
The Visitor
The Journey Home by Samuel Lamar Williams A short story. [799 words]
The Apartment by Kirsten McManus - [535 words]
That Time I Died by Gina Jauregui I fear that my writing only amuses me, if you read my work and this is the case, try not to be... [2,438 words]
Promise by Lawrence Peters For Monica. [355 words]
Murder By The Numbers by Norman A Rubin - [2,227 words]
I'm Psychotic And So Is My Friend Episode Six by Branson Storm From a collection of 'episodes' following two lifelong friends; o... [1,352 words]
... Die By The Sword by Rowan Davies Victor loves TV... His obsession with a certain cop show gets him in more trouble than he ... [2,335 words]
A Usual Evening Walk by Simi Purkar It's a mystery story about a middle aged indian man.I can't write more because that will r... [569 words]
The Watch Cat by Norman A Rubin The story of a black alley cat who adopted an Israeli family and became their 'watch cat'. [1,123 words]
The Village Green. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [559 words]
The Thirteenth Station by Sue (Sooz) Simpson - [8,024 words]
The Power Of Surrender by Jeffrey (George) Winter A good man takes on evil. [1,431 words]
The Old Enemy by Sue (Sooz) Simpson I just hope I've got the names right. [253 words]
The Ludic Revolution by Prepense How does it end? [6,231 words]
The Iceberg by Sue (Sooz) Simpson She had to break the hold they had on him... release him from his parents grip. [410 words]
The Brain Tumor by Prepense If only everyone could get cancer. [6,507 words]
The Almighty Hand by Kylan Masters A humerous short story written. It asks the question of "Who is really playing God?" [1,066 words]
Saved By A Bell by Anne Hawkins A young girl gets shipped off to a boarding school. She doesn't expect it to be what dreams ar... [2,513 words]
Nicky's Promise by Prepense If only we could go back. [5,205 words]
Neighbourhood Watch by Andrea Andrea The first time I set eyes on Mrs. Babcock I knew there'd be trouble... [1,135 words]
More Than Meets The I by Prepense To see a world in a grain of sand. [5,011 words]
Guardian Angel by Danielle Pettrey Robin struggles between wanting to get out of poverty at any cost and of remaining true to herse... [1,365 words]
Ellen And Aubery by David Gardiner - [1,555 words]
Devil's Child by Prepense Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. [3,352 words]
A School Tragedy by Ruby Webster Based on Actual Events. [606 words]
The Mind's Work by Trevor Sammon It is basically a story that flowed out. It shows people that first impressions are often the w... [661 words]
The Half Empty Glass. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson They had no idea of the horror they were walking into. [3,030 words]
The Comet. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Remember! [796 words]
The Big Picture by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The little girl was a great artist, but her subject matter was giving cause for concern. [776 words]
Sickness Of The Young by Mila Strictzer A collection of stories. [35,723 words]
Blind Man's Bluff by Pauline A White She had always been kind to those less fortunate. [2,085 words]
2nd Chapter Amsterdam by Roberto J Moreno - [3,000 words]
1st Part Intro by Roberto J Moreno This is the first chapter of a 5-6 chapter story. Enjoy and please give feedback. [1,109 words]

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The Visitor
Short horror story.
[4,918 words]
L A Winterburn
[April 2003]
A Bunny's Tale (Poetry) The Bunny rabbit's view of what happened in AS wolf's tale. [443 words]
A Freind To The End (Poetry) A poem for my best friend. [61 words]
A New Baby Born (Poetry) A poem for a friend's baby boy. [83 words]
A Perfect Night (Poetry) A very sweet love poem. [118 words]
A Prayer For Lovers (Poetry) As the title suggest's. [30 words]
A Wolf's Tale (Poetry) Ever wonderd what its like to be a wolf hunting his prey? NO! Well I have so I hope you enjoy it hehe. [465 words]
An Ode To My Love (Poetry) - [72 words]
Are We Nearly There Yet? (Poetry) A really funny poem that I am sure all parents who have ever gone on day trips can relate to. [129 words]
Dont Let The Bastards Get You Down (Poetry) A funny poem about the stresses of life. [114 words]
Earths Plight (Poetry) A poem about what we are doing to the planet. [111 words]
Everything Will Be Fine (Poetry) Short prose. [52 words]
Holding On To Life (Poetry) One mans fight with suicide. [109 words]
Holly Marie (Poetry) A poem done for a friend of mine who has recently had a baby. [58 words]
Let The Madness Cease (Poetry) - [49 words]
Lets Get High!! (Poetry) My new year's resolution and The title speaks for itself LOL. [88 words]
Love Hurts (Poetry) Poem about a man who loves to much. [92 words]
Missing You (Poetry) - [21 words]
Soon (Poetry) A love poem. [61 words]
Tender (Poetry) How far one woman goes for the man she loves. [63 words]
The Internal Storm (Poetry) A poem about what its like when I get a panic attack and the hope that I feel, that things will get better. [96 words]
The Plan (Poetry) One plan to wipe out humanity. [74 words]
The Traveller (Poetry) - [88 words]
There Must Be More To Life Than Customer Service! (Poetry) A morbid but shit funny short poem of what its like to work in customer service. [50 words]
Waiting (Poetry) Poetry about a man who wants to commit suicide. But why? [184 words]
What A Morning (Poetry) - [302 words]
What Do You Do (Poetry) short childrens poem .br>[183 words] [183 words]
What Makes Me Wait? (Poetry) - [85 words]
Who Is My Mom? (Poetry) A soppy poem I wrote for my mom on her birthday. [65 words]

"This story is rivoting. I was truly on the edge of my seat." -- Unknown.
"I thought this story was great!! The author portrayed the characters in a way that made them seem so real. I can't wait to read more :)" -- Karen, USA.
"I liked the story. It kept me in suspense. Great work." -- Sara.
"This is a good story ... my only suggestion is this, edit edit edit !!! Tighten it up and lose some of the unnecessary wording. A short story is so much more affective when told in fewer words. ie: "Geoffrey, who was waiting outside, saw the glow exit through the window of the house, he was standing outside of, and shoot towards the sphere, that he held in his hand. " Instead, maybe try something like this; "Outside the house, Geoffrey watched as the glow shot through the window toward the sphere in his hand." It was a hard lesson for me to learn and I am still struggling with that aspect!!! Good luck and keep writing!!!" -- Judith Goff, USA.
"Hey thanx for the review judith I am however making it into a novel and have allready compleated 4 chapters thanx for the advise tho :-)" -- Author.
"You're welcome & good luck with the novel ... of course, editing is still very important, even with longer works ... I was lucky enough to have an editor friend help me with that aspect of my novels. That is where a thick skin comes in handy. Don't take my advice personally, (:o) just trying to help out. At first I was angry with her, but after I took a long hard look at my story and implemented some of her advice it was much more readable !! Again, good luck! Your story IS good !!" -- Judith.
"Please post the next chapters. I cant wait to find out what happens :)" -- Karen.
"Man this is better than the poems. Is this going to made into a novel? I would really like to get my hands on it once its done. POST IT!" -- John C.
"Yes I am working on turning it into a novel I am on the 3rd chapter now but am just in the process of editing at the moment so watch this space :-)" -- The Author.


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