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Immaculata by David Gardiner Behold the handmaid of the Lord... [5,268 words]
Fistful Love by Muhammad Asif Hanif Unfinished Love. [600 words]
A Dragon Is To Eat, Not Just For Christmas by Rowan Davies This story is poo. [680 words]
One Winter Day by Shelley J Alongi One man's small action to combat the hideous direction in which Hitler is taking his country. T... [1,665 words]
Casa Cantina De Loco by Branson Storm Crazy man, his favorite poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, and a sexy young girl... Marshall strugg... [4,040 words]
The Only Dream I Have Ever Won by Branson Storm This is actually a part of Chapter 7 of my novel in progress. The main characte... [2,198 words]
Venge by Adam Brelsford Kill a spider and have bad luck. How bad is bad luck? You forget your homework? You lose a fiver? You g... [5,590 words]
When Mad Mike Cried by Norman A Rubin The story of a hard-boiled detective who shed a few tears at a funeral of a friend when he ... [1,832 words]
The Joys Of Heaven by Moya Green Getting there is fine - but what if you don't like it? [2,171 words]
The Devil's Curse by Norman A Rubin A group of lumberjacks, sitting around the warmth of a fireplace, listening to a tall tale sp... [1,824 words]
Postcards From Italy by Aurelia Bauer During an Italian sojourn, Anna Gilbert, a 20's socialite has a most unexpected meeting... [1,646 words]
No Title For This One by Joseph Robert Herrick - [240 words]
Monday's Child by Aurelia Bauer Keeping secrets has never been Maria's strong point... [632 words]
Mobile Misconduct by Moya Green The perils of leaving a mobile phone switched on. [697 words]
Missives by Caitlin Conaway A few letters from Brother Rufus, 12th-century English monk, to his adoptive brother John Godwinson. [2,123 words]
Isabella's Alchemy by Caitlin Conaway Isabella of France, three-years' wife to King Edward II, has problems with her husband and h... [2,487 words]
Brooklyn Cowboy by Lawrence Peters - [2,364 words]
A Little Piece Of Me by Jennifer Street Discovery of the Soul. [486 words]
Sweet Tooth
The Spirit Of The Buccaneers by Norman A Rubin Fantasy piece which tells of a travel writer during a trip to Eastern Canada. He i... [3,621 words]
The Spice Of Life by Simon King Sometimes memories are all we have... [1,527 words]
The Season's First Charter by Jan Stephen Maizler An imaginative short story set in South Beach, our modern Babylon. Our main characte... [1,867 words]
The Profundity Of Madness by Robert Edward Levin A short story. [7,619 words]
The Painter And The Horse by Simon King Beauty can also be in the *soul* of the beholder... [3,015 words]
The Mysterious Golden Robe by Stan A Fowler Looking for abstract answers in a real world. [8,325 words]
The Curse On The Bones Of Quzma, Son Of Salimu by Norman A Rubin A short story. [1,557 words]
The Casino by K P William Cheng Life of Chinese people in Britain - A perspective. [4,447 words]
Memento Mori by Simon King A disturbing discovery... [1,275 words]
Man, Ape And The Rather Large Boulder by Rowan Davies Longer! Funnier! Un-cut! This is a beautiful story of one man and his mon... [3,037 words]
Last Night by Adam Brelsford It's a story about the last day of Earth before it is destroyed by a meteor, and what one little boy... [2,774 words]
God Does Indeed Understand Irony by Johnny Abrahams Basically a strange way to die. [691 words]
Genesis Quest by P Garrett Weiler For untold millenia the Toysarians had prowled the galaxy searching for the planet of their origi... [1,550 words]
Furtive Glances by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Always the last to know! [891 words]
Freedom By Another Name by Sue (Sooz) Simpson He's an imposter [557 words]
Eve by Simon King Who knows what is just around the corner...? [3,230 words]
Crazy Crash by Johnny Abrahams Just plain stupid [645 words]
Away From Earth by Simon King There's so much that we take for granted... [1,758 words]
Kissing My Spanish Woman by Branson Storm The time I kissed a very beautiful, younger girl and found out the value of such a kis... [1,970 words]
While I Wait by Simon King Memories of a long life... [1,992 words]
Where Does My Heart Go From Here? by Joan Bentley It is my belief that John Donne's "No man is an island" dictum is 180 degrees... [1,501 words]
Wasting Time by David H. Paniagua The story of a drug dealer, his bisexual girlfriend, and other wacked-out people in his life. [1,783 words]
The Moment Of Truth by Simon King A once-in-a-lifetime achievement... [4,539 words]
My Date With Gavin Winterbottom by Moya Green There's many a slip... [1,042 words]
Making Connections by Joan Bentley Ever thought about where you would go if you killed yourself, what it would be like? Ever w... [7,087 words]
Lucky For Some by Moya Green Exclusive! In his own words! The story of the guide dog who saw off the blind. [709 words]
Lost World by G Siddharth Story of the Past and the Future. [1,059 words]
Glass Drop by Plume About a woman who tries to make amends. [2,157 words]
Empty House by Sue (Sooz) Simpson This had been her domain, now it was only a shadow. [649 words]
Double-Act by Simon King A dark tale of temptation and betrayal... [4,386 words]
Different Road by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Charlie is running scared. Will he find his way before his precious time runs out? [521 words]
The Story Of Joe by Prymed Moon - [230 words]
Telephone Operator - The Unsung Hero by C Klink A short story. [1,455 words]
Somewhere Something Strange by Juned Ahsan About my expirience of journey to my hometown. [1,095 words]
Seth by James A McGee Beneath a pecan tree in the depression era deep south a boy longs for a father he can't remember, and puzz... [3,561 words]
Footprints In The Ashes by Mark Brittan Little Lena Walker had no idea who Osama Bin Laden was. She didn't understand politics... [936 words]
Fear The Reaper: Batman And Michael Myers Part 2 by Mark Brittan Bruce Wayne had not had a restful night of sleep since his enc... [13,314 words]
Close With A Bang by Govindaraju Sita Devi Unable to take care of her impaired child, she tries to... But couldn't... [2,139 words]
A Matter Of Life And Death: Batman And Michael Myers by Mark Brittan Michael Myers had been pursuing his sister, Laurie Strode,... [7,825 words]

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Sweet Tooth
Hey everyone. This is my second story here, and this is the start of my collection of short horror stories. It's about cannibalism, and any more I say will give it away. Just read it, and bloody rate it as well!
[6,581 words]
Adam Brelsford
[May 2002]
Last Night (Short Stories) It's a story about the last day of Earth before it is destroyed by a meteor, and what one little boy does on his last day on Earth. Please read it, I hope you'll like it. [2,774 words]
Venge (Short Stories) Kill a spider and have bad luck. How bad is bad luck? You forget your homework? You lose a fiver? You get beaten up? If you thought bad luck was tame then think again. Who would have thought the p... [5,590 words] [Horror]

"Holy shit man! What ever happened to friends forever god and im drinking a pepsi too i think im goin to be sick. ....but it's a super good story!!! i rate it a nine out of ten. keep up making people feel sick!" -- Sarah.
"I'd first like to say that I'm highly resistant to this newly instated rating system, because it gives the author very little, if any, indication of the work's strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the reviewer. Without knowing the administration's reasons for having created it, I am led to believe it was to give the reader a lazy way to review, but as I said it is pointless to do a poll, because these are stories/articles, and not tax levies. Better not to review at all than to say someone's story is a 5. Now as for the story "Sweet Tooth." Assuming that you are British, many British spellings won't work in the international market. I'd suggest retyping all your "apologise"s as "apologize"s, "recognise"s as "recognize"s, "vandalised" as "vandalized," "paralysed" as "paralized". Also, if you're eager for publication outside the UK, then don't confuse your quote marks and quotation marks. Quotation marks "", surround dialogue, and within dialogue, where a speech fragment is being quoted, then you use the quote marks ''. As for misspellings: "permanant" change to "permanent." 'Lets go in then, eh?' He continued. (Who does this line go to? I believe it is Janet, but it doesn't say, and if it is Daniel then why is the sentence not on the same line as the last words that he just spoke, and why would he be talking to himself anyway?) Now as for exposition:Yet she never seemed to attract any men, no matter how nice, rich or powerful. (Now here is a line that makes no sense. What it seems to be saying is: Despite all her attractive qualities she couldn't attract any men because of their attractive qualities. Are you trying to say that opposites attract, or in this case similars repel? Or did you just miss the point of what you were saying?). The stranger explained that he was not watching where he was going because his mother had recently passed away, and so he was understandably somewhat distracted with thoughts of his mother. Janet offered her condolences, and they were met warmly by the man, who then informed her that his name was Daniel. Daniel suggested that Janet come back to his house, purely to give her somewhere to dry herself off and get a warm drink down her throat, and possibly he could give her a lift home (Technically there's nothing wrong with this narrative summary, and two centuries ago an editor wouldn't have given it a second thought, but to be honest your writing for a readership that is dead. Narrative summary has its place, especially when making story transistions, but you never want to use a word more of it than you have to because the modern reader likes to see the action before him, and not have it happen somewhere off-stage. In this scene, if the exposition about Daniel not paying attention was important enough for you to have said anything in the first place, then I think it'd be worthwhile to show that action rather than to tell the reader that there was an action.) What you did right: The characters are very well drawn out, and you can actually care about Janet, and you do have a good use of suspense within the story. Upon first contact with Daniel, Janet seems somewhat dim, especially when you espouse: He seemed to mean well, and didn't appear very sinister, so Janet was confident that she could trust him. (If he's not "completely" sinister, then he must be alright). This isn't a failing of the exposition, but a strength of it, because the writer's intent is to make the character Janet appear somewhat dim, at least in this scene, also in the bar scene, if she believed that "water" was going to stain most clothing, then she is somewhat lax in the intellect department. You did a good job of illustrating her as such, and it explains why she'd go to a complete stranger's apartment, because it certainly wouldn't be because she's just lonely, no she's just dumb. " -- JA St.George.


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