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The Settlement Project
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Devil's Child by Prepense Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. [3,352 words]
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The Half Empty Glass. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson They had no idea of the horror they were walking into. [3,030 words]
The Comet. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Remember! [796 words]
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2nd Chapter Amsterdam by Roberto J Moreno - [3,000 words]
1st Part Intro by Roberto J Moreno This is the first chapter of a 5-6 chapter story. Enjoy and please give feedback. [1,109 words]

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The Settlement Project
Memories of a time not so long ago, something funny to scare children about high school on their first day. I heard it was funny from someone. I wonder who...
[583 words]
Ian Goodall
I am a person who likes to write stories about different worlds. I love reading and writing, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I love learning about different worlds that don't really exist.
[May 2003]
[email protected]
Life, Death (Poetry) Life, Death, a comparison not many can accomplish... [50 words] [Spiritual]
Missing Pieces (Short Stories) An unusual event happens aboard a space ship called the Basilisk. An engineer finds himself in a situation he cannot even begin to understand. [696 words] [Science Fiction]
The Fighter (Short Stories) Gary, a boxer who lives in a Dome in space in the distant future is fed up with his life. Little does he know that soon will be the most terrifying time of his small boring life... [2,283 words] [Science Fiction]
The Wind Blew (Short Stories) A world that is only a prison, a man who hates it. He wants to escape... [235 words] [Science Fiction]
The Settlement Project
Ian Goodall

This is so annoying, I have to tell some people that high school isnít a great place and an old folkís home would be more interesting. High school is a lot like a fried apple, you donít have a clue what it is until you have tasted it. You think High school is a place to meet new people and have fun, learn and stuff. Well sorry to break the news but it is not like that at all. Fights happen all the time and psychos try to kill teachers and Drug addicts take well drugs and get even more addicted. Smokers walk round the school thinking they are at the top. Year 12 think too hard, bust a major blood vessel and spend half the year off school. Years Eights, on their first day crap themselves on the way to school and run home to change their pants and end up being an hour late, making their first day at school even more agonising. Then they remember that the old school bully Jack is now at high school and they spend the rest of the first week living in a constant fear of being eaten alive buy a giant squid named Jack or Greg or Adolph Hitler Jr in which they would build a bomb shelter and destroy all their religious possessions. So we come to actually getting over this first week which for some unfortunately never happens and they end up buying kids food when they get threatened, even by the puny kids or even the geeks (poor soles). Well once you are over the first week you suddenly arrive at the second, funnily enough and things start to get better, your fear for the old school bully drops because it seems he is getting picked on by the old, old school bully who is in year 10. So now you lighten up a little bit and start talking to other people and they start talking back to you. So now you think that High school isnít that bad right? Iím sorry but you are very wrong. The school work is not that hard but you get 25 assignments a term and they require research and taking out books, going on the internet for reasons that have nothing to do with chatting or downloading. Wait you remember that you have friends that you can copy, sorry that does not work at all. The reasons for this are: The teachers werenít born 2 weeks ago, they can see the similarities between the work that has been handed in and the thing that gets me is that people donít read the questions because for example a question that asks ďWhat is your opinion?Ē is a personal question. Now when you copy Fred the class genius you have copied his opinion as well and it might be all technical and the teachers sometimes ask you to explain your opinion and you donít have a clue what it means, also donít forget that the teachers will see that your opinion is exactly the same as Fredís and you will get into trouble. So the only way you can get out of it is to do all the work yourself. In my opinion high school is a tough place and you have to get used to it sooner or later otherwise you end up a bum living in a huge hole all your life. I hope this has helped you a lot, thankyou for reading.




"A lot of truth is in the piece. Luckily though, my high school doesn't really have a bully because everyone can stand up for themselves (lucky eh?). This is sure to scare some of the younger kids." -- Jack Brown.


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