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The Doormasters by Willie Travis Jr An ordinary man accidentally,stumbles upon an interdimensional being,and learns about the "Tota... [1,813 words]
Killjoy by Juan Garcia 2 Back to back short films about being young and having fun, and then immediate Horror. [1,076 words]
Star Saga
Two Percent Freak by Richard Evans the other ninety eight's a gentlman- [1,521 words]
Eradication by Sf This is the story of a girl (Katie) and her friends that go to a cabin for the weekend. What was su... [15,968 words]
The Lady Or The Tiger Screenplay by James O'donnell - [784 words]
The Highwayman by Durfee's Student Short screenplay of the classic poem The Highwayman. [813 words]
The Highway Man by P L L Loomis About two lover that can never be toghter. [802 words]
Pornographical Bodies by Jeremiah Semien This is a story of Kevin Johnson, who is trying to solve, a case, until he runs into, the... [5,360 words]
The Chronicles Of Samson: Act Two by Willie Travis Jr The following adventures,of Samson. [2,718 words]
The Chronicles Of Samson:The Jewel Of Life by Willie Travis Jr When the Nightqueen's Soldiers:The Red Horde, descend upon the peace... [3,280 words]
J. J Rhymes by Jeremiah Semien Semien J. J. RHYMES This is a drama story of one man journey of getting his dreams off of the ground. Eve... [5,451 words]
Sindy's Eyebrows by Amarjit Bhambra When this happened, it was very hillious and funny. I hope you enjoy it too. [213 words]
Hide And Seek by Alyssa B I started writing this in August of 2000 and I am only half way through...I am going my mini chap... [123 words]
Entire Dynasty 3 - Chapter One by Enzo This is Chapter One of the screenplay I started about a war in a fantasy land. t... [3,726 words]
Bloodhunt by Willie Travis Jr From the creator,of the :ODYSSEY OF THE GUARDIANS and the:DOORMASTERS..COMES BLOODHUNT.A short tale o... [2,781 words]
Mcdaniel's by Nathan Weaver "McDaniel's" is a sitcom I've been working on for a while. It revolves around characters working in... [1,776 words]
Untitled Noir Tv Pilot (Drafting) by Nathan Weaver Basically, Mercedes Masterson is a private detective and this the first pilot... [998 words]
The Santa Claus Conspiracy by Sarah Buck F Buck When two young boys who don't believe in Santa Claus try to catch the mall imposter ... [890 words]
Temple U by William Wright Adam and Eve and Steve, oh my! Sex, religion, politics, Michael Jackson � is anything off limits? Not ... [11,107 words]
Family Secret by Nathan Weaver This is a short film in the fasion of "The Twilight Zone." [1,056 words]
Cubie by Nathan Weaver This is a revised version of a scene I had written for my sitcom "McDaniel's" (a sitcom about the fast fo... [346 words]
Truepoint by Emmett O Saunders Iii Two Miami couples are kidnapped and forced through the Bermuda Triangle into dangerous adventure. [12,202 words]
The Ice Chronicles (Section 3 Of Entire Dynasty) by Enzo (First off, don't try to read this all it'll be hard to unders... [4,439 words]
The Bell Wishers by Emmett O Saunders Iii Two children find dangerous adventure on a mysterious island after discovering a magic bell on... [35,464 words]
Shillelagh by Emmett O Saunders Iii A magical Irish walking stick grants each recipient one wish according to God's plan for the person. [14,615 words]
Naive Nancy�S Sleazy First Date by Ether Tom and Naive Nancy are on their first date. In the evening Tom brings her back... [582 words]
Collection Plate by Ether Mormon and Jehovah�s Witnesses, religious rival syndicates collide when they find themselves p... [711 words]
Teens by Ryuichi Minamino Its only a preview. [208 words]
Tell Me What's The Deal. by Alia Harold This be dat good junk right chere. [272 words]
Political Gain by Joe Dan Campbell - [2,601 words]
The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Sean Fowler A screenplay based on the book by Lilian Jackson Braun. I want to know if its ... [2,636 words]
Hostage by Shane A Ward Screenplay about a woman who gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and a lone soldier has to go and rescue... [2,008 words]
This Spirt In Me by Yessayana Hartfield Theme is Two woman act. A young lady name Kim desperately trying to find her purpose in this w... [775 words]
Tabbie's Paradise by Jeaette Harris This takes place at store called Tabbie's paradise. [574 words]
Prisoners Of Protocol by Joseph Shapiro Futuristic thriller. A story of corruption, deception and duty on a mining colony on Mars... [2,434 words]
Duty Calls by Olurotimi Adeola Kola and Bisi started like any other (man meet woman) relationship. And it�s obvious they are fond o... [11,181 words]
Zappy by Gazza King A young adult fantasy comedy. [64 words]
The Delivery by Rosario Perez - [19,425 words]
Significance-First Draft by Patrick Collins The first draft of my script. It is the simple story of a teenage girl on a soccer tea... [9,272 words]
Scary Tales by Chris Hofmann A four-part anthology of Horror Stories. [17,868 words]
An-Arch-Y by A Panos Everything wasn't all hunkie dory dory on Noah's arch. So here's a story story of a poker game betwee... [2,780 words]
Top Of The First Inning by A Panos If you like baseball, you'll think this story is amusing. If you don't like baseball th... [2,447 words]
The Secret Sun (Director's Draft) by Deron Turner Thought Storymania readers might enjoy seeing the process of a successful scr... [9 words]
The Secret Sun by Deron Turner A screenplay or play. (170 pages) [8 words]
The Last Mission by Shaun Goldsmith Expert marksman William Mitchell, branded a coward and outcast when his men are massacred and ... [25,220 words]
Everthing In Its Wrong! by Roberto J Moreno - [1,615 words]
Attacked! by Tom River Can you not be attacked? I'd like to see you try! Now, do something, like read the script! If you don... [802 words]
Ask No Secrets by LarsonPR Low budget romantic comedy about a not-so-secret agent who discovers his beautiful fianc�e was n... [200 words]
A Life, Before The Curve by Deron Turner 135 page script. [6 words]
Doing Man's Work by Mike Rembis Candy is pregnant and her husband Thomas, 18 years her senior, can't seem to hold a job. She k... [19,155 words]

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Star Saga
The year is 2120 and colonization of space is well underway. Thanks to the unlocking of the human genome during the 21st Century, humanity is experiencing a time like no other. No intelligent life has been discovered, that is, up until now...Influenced by the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Final Fantasy.
[11,766 words]
Science Fiction
Michael Harris
African American male. Accepted Christ as savior as I have been born again since August 1st of 2002. I have been writing on and off for about 10 years though I'm pretty determined to keep at it this time.
[August 2012]
[email protected]
Alone With My Sin (A Collection) (Poetry) This is a collection of poems wherein I express the stinging loneliness that sin has caused in my life as a Christian and the fallout of those transgressions. There is also a long poem expressing what... [2,477 words] [Spiritual]
Attack From The Beyond (Short Stories) A guardian race recruits human beings in the defense of the Earth in the face of the Aelkighted. The fourth tale in what I'm calling "The Adrian and Lucalan Saga." The first story is called "The Riv... [11,647 words] [Science Fiction]
Chronicles Of Zefaria: The Plight Of The Free Peoples (Novels) These are dark times for the people of Zefaria. Lord Osmadaan's provinces are causing havoc throughout the land. Tonomoli Foster embarks on a quest to attract help from some of the bigger countries ... [33,846 words] [Fantasy]
Chronicles Of Zefaria: The Realm Of The Ancients (Novels) Here follows the first four chapters of the continuation of my Chronicles of Zefaria series with a bit of chapter five thrown in for good measure. This installment of the series follows the exploits ... [8,455 words] [Fantasy]
Evil's Fingers (Short Stories) After a young boy by the name of Timmy Hutchinson falls into a pit and is rescued, circumstances arise in Blackberry Village that none are prepared for. Read and you will not be disappointed. [7,440 words] [Fantasy]
Here And Thereafter (Novels) A young, dirt poor African American couple struggle to make ends meet. The husband places all of his beliefs in his unfinished fantasy novel, while the wife struggles with the everyday realities of t... [12,076 words] [Drama]
Journey To The Planet Merridion (Short Stories) This is my third tale in what I'm calling "The Adrian and Lucalan Saga," unless someone can come up with something better. It follows the short stories "The Rivals" and its sequel, "The Arrivals." ... [8,445 words] [Science Fiction]
Octavia's Obsession (Short Stories) This story is about... Octavia's obsession... [2,237 words] [Drama]
Star Saga: A Clash Of Empires (Screenplays) Sequel to my sci fi scipt "Star Saga: Swarm of the Bulgata," which came after the script "Star Saga." Two months have passed since the conflict on the colony of Dorridion ended, and now the Earth Emp... [22,716 words] [Science Fiction]
Star Saga: Swarm Of The Bulgata (Screenplays) Sequel to my sci fi script "Star Saga." The Bulgata have been beaten back on the alien planet of Unisee, and the Earth Empire watches over the people. However, a new conflict soon surfaces on the co... [17,954 words] [Science Fiction]
Tales Of The Horror Inducing Kind (Short Stories) Three short stories documented by a horror enthusiast whose attempting to collect supposedly true stories, and told from the perspective of those who saw them. "The Centipedes" - A story about a man'... [12,838 words] [Horror]
The Arrivals (Short Stories) **********WARNING*********** Do not read further without first reading my short story, The Rivals, unless you want to be spoiled**************Adrian Belfast is suffering through events that took place... [10,381 words] [Science Fiction]
The Caged Introvert (Short Stories) A shy, unattached man's journey for love... [3,644 words] [Drama]
The Deluded Youth (Short Stories) A boy and his dreams... [3,699 words] [Drama]
The Exploits Of Tal'on Kepp (Short Stories) This is a short story set in my Chronicles of Zefaria series. I hope that all enjoy. [2,542 words] [Fantasy]
The House That Bernard Wellingsworth Built (Short Stories) Eli Wellingsworth travels from upstate New York to Manchester, England, to take control of the estate of his deceased and demented uncle, but he could hardly be expected to be prepared for what he is ... [5,645 words] [Horror]
The Man Who Walked Unseen (Short Stories) An account in the exploits of the life of the unseen... [1,457 words] [Horror]
The Menace Of That Most Demented Order (Short Stories) Eli Wellingsworth finally comes face to face with the horror perpetrated by his demented Uncle Bernard. The third tale in a series that I am calling "The Perils of Eli Wellingsworth." The first one ... [12,529 words] [Horror]
The Path That Eli Wellingsworth Took (Short Stories) Sequel to my short story, "The House That Bernard Wellingsworth Built." Eli Wellingsworth travels from Manchester, England, to New York after resigning defeat in garnering the attention of anyone who... [9,402 words] [Horror]
The Rivals (Short Stories) Adrian Belfast, a young and aspiring author, chances upon the works of one Lucas Slaughter, a person whom he considers his rival. Sequel forthcoming. [5,415 words] [Humor]
The Struggle Within: Sestina Number One (Poetry) A sestina is a poem where you interchange six words at the end of each line in six stanzas. This is my first. [258 words] [Horror]
The Suffering Christian (A Collection) (Poetry) These are my very first Blank Verse poems, Heroic Couplets, and a Stanza in Heterometric form. The Blank Verse poem possesses some rhyme, and is about being Christian and a selfish sufferer (wanting C... [528 words] [Spiritual]
War Of The Writers (Short Stories) This is my first fantasy themed short story. I welcome any and all comments. Thanks in advance! [1,955 words] [Fantasy]
We Storymaniacs Should Be The Best (Essays) An essay dealing with why I believe many of us Internet writers will one day be a cut above the rest, and what it will take to get there. [1,101 words] [Motivational]

"Yet another one of yours I shall have to read Michael." -- The Cheerleader, Tyna Aberdeen.
"i can understand your ambition, and I also believe that someone decided you should have an extra penny in your creativity jar. I didn't read it all, but I like it, and I will finish it when me bum stops hurting from all that sitting! :-) I don't really like some of the female names, but they're still cute. I never really liked the idea that ending a name/word with 'a' makes it sounds more feminine. Ah, screw it. nvrmind! ALso, if you want this to be a real screenplay, tidy it up a little with some o' these puppies ( )for physical actions and entering on FC, C, or BC or possibly fading on closeups... oh, bother. Babbling again. All that's only if you are making it for theater or ABOUT to make it a show... ! :-( sorry for the waste of space,) but I like you, man, keep it all up and I'll read it!" -- Kimberly De liz.
"Hey, somebody likes me. *blushing* Thanks for the partial review Ms. De Liz (it is Ms. De Liz, right? Just asking. And kidding. Unless...). Yeah, I'm pretty good with names (at least I'd like to think I am). As for keeping it up, I'm already working on a sequel, and unless I feel the spontaniety that I did with this piece, it won't be submitted for a while. But I do have others in the pipeline. I'm currently working on my early magnum-opus; and I hope to release the first installment of that at least by Spring Break. Well, I hope you like the rest of it. And if you ever get a chance to read it Tyna, I hope you like it too. Heck, I hope everyone likes it." -- Michael.
"I guess I just couldn't help liking this, I'm a huge Star Wars fan. But this script is quite original as well. The reader is constantly drawn into adoring the characters more and more, even the villians. I have really been wanting to write another screenplay, and this one has compelled me to make it science fiction. Oh yeah, thanks for giving "The Black and the White Balloon" such a great review! Thanks." -- Magnus Duke McDowell (Eric Vana), Milwaukee, WI, USA.
"Whoa! To know that I've compelled you to want to write a sci-fi script makes my heart drop. Thanks, Magnus. Yeah, that adoration thing is something that I'd like to be present in all my scripts. I've only seen a few snippets of the first three Star Wars films (which should probably be considered a sin), and I hated Episode 1. Specifically, I wanted to feel more drawn to the characters. I'm more of a Deep Impact guy as opposed to an Armageddon guy, of which I absolutely loathed. Yeah, write another script, would ya? This section of the site needs more standout material." -- Michael .
"Cute. Amusing. I had a lot of fun reading it. And yea, if you write an outline first, you can write entire screenplay really fast. I know what I'm talking about, since I've graduated Dramaturgy (around here (Yugoslavia) it's playwriting, screenplaywriting, writing radio-plays, critics...you get the picture). Actually, with an outline it's possible to write a screenplay in three (yes, 3) days, only you feel REALLY tired after that. Keep working!" -- Ivana Milakovic.
"Thanks, Ivana. You know, you're right. After reading over this a couple of times I've found that it does possess quite a bit of humor, which is something that I never considered myself as: a comedian. I guess everyone has their own little way of making people laugh. Thanks for the review." -- Michael.
"Hello,Mr. Harris. I'm willie Travis jr, author of the odyssey of the Guardians.Thanks for reading, my script,im glad you found it entertaining. Although i must agree, it does start out, a bit like L.O.T.R., but after reworking the script, several times, i just liked this draft best. This was an idea, i got when, i was about 15. So it was in, my head for a while there.I started on the third installment, a while ago, but havent got around to finishing it yet.But not to worry!I'll get around to it,one day. I have read, the beginning of your work: Star Saga also. It seems pretty well thought out.I havent finished reading it yet though.After i read yours,i'll leave you a review.And as for the Oydssey of the Guardians 2... to my opinion, it's rather dull, compared to the first script. When ever i get around, to writing final installment,i'll try to make sure it's a lot better. For now i am busy writing a space adventure,which for now is titled, the: DOOMSDAY ORBS. WELL... anyhow, thanks for reading, and enjoying my work.You may find the Doormasters, entertaining also. Thanks for your review." -- willie travis jr, baton rouge, usa, louisiana.
"Hey, thanks man. I look forward to reading your review. I'll still read your Odyssey sequel, and then I'll branch out to some of your other scripts, as I can learn from you. Until next time then. " -- Michael Harris, Detroit, MI.
"You liked the sequel?! Thanks for the praise!! It's good there is someone out there, that reads my scripts, and enjoys them. Maybe all that time, from reading countless how to write, screenplay books, came in handy after all.I thought the sequel to the Oydssey of the guardians,sounded pretty dull.Thanks for the praise again. Oh yeah,i look forward to reading your sequel,to star saga. Thats some good stuff.Keep up the good work!It's good to see there's someone on this site, that puts serious thought,and time,into their intellectual properties. I don't mean to ramble on..but thanks again. W.T.Jr " -- willie travis jr, baton rouge, usa, louisiana.
"Thanks a mil for the review. And I'm glad you liked my story. I actually have the sequel up on the site now, I put it up in February. I'll read some of your other scripts next and I look forward to your Odyssey sequel." -- Michael Harris, Detroit, MI.


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