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Memories By Chloe L Batey
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Memories By Chloe L Batey
Spur of the moment poem. Just playing around with the rhythm of it, hence the odd breaks in the stanza.
[35 words]
Chloe L Batey


I love reading my old stuff. It shows me how bad I really was. So I culled a little, getting rid of the truly terrible stuff, and leaving some of the semi-terrible stuff for laughs.

I've been published in a poetry book (The Nightingale). Oher then that I have no real 'accomplishment' when it comes to writing. I attempt to be honest in my work, drawing very rarely from my experience (I have a drama free and relatively boring life) and instead drawing on imagination and my family and friends.

I write better when I'm in a depressed mood. So that's why at the moment I rarely write. that and it doesn't matter if I write or not.
[November 2010]
[email protected]
A Boy And A Girl (Poetry) This poem is about a young boy and a young girl, this poem is in both of their perspective and the a 3rd person's perspective right at the end.. [141 words]
Alcoholic (Poetry) Pretty straight forward. [59 words]
Bad, But So Good (Songs) About a young girl and the wrong guy [186 words]
Beauty Of Death (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [12 words]
Black Stallion (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [19 words]
Dale (Poetry) My cousin Dale has just died, I'm writing this so I can take a load of my chest... [302 words]
Fallen Angel (Poetry) About someone very special (This poem is not personally directed at me). Please read and review, I mean you AUNTY KATE!!!! [123 words]
Fix You (Poetry) Written quickly, for all those who have been hurt by love. Hey GB. love you :) [109 words]
God & The Devil (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [12 words]
Good & Bad (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [13 words]
Happier Being Me (Poetry) About wanting to be somebody else [29 words]
How Funny It Is To Lose Someone. (Poetry) Haven't added anything in a while but here's my newest. About losing somebody you love and never thought you could live without... Dedicated to my two Cousins: Dale Lightfoot (17/09/83- 08/01/06) and... [127 words]
I Am Alone (Poetry) About being alone [92 words]
I Am Me (Or This Is Me...) (Poetry) With was basically a signal to my friends that not everything was "ok", or as it should of been which just goes to show how much people can change... (i never showed them the poem though.. hmm...) [84 words]
I Don't Think You Know How Much You Hurt Me (Poetry) Went through a stage where my father and I came to blows on every little thing. this is what came out of that stage. [100 words]
Jade (Chapter One) (Novels) A story I'm working on. no set time or place. I really need feedback though, cos I'm not entirely sure what's working and what isn't. [3,851 words]
Jade (Chapter Three) (Novels) As with the previous chapters, would really love some feedback. these are only drafts so there will be spelling/gramatical errors. I have tried to keep those at a minimum. Please review and critique. ... [4,178 words]
Jade (Chapter Two) (Novels) Chapter two of my story. Need feed back, so please tell me what's good and what isn't. Thanks. [2,164 words]
Jesus Christ (Poetry) About our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, Please review. [88 words] [History]
Love, Lola (Poetry) Dedicated to my cousin KMB, you're little girl is watching over you. To all those in need of reassurance, to all those in need of hope, this is for you. Kel I love you. [131 words] [Spiritual]
Love!! Sickening Stuff!! (Poetry) The bad side of love... [96 words]
Matt (Poetry) Another cousin died today (27th October) and I wrote this... [167 words]
My Imagination (Poetry) About a mother yelling at her daughter, and the daughter drifting off into her imagination so she can escape her mother's ear bashing. [255 words]
Old Lady (Poetry) Just what the name states. [49 words]
Page Of My Soul (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [21 words]
Perfect Female (Poetry) This poem is about a guy complimenting on a girl he thinks is perfect. is the lady you? [109 words]
Prologue (Novels) A story I'm working on. I don't have a title yet. And I don't even know If I'll finish the thing or not but here's the prologue. If you comment thankyou. [564 words]
Samuel (Poetry) Again this isn't a poem (really). I had to do it for English. the activity was called 'Extending Sentences' Please review. [186 words]
Something's Out There (Poetry) A bit dark and depressing, worth a read in my opinion. [73 words]
Song You'll Never Hear (Songs) - [245 words]
Stained Glass Window (Songs) Different views on life. email me if you have music ideas. will be interested in hearing them. [347 words]
Tenakahan (Poetry) This isn't really poetry... but I had to do it for English (my English teacher -Mr. Watkins- told me to go back and do it again about 5 times... He now tells me it's one of the best he's ever read :D)... [368 words]
Tenakahan-Story (Short Stories) an extension on my character Tenakahan [1,671 words]
The Answer To All Prayers (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [33 words]
The Game- By Clb (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [17 words]
The Nightingale (Poetry) I wrote this after i read the story by Oscar Wilde Please review this and my other two written peices I know its short but hey... [100 words]
The Rose Garden (Poetry) An old lady remembers... [274 words]
The Stalker (Poetry) About a stalker... Please review this and my other peices. [71 words]
The Truth- By Clb (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [29 words]
The War (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [18 words]
The Web (Poetry) It's a cross between lyrics and poetry, about being tangled in life and it's problems. it's basically about how sometimes being lonely and poor can be better. It's an obscure peace, and basically a "l... [172 words]
These Tears Of Blood (Poetry) I started to think of the idea after I got in trouble one night, but there was a block... then one day at school, it just came to me, and I think it is one of my best!! [49 words]
This Is Me... (Poetry) I wrote it as a sort of hint to my friends (I never showed them though) I was just out growing them and I had changed from what I usd to be... [83 words]
Touched By The Devil (Poetry) Pretty straight forward. Please review. [79 words]
Truth? Lies? (Poetry) Really old. written four years ago. Really short. Opinions welcome. [10 words]
Try (Songs) - [167 words]
Untitled 1 (Poetry) I went through a stage where I was depressed constantly and this was one of the peices that came out of it... Please comment [53 words]
War And Peace (Poetry) Dedicated to my Ucle: Daniel bennett. [250 words]
Wild Horses (Poetry) A really old one, written about four years ago. really short. opinions welcome. [10 words]
You Beautiful Stranger (Songs) Just about people [193 words]
(As Long As I Keep Walking) Walking The Road (Songs) A song about the hardships of life, and walking right through it. if anyone has an idea for the music PLEASE email me on [email protected] Thanks [186 words]
'why Me?' And 'bruised' And 'for The First Time' (Poetry) I wrote these because i had a few friends who were cutters, i wrote this to put it down and make the load a little lighter on my shoulders, in case your wandering most of them have stopped [280 words]
Memories By Chloe L Batey
Chloe L Batey

Memory, like a candle burning bright,
Slowly melting away over the years.
Warming the nights lost in darkness-
Until it is snuffed out by time; Memory's
Cruel and suffered partner.
Once more lost in darkness
Until another candle is lit.


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