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How Can You Let Go? by Anabelle Gonzales A poem about passion, love, loss and desire. Can be used for a song. [232 words]
Call Of Nature.(Poem) by Terry Collett - [149 words]
What's Yours Was Always Mine by Katherine Smith - [94 words]
Walt Whitman & Apples. by Terry Collett - [135 words]
Waiting For You (My Future Wife) by Jose Hernandez I decided to write a poem that reflects how I currently feel; which is somethi... [106 words]
Unsociable by Star Jones it's about being lonely, and finding someone only for loosing them again. [41 words]
Underwater by Brittney R - [158 words]
Touch Of His. by Terry Collett - [142 words]
Time's Up by Brittney R - [133 words]
The Sunshine by Brittney R - [85 words]
The River(Poem) by Terry Collett - [134 words]
The Feelings You Feel Under The Spell Of True Love. by Eve R Huff Loving and soft [43 words]
The Coffin Comes. by Terry Collett - [281 words]
That Dark Place. by Terry Collett - [160 words]
Springtime by Lamar Cole - [19 words]
Spring Season by Spencer A Morin It gives you a magnified look on different angles of Spring Sensation. [47 words]
So In Love. by Terry Collett - [247 words]
School Is Cool by Spencer A Morin A poem about school and staying in it. [11 words]
Rome 1993. by Terry Collett - [213 words]
Red Scarf. by Terry Collett - [270 words]
Orbs by Star Jones It's something i saw in someone once. it's a short poem. [33 words]
Nobody's Perfect by Star Jones This is something i like to describe as me in genral. [85 words]
No Possibility. by Terry Collett - [203 words]
Night Awakening by Spencer A Morin It is a soft but reaching poem. Usually I do not write poetry but i wrote this. [24 words]
Nanna by Brittney R - [267 words]
Mother's Shadow. by Terry Collett - [199 words]
Marcel's Madness. by Terry Collett - [85 words]
Lying Photos. by Terry Collett - [232 words]
Love Is In The Air by Eve R Huff love and care [53 words]
Lost Words.(Poem) by Terry Collett - [154 words]
Lost Locket. by Terry Collett - [241 words]
I Can't Wait Any Longer by Spencer A Morin This is a poem about how you feel when you can't wait for something to happen. [51 words]
Hope - A Journey
Hollow Jack by Katherine Smith - [86 words]
His Letters. by Terry Collett - [223 words]
Hard Stare. by Terry Collett - [202 words]
Ghost Town. by Terry Collett - [116 words]
Ghost On A Train. by Terry Collett - [109 words]
For You Eye Die by Jose Hernandez experimenting writing an acrostic poem [83 words]
Finn's New Woman. by Terry Collett - [306 words]
Father Dying. by Terry Collett - [187 words]
Eisiskes 1941. by Terry Collett - [97 words]
Daisy Chain Poem by Brittney R The same as my song, except in the form of poetry [165 words]
Chitta's Baby. by Terry Collett - [175 words]
Benares 1990. by Terry Collett - [153 words]
Armour by Brittney R - [120 words]
And Love Is... by Brittney R A poem I wrote for my Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary [211 words]
Abscence. by Terry Collett - [140 words]
A Night Like This by Lamar Cole - [51 words]
Your Man. by Terry Collett - [156 words]
Your Hopeless Life by Celene Francis title says it all [49 words]
Vermont 1941. by Terry Collett - [267 words]
Tormented by Brianna Lashae Williams - [106 words]
Too Little Of A Stranger by Angel Of Hope I see a broken someone. He is walking to me. He is too familiar. [136 words]
Tipperary 1962. by Terry Collett - [134 words]
Timed Changed by Sierra M L Short about my ex boyfriend who i loved very much [84 words]
The Treasure Sleeps No More by Angel Of Hope What a mother in Hiroshima may have felt before her life as well as her daughter's ... [126 words]
The Oak And The Rock by Rik Framan forbidden love [113 words]
Still Asleep by Brianna Lashae Williams - [140 words]
Stick Around by Celene Francis ... [49 words]
Sleep & Grief. by Terry Collett - [145 words]
Sleep After Sex. by Terry Collett - [153 words]
Sex Was Sex. by Terry Collett - [77 words]
San Diego 1943. by Terry Collett - [153 words]
Rough Sex. by Terry Collett - [172 words]
Read It Over by Angel Of Hope Why read poetry? [161 words]
Potomac Beach 1920. by Terry Collett - [262 words]
Pennysylvania 1948. by Terry Collett - [208 words]
Oregon 1947 by Terry Collett - [267 words]
No, It's A Reality (Rik F) by Rik Framan a girl's dream that'll never come true [165 words]
New Orleans 1922. by Terry Collett - [267 words]
New Jersey 1926 by Terry Collett - [168 words]
My Britain by David C Garland Food special to Britain [92 words]
Muhabbat Kis Ko Milte Ha? Muhabat Kis Ko Mil Payege by Sadaf Shahab muhabbat kis ko milte ha? muhabat kis ko mil payege zindage... [78 words]
Manhattan 2009. by Terry Collett - [201 words]
Mager Ye Dil K Hameha Bhanwer May Rehta Ha by Sadaf Shahab kise bhe ankh sa tapkay,laho ban k dil pa girta ha ye chushm-e-nam k... [95 words]
Madison Square 1900. by Terry Collett - [186 words]
Los Angeles 1942 by Terry Collett - [184 words]
Lake Michigan 1920 by Terry Collett - [147 words]
Just Try by Angel Of Hope Give poetry a try. [156 words]
Jerusalem 1948 by Terry Collett - [129 words]
I Need To Win The Lottery by David C Garland A bit of fun [240 words]
I Murder To Save Her by Angel Of Hope An insane mother shoots her daughter to save her from her sexually abusive father. [144 words]
He (Rik F) by Rik Framan soooo in love with this guy <3 4T [124 words]
Forever Aint Enough by Brianna Lashae Williams - [99 words]
Denver 1925. by Terry Collett - [244 words]
Delhi 1987. by Terry Collett - [229 words]
Coney Isalnd 1935. by Terry Collett - [189 words]
Chicago 1947 by Terry Collett - [232 words]
Calcutta 1946. by Terry Collett - [218 words]
Bright & Beautiful by Terry Collett - [134 words]
Bombay 1968. by Terry Collett - [108 words]
Angels by Brenda Gate from Life is a Poem by B.J. GATE, aka Brenda J. Roper Terzian, screenwriter, actress, songwriter, book a... [118 words]
About Him by Judith Ogechi Diolu The piece speaks for itself... [211 words]

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Hope - A Journey
A narration of life's changes and a hope for a new future.
[218 words]
Deepa Seshadri
Hey! I'm a songwriter and looking to promote my work. I have only published a few of my work on this platform. You can see the rest on http://deepsesh.blogspot.com

If you're looking for a good collection of pop songs, do contact me! Thanks.
[January 2011]
[email protected]
A Second Chance (Poetry) I think i've just been given a second chance at life. Here's my thoughts about it. [115 words]
All Things Beautiful (Songs) Here's a song about all the things that are beautiful to me and bring a smile on my face. I hope it brings a smile to you too! :) [203 words]
Blow My Mind (Songs) A song about sex! [216 words] [Romance]
Celebrity (Am Gonna Be) (Songs) It takes time, patience, courage and hardwork to become a celebrity. But don't give up. [152 words] [Motivational]
Closer To You (Songs) This song is about a girl who is searching for the man of her dreams and is getting closer [172 words] [Romance]
Conversations With You (Songs) A duet about a couple over the phone. The boy's out of the country, working, and the girl is alone, back at home. [163 words]
Does It Show? (Songs) - [151 words] [Romance]
Dont Be Sad (Songs) You've chosen your career over your loved one. The only thing that's left to say to him/her is - Don't be sad. [195 words] [Relationships]
DoníT Keep Me Waiting Too Long (Songs) Is a song about a girl who has found her mr. right - and is waiting for him to acknowledge her. [235 words] [Romance]
Don't Leave Me All Alone (Songs) I think the title is pretty self explanatory! The song is about a relationship going sour - and the girl doesn't want to quit - so she says 'don't leave me all alone'. [216 words]
Dream Big; Live Large (Songs) This song is about life, and that its too short. So make the most of it whilst you can. [136 words] [Motivational]
Forever Yours (Poetry) - [83 words]
Goodbye (I'm Flying High) (Songs) Who said airports was a sad place full of goodbyes? I say its a happy place, if you think about it from the perspective of the person who's flying... [243 words]
I Surrender (Songs) A dark song, for a dark mood. [264 words] [Mind]
I Will Have My Own Say (Songs) - [140 words]
I'm Gonna Miss You, Love (Songs) A song about missing your loved one. [130 words] [Relationships]
I'm Loving Me Today (Songs) A happy, feel good song about feeling amazing and just loving yourself!! [299 words]
In Love With You (Songs) A peppy love song :) [307 words] [Romance]
It's A Brand New Day (Songs) Everybody has felt so happy that they feel they cannot express it enough. This is one such day. [122 words]
I've Got You (Songs) A song about loving somebody so much, that no matter what goes wrong in life, you'll be alright, cos you've got that 'somebody'. [199 words] [Romance]
Learn To Love Yourself (Songs) Life has its ups and downs, and the only person who has to live with all of it, is you. So learn to love yourself - that's the best way to live life. [198 words] [Motivational]
Let's Get This Over With (Songs) A song about breaking up with your bf [257 words] [Relationships]
Life & Destiny (Poetry) Life... no matter how much you write on this subject, you never completely understand it... =) Here's a short poem that i wrote, asking myself some questions... and answering them as well. And they're... [153 words] [Self-Help]
Love Love Love (Songs) A song about love! [136 words] [Romance]
Love Song (Duet) (Songs) Duet - A song about a relationship between a boy and a girl... [309 words] [Romance]
Loving You (Even At The Cost Of Losing You) (Songs) This song explains how much i truly enjoy, loving you. [220 words] [Romance]
Make It Worthwhile (Songs) A song thats as confused as the writer! lol ;) Love / career or both? hmmmm [216 words] [Relationships]
Memories (Movie In My Head) (Songs) Memories, are a movie playing in your head. [121 words] [Mind]
Me (Set Me Free) (Songs) A song to yourself... of setting yourself free. Being who you want to be... [211 words] [Motivational]
My Happy Place (Poetry) Everyone has a happy place... where they can be who they want to be... and here's my dedication to my happy place! [171 words]
Not Worth It (Songs) A song about loving someone, who is too good to be true. And you're confused. Can he ever be yours? Are you good enough for him? [126 words] [Relationships]
Oh Life (Songs) Song about life and its never ending questions [214 words] [Mind]
Ray Of Hope (Songs) Life takes you through dark tunnels and sunny fields. But at the end of the day, there is always a Ray of Hope that you MUST hold on to - that helps you survive everything. In this particular song, my... [305 words] [Romance]
Rely On My Angels (Songs) I've fallen in love with a guy very similar to an ex! Oops! Hope it doesn't end like before! Hope I can rely on my angels this time! [232 words] [Relationships]
Supposed To Be (Songs) A song about a girl, who is contemplating leaving her man for a new love. [251 words] [Relationships]
Sweet Sixteen (Songs) How does it feel to be 16? [150 words]
The Process (Poetry) The poem briefly runs through a writers process. [146 words]
The World And Me (Songs) As I battle my hopes, dreams and fears. I sing to myself. [114 words]
These Emotions (Songs) When your troubled, your conscience can drive you crazy sometimes... these emotions... they just won't let go. [249 words] [Mind]
True Calling (Songs) When you're not strong enough on your own, you tell your better half to come out of his hiding and show the world his true calling. [223 words] [Relationships]
We Are Living Beings (Songs) We are living beings - supposidly the most intelligent kind on planet earth, and yet we behave worse than animals. huh? [184 words]
We Had A Beautiful Run (Songs) My first attempt at rap, Eminem style ;) [301 words] [Relationships]
What Makes Me? (Songs) A song about a confused girl - asking herself whether she will lose her identity once she has everything she wants in life. [190 words]
Won't You Be My Man? (Songs) - [206 words] [Romance]
World Of Love (Songs) This song is about a world of love, that is open to a loved one, through all the ups and downs of life. [184 words] [Romance]
You'll Make It Through (Songs) A song for someone who's been hurt in love, and its time to move on. [197 words] [Motivational]
YouíRe Not Alone (Stop The Violence) (Songs) If you've been a victim of violence, you need to stand up and tell the whole world about it. That's the only way to make a difference for others. And remember, you are not alone. [132 words] [Motivational]
Hope - A Journey
Deepa Seshadri


There was a girl, I once knew
She loved to be careless and free
She knew no limits, no boundaries
That little girl, she used to be me

Every day she would wake up with a smile on her face
And every night she would go to sleep amazed
Amazed how the world so big could be so giving
She wondered where she should start to make a living

When years passed by, she knew not how
She changed to become, what I am now

Suddenly the world seemed different
Suddenly the world seemed small
She always asked herself one question
Where did I go wrong?

Every day itís the same old story
Another junkie on the street
Every criminal wants his glory
So they hate, rape or cheat

I always wondered if I could make a difference
Would the world then still be the same?
What if I caught hold of all my friends
Could we make a difference then?

No matter how much I thought about it
I always ended up with the truth
Iím not that little girl anymore
Iím an adult who is taught to be mute

And with this I must end this poem
Hoping someday either you or I will be that little girl again
And create a future that we once knew
A future with lesser pain

And then my little girl can be careless and free
With no limits and no boundaries, Iíll be proud to say sheís just like me


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