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Foods And Drinks For Health
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Foods And Drinks For Health
A menu for various types of ailments, consisting of foods and drinks shown to be effective.
[663 words]
Joseph Albrecht
I am a Senior Nutrition Student, poet, who is passionate about people and planet. Check out my book. "My World in Words: A Collection of Passionate Poetry." www.joe-in-the-know.blogspot.com. Twitter:@JoeAlbrecht6
[March 2017]
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Foods And Drinks For Health
Joseph Albrecht

Foods and Drinks for Health

Since I�m studying to become a Registered Dietitian which works one on one with patients in need of nutritional counseling, I thought I might share some of what I�ve learned so far. I will list common diseases followed by the foods and drinks that help cure them and-where appropriate-what to avoid. I hope you may find this of help. The following information is from two books: Eat and Heal by the Editors of FC&A Publishing and The Doctor�s Book of Food Remedies by Selene Yeager and the Editors of Prevention as well as my own knowledge from over the years.

Sinusitis: apricots, cantaloupe, parsley, strawberries, kale, sweet potatoes, whole-wheat bread, water, black beans, yogurt, mangoes, liver, broccoli, okra, tomatoes, peaches, oranges, teas (chamomile and green), peppers, garlic, chicken soup.

Depression: sweet potatoes, salmon, whole-wheat bread, mackerel, walnuts, spinach, chicken, tuna, flaxseed, mushrooms, herring, canola oil, arugula, kale, Swiss chard, collard, turnip and mustard greens.

Cancer: garlic, onions, brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, collard greens, tuna, mushrooms, citrus fruits, guava, cruciferous vegetables, watermelon, beans, tea, milk and Brussels sprouts.

Diabetes: high-fiber cereal, cinnamon, peanut butter, grapefruit, oranges, oatmeal, raisins, tuna, liver, vinegar, figs, beans, cornstarch, guava, cheese, nuts, whole grains, eggs, lemon juice, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cantaloupe, peppers, kiwis, oils (soybean, corn and sunflower).

Heart disease: high fiber cereal, bananas, broccoli, spinach, wheat germ, brown rice, fish, tomatoes, tea, onions, apples, nuts, whole grains, kale, beans, leafy greens, strawberries, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts, oils (soy, corm, olive safflower, sesame and sunflower), seeds, pomegranate juice, dark chocolate, red wine (in moderation), blueberries, peaches, figs, raspberries, guava, grapes and grape juice.

Hemorrhoids: water, flaxseed, oatmeal, whole grain foods, blueberries, black berries and cherries. Avoid: coffee, alcohol and spicy foods.

Diarrhea: yogurt, guava leaves, cinnamon, rice, broth, bananas, water, toast, applesauce, custard, wine (red or white in moderation. Avoid sugar, honey (use sparingly and preferably raw Manuka), excess lactose and fructose, and artificial sweeteners.

Gallstones: water, small and frequent meals, high-fiber foods, barley, cantaloupe, oranges, sweet red peppers. Avoid excess fat, sugar, cholesterol and partially hydrogenated oils in processed foods.

Parkinson�s disease: apricots, milk, cheese, yogurt, wheat germ, apples, olive oil, mangoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, almonds, kale, bran, peanuts, seeds, beans, nuts, coffee, dark chocolate, nuts. Avoid excessive protein, alcohol, and smoking.

Memory loss: blueberries, strawberries, kale, beets, avocados, asparagus, spinach, liver, oatmeal, fish, barley, potatoes, beans, watermelon, oils (especially olive), potatoes, bananas, turkey, citrus fruits, kiwi, egg yolks, nuts, whole grains, broccoli, cabbage, green tea, coffee (in moderation), grape, pomegranate and vegetable juice. Avoid excessive amounts of soy, refined sugars and artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives.

Osteoporosis: kale, bananas, almonds, yogurt, oranges, strawberries, bok choy, milk, collard greens, potatoes, tea, apricots, soy, ricotta cheese, cod liver oil. Avoid coffees, colas and excessive caffeine and refined sugars.

Overweight: potatoes, oatmeal, fish, oranges, green tea, apples, dark chocolate, whole grains, beans, eggs (in moderation), oils (canola and olive), cucumbers and grapefruit. Avoid excessive amounts of saturated fat and refined sugars.

Herpes: eggs, beans, meat, milk, cheese, orange juice, peaches, raw bell peppers, kiwi and broccoli. Avoid excessive chocolate, peas, nuts and beer.

Hypothyroidism: whole grains and fruits. Avoid kelp, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage beans and mustard greens because these foods may depress thyroid function. Take in less calories to prevent excess weight gain.

Hyperthyroidism: milk, yogurt, low-fat ricotta cheese, and dark leafy green vegetables (kale and spinach) because these foods are rich in calcium. Take in more calories to maintain energy and weight.

High cholesterol: manage stress, sesame and sunflower seeds, pistachios, whole grains, garlic (especially minced or crushed), oatmeal (especially steel-cut), beans, fresh fruits, Brussels sprouts, fish, sweet potatoes, onions, kale, wine (in moderation), cranberries, walnuts, avocados, and apples. Avoid excessive saturated fats and alcohol.

High blood pressure: garlic, prunes, broccoli, bananas, whole grains, seeds, mackerel, oranges, canola oil, potatoes, spinach, beans, nuts, greens (collard and turnip), fish, pistachios, avocados, clams, apricots, peaches, kiwi, peppers, black currants, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, tomato juice, and low fat dairy. Avoid excessive sodium and alcohol.


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