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10:15 by Lawrence Peters A short story about fate and speed and the things that bring people together. [713 words]
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Till Death Do Us Part by Sorcha Colleran A chilling tale about a grieving husband. [873 words]
The Unwanted Doll by Debbie Bailey A little girl finds a lonely doll to bring home for Christmas. [821 words]
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The Promise by Debbie Bailey A fictional account of a woman caught in the WTC tragedy and the firefighter who rescues her. [2,453 words]
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T-H-E N-U-T-Hare B-A-R-T-E-R-I-N-G R-A-B-B-I-T K-I-D by Christopher Dark This is a true story about the lives of 4 people I know ve... [2,454 words]
The Music Of The Spheres by Simon King Can you hear that noise...? [3,946 words]
The Little Things In Life by Fiona Shine This is a story told from the wiewpoint of a man who has spent most of his life in pr... [976 words]
The Greatest Gift by Debbie Bailey A woman reunites with the man who got her pregnant 25 years before. [7,498 words]
The Cab
Qualities Of A Friend by Andrea Diane Brown John Denton, a high school sophomore, is excited to learn about the new neighbor his age ... [844 words]
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Love That Never Dies by Andrea Diane Brown Daniel Jackson lives with his father. Both are having a great deal of trouble overcoming ... [1,273 words]
Finding Fleur by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Katy desperately wants to find Fleur, but does Fleur want to be found? [1,727 words]
False Accusations by Andrea Diane Brown Something's wrong in Sandra Richardson's life, but she just can't figure out what's going on.... [1,304 words]
Dirty Apartment by Sunny Description of my dirty apartment and its cause, me. [756 words]
Deadly Persuit by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Nature at its most cruel .. when it's interfered with by man. [1,541 words]
Dawn Rising by Sue (Sooz) Simpson He looked at his own personal sunrise every morning, yet longed for the warmth of the sun. [1,069 words]
Dark Solitude. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson A woman alone on the moors when a storm threatens, but this is no ordinanry storm and that is no... [1,434 words]
Creeping Up From Behind. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson You can't ever really know what someone else is thinking ... unless they choose to tel... [925 words]
Cold, Cold Night.. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The night was beautiful but biting, she had to make her final farewells, a cigarette would h... [630 words]
Car Trouble by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Boys will be boys. [496 words]
Breakfast In Bed by Sue (Sooz) Simpson She loved her husband so much, and a sepcial man deserves a special breakfast. [1,633 words]
Barriers by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Everybody's frightened of the prisoner in the cell at the end of the block. [2,913 words]
Bandit At Twelve-O-Clock by Sue (Sooz) Simpson A sinister note drops through her letter box, but who is it from and what's it all abo... [2,144 words]
Attractions by Sue (Sooz) Simpson People stared at the sisters and called them freaks. [678 words]
Apple Of His Eye by Sue (Sooz) Simpson Daddy's little girl, Daddy's little sweetheart. (May be deemed offensive). [1,742 words]
Angel Stew by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The kitchens are in uproar. [826 words]
Agony by Sue (Sooz) Simpson The First in a series of Agony columns written by the unstoppable Aunt Nasty. (May be deemed offensive) [1,200 words]
A Fork In The Road. by Sue (Sooz) Simpson A paradox revolving round the lonely Holker Mosses in the dead of night. [2,835 words]
Madness by Keri McGriff Story based on the life of a woman in the mad house. [593 words]
Thelma's Dilemma by Elwin L Wormwood Thelma Price is about to loose everything she holds dear, until a teenage boy arrives and chan... [3,101 words]
The Medium by Stan A Fowler An engaging and personal battle by an arrogant talk-show host to undermine and expose his guest to r... [4,843 words]
You Verbally Bruise by A Delusion Of Adequacy Just fnding no depth in peope in general. [666 words]
Winston (Part 3) by Wolfa The escaped pitbull forges a partnership with a bum. Meanwhile, the woman Dana believes she h... [2,671 words]
Should Have Would Have, Could Have Been by Alberto Pupo A story of regrets and mistakes.... [638 words]
Observations At An All You Can Eat Buffet Line by Ashley M Smoger Story satirizing Buffet Eaters. [506 words]
Janeska's Story by Ashley Burdett A story of the Holocaust told through a victim's eyes. [5,942 words]
Greatest by A Delusion Of Adequacy The most brutal writing I've ever done. [967 words]
God's Hiding Place by Lawrence Peters - [230 words]
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Dor Omhan by Kai Zi Led "It was... my wife's," Jrudam said, much to Omhan's embarressment, "An earring. I had it made f... [2,810 words]
Describing by A Delusion Of Adequacy The only thing I've written that I like. [532 words]
And Angels Crept. by Duluoz First attempt at writing a novella..(semi-bio)..i'm only two chapters into it but would enjoy... [1,325 words]
Alien Mask by John Barnovsky This is a third-person narration about the encounters of a mountain rescue team with a small clan of... [9,096 words]
The Ticket by Kurt Kitasaki A satire on people who play the lottery. [912 words]
Winston (Part 2) by Wolfa The pitbull, Ripper, plots his escape, and a strange young woman is introduced. [3,397 words]
Winston (Part 1) by Wolfa A brutal, viciously intelligent pit bull -- a champ pitfighter -- makes his way from the dogfi... [3,013 words]
When The Blood Runs Cold by Jack M Brown A murderer surveys his victim, while trying to certify that he has done the right thin... [419 words]
The Medusa Raft by Dimitry Shreders The Medusa Raft is the story of one man ascension from cowardice and personal despair to courag... [7,100 words]
Thanks For Asking by Charles Bishop Twisted Bishop The town that polices it own. [787 words]
Papa by Lawrence Peters For one of the greatest there was. [473 words]
Nympholepsy by Rowen Ravera A bit of prose? attempting to leave the reader aware of violent emotions - particularly relating to... [499 words]
Its A Dog's Life by Ramkumar Menon This story is a poignant description of relationships between human beings. The idea is brough... [1,830 words]
If Not (Dog), Then What? by Jaaffar Munasip A short story of deception and self-believe. [1,344 words]
Devil's Embrace by Black Widow It's an erotic tale of one woman's descent into madness and masochism. [5,139 words]
Boston Blacky by Ken Whan An extended twist on a folk tale. [1,439 words]
An Intimate Conversation With The Powers That Be by Robert G Hagans From the mind of the hopeless cynic, comes a very strange but ... [1,070 words]
When Sylvie Sang by John Kraft A story of love, food and music. [2,030 words]
The Story Of Trading (Featuring Man And Ape) by Rowan Davies 'Tis a humourous tale of the begins of trade. Ape knows the key to... [1,609 words]
The Signal by Tom Campbell What if our search for extraterrestrial intelligence proved fruitful? [876 words]
The Men And The Beast by G Sandberg A descriptive description of the horrors of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. [586 words]
Simple Pleasures In Vegas by R James Hunter One chapter of an in-progress novel. Examines life through one man's ego. [389 words]
Face Your Life by Niall Power Street racing community. [621 words]
Bad Boy by Richard Koss A true story about a bad boy growing up in 1950. Was he just mischievous? Would his behavior be consi... [2,844 words]

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The Cab
Four people ride the same taxi at different times and the cabbie realizes between all of them.And in one night they all affect one another's lives.
[927 words]
Jeremy Shackleford
I worked in a comic store where I met many a strange person.Some of those people inspired characters for my stories.This is my first short-story I've done in a while.
[March 2002]
The Cab
Jeremy Shackleford

It was a cold night like most of the night's Lenny worked.Lenny had bbeen in the Cabb driving business almost 10 years.Leaf Falls Taxi Co. had always paid him a good amount of money for a job he considered pretty simple.Of course Lenny was a people person.He liked to talk.He had grown up in Leaf Falls,In. all his life and he had really got to know the people.Little did he know what would happen this night would go beyond just knowing people.He spotted a man on the side of the street.The man waved eagerly to him.He pulled over and let the man in."Thank God,my car just broke down a few blocks ago and I thought I could walk to work but I didn't realize how cold it was."He said rubbing his hand together to squeeze out even the smallest bit of warmth."Where you need to go?"Lenny said looking at the man's bright red face.He suddenly realized the man was very young probably in his twenties."Oh,I just need to be dropped off at "The Busy Beaver Convience store I'm running the register tonight."Lenny noticed the man seemed very anxious about something."You seem excited."Leenyy said but wished he had just thought."Well see there's this girl who I've been trying to date for a while but she had this boyfriend right?So anyway a few nights ago her and her boyfriend got into this huge argument and I comforted her and everything and she asked me if I was doing anything Friday and...well here I am."Lenny smiled to himself.Lenny had once been young and in love.He looked at his tired old face in the mirror.Time sure had a way of changing things."My mom and dad keep telling me I gotta go to college you know like I.U. but at this point in my life college is the last thing on my mind."The boy said warming his hands."Need the heater up some more?"Lenny asked."Nah.I'm fine."The boy lied.The Busy Beaver was just ahead."Well here we are."Lenny said stopping the car.The boy handed his fare over and once more thanked Lenny for the ride.Lenny picked up a few more people before he spotted a young girl in the road looking about the same age as Lenny's first customer."I borrowed my ex-boyfirend's car and what does it do?Runs out of gas.Just like him a good for nothing.Oh,well I don't care about that car I've got a date.Busy Beaver convience store on North Pike Ave. please."The girl said putting on some makeup.Lenny realized who it was."I got a sweet guy taking me out to a nice restaraunt and even Ren can't stop that."Lenny wondered what Ren must be thinking."So you listen to music?"Lenny asked."Oh could you turn it on 93.3?"She said putting her makeup back in her purse.Lenny turned on the radio a slow sad song was playing.He dropped her off at the Busy Beaver."It looks like he's still working."The girl said looking at the man at the resgister."Oh,well I can wait.Thanks for the ride."She said handing him his money and a rather large tip.He drove down the road and saw an angry man waving for him.He pulled up next to the guy.He got in."Not a good night I suppose?"Lenny asked looking at the angry expression on the man's face."That's putting it pretty simple."The man said."My ex announces that just because I didn't get her what she exactly wanted for her birthday and that I showed up late for it because I slept in that I'm a lazy good for nothing person which I'm not.Afterwards she dumps me for a guy she's knwon since High School and steals my car."Lenny suddenly realized who this was too."Anyway one of her friends told me she's meeting the guy at the Busy Beaver tonight I'm gonna confront her about the car."Lenny smiled a small smile."You know how much that car costed me 20,000 that I've been saving since I was 14."They pulled up to parking lot of the Busy Beaver.The man got out quickly leaving the money on the dashboard.Lenny was driving down near Joe's Bar when he came upon a man stggering as if he were drunk.He was drunk."The man got into the car slowly."Ohhh...I would've taken the car but I'm afraid I'd hit a tree.Doctor always said drinking would be the end of me.I guess that's why I'm in this mess."Lenny who had had quite an evening asked,"What you mean?"The man fidgeted."I've been in some financial trouble lately.I'm going on up to the Busy Beaver to get some money."Lenny looked back at the man who looked as if he could vomit any minute."You work there?"Lenny asked."Well I guess you could say that."The man replied grinning.Lenny sat up uncomfortably.He dropped off the man at the Busy Beaver and he was done for the night.The next morning he was reading the papre when he came upon an article about the Busy Beaver."ARMED ROBBER TAKES LIFE AT LOCAL CONVINENCE STORE.Last night during an argument between a man and a woman who had broken up earlier and a clerk was interuppted when an old employee of the store walked in and with a handgun and robbed the place.The police have caught the man and have confirmed that he was not sober tthe night of the shooting.The clerk that was working the register took a blow to the heart and died almost instantly.The other two were unharmed as the robber took his goods.The two are comforting each other as the man who was killed had been a friend of theirs."Lenny read on,put down the paper,and thought to himself "What a night indeed."



"Don't mind the occasional spelling and grammar mistakes.I was pretty tired when I wrote this." -- Jeremy Shackleford.
"I personally liked this somewhat ironic and twisted story.The end was sort of surprising and the characters were wonderful." -- Tom River, Indiana, United States.
"IT was pretty good it could've been longer but still I give it an 8." -- Arnold Glove.
"it was good but it reminded me of some other movie or book...im noy sure what though" -- Ronald Bandi, NY.


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March 2002

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