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Happily Ever After

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Happily Ever After
[729 words]
Ryuichi Minamino
[November 2009]
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Happily Ever After
Ryuichi Minamino

Scene 1: Near a waterwell. In the center of the village with the moon half way up.

Lex: /shirtless, loose hide pants and a sword strapped on his side with a bow and arrows on his back shoulder length black hair, icy blue eyes and a muscled chest/ (a young wolf demon only a few days away from becoming an adult in the Villages eyes) *from the shadows* Atari? *waits a few seconds* Atari!

Atari: /long tan apprentice robes mid-back length bonde hair, lite-blue eyes and a slender-curvy form/ ( A beautiful young elf) * turned to him* Lex, what are you doing here?

Lex: (Flashing a smile and revealing his fangs, he stepped up to her, kneeling before Atari) I wish to seek out a very beautiful young priestess, she is the beholder of my very exsistance and if you know where she is can you show her to me?

Atari: (Blushing, she rolled her eyes) *sweetly* Oh lex, you think you�re so swave and prefect *Accent* don�t you, well *playfully* Buddy I�m not bying it!� (smiling)
Lex: Correction (Grabbing her hips and pulling her to him) *playfully* You think I�m Prefect, don�t you? (Rubbing his lips over hers)

Atari: *Sighing * (she kissed him forcefully and passionately) You know my secret, now what?

Lex: Now what? Hmmm. *evil smile* I got it.

Atari: What?

Lex: (begins tickeling her)

Atari: (being tickeled) *laughing* S-stop, S-stop it Lex!

Lex: (she�s still begging him to stop tickleing her) Stop what? huh? I can�t understand you?

Atari: Stop! Please!

Lex: (stops) Okay my love. (kisses her lightly) May I see you tomorrow?

Atari:: (blushing she nods) I�d like that. (gets up) Goodnight, Lex. (walks off)

Lex: (watches her walk away) *screams*Wait Atari�Don�t Go! *sits up* (laying in his bed) Another dream?

Soto: (looks at him) Lex, I have to go pee, bro! *leaves the room*

Lex: Atari�.(lays back down) Why can�t I stop thinking about you? You�re an Elf? Its not�allowed�

Scene 2: the next day Atari and her friends are hanging out in an allieway near the temple where her mom is a priestess.

Seremela: /tan peasent cotton shirts and pants/ (sitting on the ground leaning against the wall) The day is early and yet we are reduced to sitting around like laxy logs!

Sakura: /tan peasent shorts ans shirts/ Hmpt, well any ideas?

Yukina: /tan peasent dress/ (sexy smile) We could go spy on Lex, Sei or Rei?

Seca & Ako/tan toght fitting guard attire/: (laugh)

Ako: I don�t know what you girls see in my lame brother, Lex.

Seca: Anyways can we do something because as soon as Lex gets here Ako and I have to go on the hunt. Being a hunter you work everyday.

Atari: /Tan robes/ (sitting next to Yukina) *blushing* Lex is coming?

Yukina: Atari? You don�t really like Lex, do you?

Sakura: Aren�t you engaged?

Atari: *sighs* Yes, but I don�t like him�I mean I like�L-

Ako: (shrugs shoulder)�well if you don�t like him, (devilish) I dare you to tell him when he gets here.

Atari: (eyes widen) O-oh Okay! I will. (looks away)

Seca: (confronts Atari) For Real! You�re going to tell him you don�t care about him.

Yukina: I thought Preistess� couldn�t lie, isn�t that against the code?

**Lex, Sei and Rei walk up**

Lex: (sexy lation voice) What code?

Sie: (British voice) Tell who what?

Rei: (American voice) what�s going on?

Ako: HeyBro, Atari has something she�d like to tell you.

Yukina & Sakura: (smiles at the guys) See ya later (runs off)

Lex: (tyring to keep his tail from wagging) Wh-what is it?

Seco: (grabs Sei�s Arm) Come on Sei, they need to be alone.

Sei: huh? (gets drung off along with Rei getting drugged by Ako)

Atari: (looks at him) I�I um, (sighs) L-Lex I�Um� (looks away)

Lex: Atari, I have something I�d like to ask you�(grabs her hand) But not here, not in the open. (looks around) Follow me�Please.

Atari: Ok (holding his hand she follows him through the village and into the woods) how much farther?
Lex: I can carry you? (stops for a second)

Atari: We�re going farther?

Lex: Nah. (smiles at her) right here is fine

**Maeglin & Aegnor listen from the shadow**

Lex: I know that I�m a demon and you�re an Elf, but I�

Atari: (kisses him) I love you too, Lex. (blushes) I know I�m Engaged to Maeglin but I don�t and will never love him, he�s too�

Lex: (kisses her) Atari you�ve made me so happy�


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